Orange Vintage Series Distortion Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
While the Orange Vintage Distortion might look like the original pedal, this updated version has a rebuilt circuit under the hood that will melt faces.

Meet the modern Orange Distortion pedal, same as the old Orange Distortion pedal -- at least that's how it seems on the outside. After all, apart from the modern tweaks of an added LED and a 9V DC input, this looks like a straight-up reboot of the 1970s relic, right down to its simple type stenciled onto the classic chunky aluminum shell to ape the original units.

Check out our zZounds exclusive live demo of the Orange Vintage Pedals:

Under the hood, though, it's a different story: the circuitry of the Orange Distortion has been rebuilt from the ground up, ditching the original's back-to-back diode design and replacing it with an amp circuit including a tone stack, where bass and mids are preset but treble is user-adjustable via a little trimmer inside the casing.

See an introduction to the Orange Distortion Pedal from Abe Emsley:

This pedal comes with all the bite and growl and warmth and howl that you need for that classic 70s amp-like distortion, from vintage crunch to full saturation. With only two dials, for level and depth, but huge versatility, the Orange Distortion can set up your sound for everything from a clean boost to warm and fat gravelly textures to red-hot trebly screamers and maximum saturation. There's a sweet spot for Jimmy Page-style guitar heroics, and another for Nuggets-style garage rock squall: in fact, every shade of grit and dirt is in there, as long as it's vintage.

Add in a hardwired switch that's separate from the PCB and therefore super-easy read more to service, and you've got a vintage pedal fit for the modern age. It's that level of attention to detail, combined with dedication to an era of crunching power chords that makes the pedal a perfect homage to one of rock's golden ages, ready to be heard again with fresh ears. It might be a modern design, but with the Orange Distortion, the song remains the same.


- Low Power Consumption: The Orange Distortion draws very little current (only 3 mA), making it easy to slot into your pedalboard's power supply
- Buffered Bypass: A high-quality buffer in the signal chain retains tonal integrity. The Orange Distortion's buffered bypass takes care of this with its low-impedance buffered bypass switching, retaining your guitar's full tone.
- Adjustable Treble: On the amp circuit's tone stack, the bass and mids are preset, but the treble is adjustable to taste via a little trimmer inside the pedal's casing. It's set in the factory to be a third of the way up, but the user can tweak with ease.
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-Controls (Left to Right): Level, Depth
-Power: 9/12 v DC adapter (centre negative)
-Current Draw @ 9v: 3 mA
-Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 9.2 x 10.2 x 8.4 cm (3.62 x 4.02 x 3.31 in)
-Unboxed Weight: 388g (13.7oz)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 404-303-8196