Orange PPC412HP Guitar Speaker Cabinet (400 Watts, 4x12")

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Loaded with four 12" Celestion speakers, this stereo guitar cabinet delivers massive low end and warm mids -- the perfect match for your high-gain amp head.

Built to last from super-stable 18mm high-density birch ply, and dressed in orange with skid-free feet, your Orange PPC412HP guitar speaker cabinet is ready to hit the road and rock. Four 12" Celestion speakers eagerly await pumping your tone into the air, and with two parallel 1/4" inputs and a mono/stereo setting to give this cab a power handling of 200 or 400 watts, you'll always be ready to bring the heavy in any size venue. This baby also sports Orange's famous emblem on its fashionable woven paper grille cloth, so everyone will know you're playing a world-class cab from a top-notch name.

The Orange Name

You don't have to go far into any music scene before spotting an Orange cab or head. That's because Orange has been rocking the landscape for decades upon decades with unmatched tone and high-octane sonic projection. The PPC412HP's distinctive look will always make you stand out in the crowd, and its vintage British tone finds just as much relevance in the music scene today, as it has over the past half-century.

Power Handling of 200 Watts Stereo or 400 Watts Mono

This cab comes ready to rock with flexible mono or stereo settings. Set at stereo, your cab offers power handling of 200 watts at 16 ohms. For mono, this baddie can take 400 watts at 8 ohms. Your Orange PPC412HP guitar speaker cab was designed to work with Orange's Thunderverb 200 guitar amp head, but its flexible power handling means more options to fuel your signal are always available, and you can be read more sure that no venue will be too large for what this beastly cab can dish out.

The Orange Sound, Courtesy of 4x12" Celestion Speakers

Packed behind your Orange cab's hard-wearing woven paper grille cloth are four 12" Celestion G12K-100 speakers for especially deep and low vintage British tone. Designed with stability and a long lifespan in mind, the Orange PPC412HP is built from 18mm high-density birch ply to keep your speakers secure and sonically induced vibrations under control. This cab will always be ready to hit the road and fill any venue with pure Orange tone.


- Power handling of 200 watts stereo at 16 ohms or 400 watts mono at 8 ohms
- Four 12" Celestion G12K-100 speakers
- Originally built for the Orange Thunderverb 200 guitar head
- Stable 18mm high density birch ply
- Two parallel 1/4" inputs
- Lasting and sleek and hard wearing woven paper grille cloth
- Durably built for the road
- Skid-free design feet
- Weighs in at 110 pounds
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- Output: 200 Watts RMS stereo (16 ohms) or 400 Watts RMS mono (8 ohms)
- Speakers: 4 X 12" Celestion G12K-100
- Impedance: 2 x 16 ohm stereo or 1 x 8 ohm mono options
- Dimensions: (W x H x D) 78x74x38cm, 31" x 29.5" x 15"
- Weight: 50kg/110lb

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Orange PPC412HP Guitar Speaker Cabinet

The Orange PPC412HP is a 4x12" High-Powered, Closed Back Speaker Cabinet featuring four 100-Watt Celestion G12K100 Speakers. Originally built to accompany the Orange Thunderverb 200 guitar head (which can also be used as a bass head), the PPC412HP is a STEREO cab that offers massive low-end response with an incredibly tight tone. Your drop-tunings will never have sounded better. For high gain, high wattage heads, you can't beat the sound of this cab!

Orange speaker cabinets, like their amplifiers, are built to last using extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques. Every Power Projection Cabinet (PPC) is built using 13 ply high density 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood. Their unique skid feet design helps to acoustically couple their cabinets to the stage, thus providing a tighter bass response and full range tone definition. The result is a laser-focused tone that's full of warm midrange.

All Orange guitar cabinets are equipped with Celestion speakers, comfortable flush handles, and their legendary basket-weave grill cloth.


- 18mm high density birch ply
- 2 x parallel 1/4" input jacks
- Hard wearing woven paper grill cloth
- Skid-free design feet

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Submitted August 21, 2013 by Joseph Rubalcaba in El Paso, TX

"Mind blown! "

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I've played thru Randall, Rhino, Marshall, Crate, and Behringer and I can honestly say that the Orange is by far the best sounding speaker I have ever plugged into. I love gain and the tone that this speakers pushes out while loading up on gain is simply insane. Ever dollar spent on this cab was well worth it. I used to get compliments on my sound every now and then and now everywhere I play the soundguy always tells me I have excellent tone and that they can literally hear every single now being played and if you can do that while playing metal/death/grind style of music then you know that your speakers and equipment are doing exactly what you expect of them!

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