Phonic Helix18FW 18-Channel Mixer with FireWire

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96 kHz FireWire interface for streaming 16 independent channels of audio to computer with near-zero latency.

The Helix Board 18 FireWire is one of Phonic's newest mixers that sound great and work hard both in and out of the studio. The mixer features a FireWire interface that can individually stream up to 16 independent channels of audio to the computer and return two tracks for monitoring, all at screaming fast transfer rates of up to 24-bit/96 kHz with a near-zero latency. An onboard 24-bit digital multi-effect processor provides 16 popular programs plus one main parameter control, tap delay and foot switch jacks. There are 8 extremely low noise Mic preamps, each with phantom power, spread across six mono Mic/Line channels with 75 Hz low cut filters, and four stereo Line channels. Each Mic channel has a 3-band EQ (six with swept mid), and two stereo channels have a 4-band EQ. A 10-band system graphic equalizer can be assigned to Main Outs or Aux 1. Mini stereo and stereo RCA inputs and outputs make the addition of digital and analog playback and recording devices effortless, while trim control makes record out level matching trouble-free. Additional features include three Aux sends, two stereo Aux returns, input and output solo, two true subgroups and a rack mounting kit.

18-input small-format analog mixer with extremely low noise circuitry

96 kHz FireWire interface for streaming 16 independent channels of audio to computer with near-zero latency

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP

Two channels of monitoring from computer via FireWire interface, can be assigned to control room monitors, main mix and AUX 1

DFX 24-bit digital multi-effect processor with 16 programs plus one main parameter control, tap control and foot switch jacks

Six Mic/Line channels with inserts

8 Mic preamps

Four stereo Line channels

3-band EQ with swept mid-range

75 Hz low-cut filter on mono channels

Three AUX sends, one with Pre/Post switch

Two stereo AUX returns with effect to monitor level control

Mini Stereo I/O and stereo RCA I/O each with trim control

+48V phantom power on Mic channels

Solo feature on each input and output

Stereo 10-band graphic EQ, assignable to main mix or AUX 1 send

Two true subgroups with main L and R routing switches

Rec out with trim control for recording level matching

Built-in switching power supply with universal connector, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Comes with Steinberg Cubase LE

Rack-mounting kit included

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"The Helix board ROCKS!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I already had a firewire card for my pc. I wanted to be able to record several tracks at the same time ( Live Band). This allows me to do it. I think you would be absolutely satisfyed with this board wether you are a pro or an ametuer. I have used a laptop with this and recorded on the go with great results.

I bought this to record my bluegrass band. I have owned this for about ten months and only recorded acoustic instruments and vocals. The sound is great. I don't like the onboard FX for this style, but they would be great for other things. I took the board and a laptop and setup 6 mics to record in about 15 minutes, recorded 15 songs for a show and with minimal editing later I cut a disc that sounded great.

This board is ready to go within minutes out of the box. I was disappointed in cubase LE being some sort of trial version that only allows 4 tracks simolteneously. Lucky I had other software already. In thier defense, recording software is expensive and a full version would impact the overall price quite abit. It has more than enough inputs and outputs, you can do anything you can imagine.

Ease of Use
I had no prior experience with this sort of thing and had to tinker a bit with settings in windows and experiment with the way I plugged things into the board, but overall it is very easy to use. There are so many options and knobs you really have to spend read more some intimate time playing with it to know the possibilities.

I think the construction is durable, it looks sharp. It has an internal fan which is good, heat is your enemy with electronics. If it left my house often I would invest in a good case. It has ran flawlessly both hardware and software. I have used this board quite a bit.

As I said earlier, I bought this about 10 months ago when it was first out. I was waiting for a cheaper and small alesis to come in and finally saw this board sitting there on the shelf the day it came in. I bought it instead despite the slightly higher price and am so glad I did. This board is awsome. It could double as a pa mix board for live shows, or use it at home for one mic quick ideas. I love it. Great Value.

Manufacturer Support
I sent one email and got a very fast response. Their website is great with downloads for manuals and updates if they have one.

The Wow Factor
I love this thing. Unlike my choice of recording software, this board has been troublefree and wonderful to use.

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