Orange Signature 4 Jim Root Terror Guitar Amplifier Half Stack

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Crank up the same massive tones as Stone Sour and Slipknot guitarist Jim Root. This stack pairs a Signature 4 Jim Root Terror head with a matching 2x12 cab.

Orange has worked with guitarist Jim Root, known for his heavy sonic mayhem with Slipknot and Stone Sour, to design the Signature 4 Jim Root Terror guitar amplifier half stack. To bring you an unstoppable truckload of tonal force, this class A amp head boasts a 7 or 15 wattage setting switch; volume, gain, bass, middle, and treble controls; three 12AX7 preamp tubes; a 12AT7 tube-driven FX loop; and two EL34 power tubes. It's all pumped through a pair of 12" Orange "Voice of the World" speakers, and the cab comes dressed in sleek Orange threads featuring Jim's signature on the top left. This awesome half stack will give your axe plenty of room to shake the stage, with heinous metal tone to spare.

Orange lets you see what the Jim Root half stack can do:

Jim Root's Signature Compact Class A Amp Head

Don't let its compact size fool you -- the Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror amp head dishes out some seriously heavy and earth-shaking sound that'll steal attention from anyone within earshot. Play around with the gain control on the front panel to see how much breakup this head can offer. Bass, middle, and treble controls give you plenty of sonic movement to keep your output articulate and ready to cut through the mix with every single note. Three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two EL34 power tubes, and a 12AT7 tube-driven FX loop give you that awesome, warm, and natural-sounding amplification that just oozes out from your cab.

Jim Root's Signature Closed-Back 2x12" Cabinet

All of read more that heart-gripping tone would go to waste if there wasn't a proper sonic outlet to handle the load. A closed-back 2x12 cabinet takes the signal from your Signature 4 Jim Root Terror amp head and transfers a forceful load of decibels to explode out onto the stage via a pair of 12" Orange "Voice of the World" speakers. Every aspect of your sound will find clear and well-balanced articulation, so you can hit the stage knowing your axe will make it through the mix.

Wicked Orange Threads

Your Orange Signature 4 Jim Root Terror half stack will add some awesome visual flair to your game along with its monstrous sound. A menacing black cover gives off an alluring dark look, and your control panel features images instead of words to label each control's function -- just one more way your Signature 4 Jim Root Terror half stack stands out in the crowd of guitar amps in classic Orange fashion.


- Jim Root's signature Orange half stack with amp head and cabinet
- Compact class A head
- Switch between 7 or 15 watts of power
- Closed-back 2x12 cab
- One 16 ohm and two 8 ohm outputs
- Volume, gain, bass, middle, and treble controls
- Two warm and articulate 12" Orange "Voice of the World" speakers
- Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
- FX loop features one 12AT7 tube
- Two EL34 power tubes
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- 15 or 7 watt, Class A head
- 1 Channel
- Effects loop
- Preamp: 3 x 12AX7, FX Loop: 1 x 12AT7, Power: 2 EL34
- Closed back 2x12 16 Ohm Cabinet
- Orange "Voice of the World" Speakers
- 120 watt cabinet
- 25.98 x 20.47 x 11.81 (W x H x D)
- 52 lbs.

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Orange Signature 4 Jim Root Terror Stack

Orange Amplification is proud to announce the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror half stack, developed in association with the famed guitarist. Jim Root has the incredible honor of showcasing his skilful playing with two of today's best in American hard rock - the multi-Grammy nominated Stone Sour and the Grammy-winning Slipknot. He has a wide range of playing styles, which come together to create a unique, uncompromising sound and tone.

The Signature #4 Jim Root Terror head is modeled after the Dirty Channel on the same amp that Jim Root plays in the studio and on the road: the Orange Rockerverb 100. This all-tube, 15-watt amp is capable of far more than high gain rock and metal though. With a full 3-band EQ players will find it easy to dial in everything from vintage rock, blues and beyond. The addition of a tube-driven FX loop allows the user to take the tone in any direction they want.

His Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 Cab has been developed alongside the head to bring you Jim's full tone! The cab is finished in black vinyl with a specially developed black version of the Orange basket-weave grille cloth and proudly features the Signature #4 plate on the front. With a closed-back design, the cab has a tight bottom end and delivers Jim's signature Orange tone.

Said Jim of the name on the signature head, "With this amp, simply giving it the number I use in Slipknot seemed logical. I've not been to apt to splash either band logo or artwork all over things, but this will be the beginning of the end of that...maybe."

To complement Jim's own style and image, the Signature #4 Terror Head is formidable and attention grabbing, featuring the vintage 'Pics Only' logo in white on a black chassis. The rear of the amp has both the Slipknot and Stone Sour logos.


- Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble Controls
- 12AT7-Driven FX Loop
- 1 x 16 Ohm and 2 x 8 Ohm Outputs
- Switchable Between 15/7 Watts

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Submitted October 29, 2014 by mike bowman in harleysville, PA

"Amazing little amp with massive tone and volume"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I just wanna start by saying zzounds rocks. Extremely fast shipping and great customer service. Now onto the amp. I was honestly blown away by this little guy. You can get nice cleans and go all the way to metal with ease. Ive already dialed in tones similar to songs off of slipknots vol. 3 without a problem, and i could still add gain. If your thinking about purchasing this amp id highly suggest it. The tone knobs have big differences with little adjustment (compared to other amps ive owned) and its definitely a good thing. The sound at 7 watts and at about 2 is loud enough to get good clear tone and distortion but not too loud to where you cant play it in your bedroom. At 15 watts it gets abit louder, but that low end kicks in abit more, allowing you to play with your tone even more (in my opinion). I had to give this amp 5 stars all around (cant really say on the manufacturers support only because ive had no need to contact). This thing looks great, is built with great quality, sounds completely killer no matter what you do with it, and if it got stolen I would not hesitate the slightest to buy another one.

Musical Background:

Ive been playing for 11 years, I have 8 electric guitars, and im a bedroom rockstar

Musical Style:

I play anything from blues style to heavy metal, and everything in between
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