Orange Instrument Cable

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When you hook your guitar up to an amplifier with this Orange instrument cable, you can always count on a clear, consistent, and articulate sound.

The Orange Professional Guitar Cable is a premium instrument cable manufactured using the finest components including the highest grade 99.9 percent pure copper, braided shield coverage, and gold plated 1/4-inch Neutrik connectors. The use of oxygen free copper ensures optimum clarity and articulation. The dense braided shield reduces noise and electromagnetic interference. The Orange guitar cable features a specially designed, armor plated, nylon woven outer sleeve to keep tangling to a minimum. Orange also guarantees these cables for life!

The Orange guitar cable is produced as braided shield coverage with a high thermal conductivity copper and designed for guitar and other musical instruments. Guitar cable from LINYIN features strength, flexibility and heavy-duty construction. It is hardened by undergoing the electrolysis and only used to a high conductivity copper which goes through heat treatment process. It is called Oxygen free high conductivity copper and it results to more increase the conductivity.

It also boasts a high performance by using 99.9 percent pure copper made from EPT with high conductivity electrolytic tough pitch and cable that Oxygen is completely removed in the process. The cable consists of PE conductor insulator, conductive PVC and Nylon woven. It also has heat-shrink tube. All these offer the highest security protection for your guitar.

The guitar 1/4-inch Neutrik connector enables the highest quality performance with its durability and robust read more construction for outdoor use and is well protected against any damage to meet the customer demand.


- Zinc alloy diecasting shell, sleek attractive design for convenient handing, long-lasting and dependable
- Slim 1/4-inch connector, assembly is quick and easy-on screws required, gold plated and precision machined, to achieve conductibility
- Unique chuck type strain relief for secure clamping of cables, avoiding the creation of sealing off caused by shaped and sudden movements
- Bushing, Made IN Rubber to protect the cable
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Phone: 404-303-8196

No longer available at zZounds

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