NUX Roctary Octave and Rotary Pedal

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The Roctary combines two psychedelic effects in one. Set your ideal sub and upper octave levels, and dial in just the right amount of rotary speaker effect.

The NUX Roctary is a tribute to the guitar greats who have incorporated the rotary speaker into their rigs. It offers adjustable speed, brake, horn and bass, overdrive and all the features loved in rotary effects -- plus a polyphonic octave effects.

The Roctary can be used to create unique organ sounds that combine the rotary effect with polyphonic octave and warm overdrive. It has a cabinet simulator that offers legendary "Leslie Speaker" sound. It's also compatible for keyboards -- plug in any source you like and make it sound like a big organ!


- Nu-X Original TSAC Technology
- Rotary Speaker Effects
- Slow/Fast Switch with Adjustable Rising Time
- Built-In Overdrive
- Accurate Polyphonic Octave Effects: +1 Octave & -1 Octave
- Buffered Tail
- Power: optional AC adaptor not included (negative tip)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 1 626-800-7466

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (3 ratings)
Submitted February 11, 2022 by David
"Excellent Rotary Pedal"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Amazing value pedal. I've played around with a lot of different types of effects and variations of them over the years in search of something that simulates a Leslie effect. This is definitely the most happy I've been. Sounds great adding this sound to guitar rhythm / lead parts but also enhances lots of other effects. For example my Electro Harmonix Hog / Pog pedal which kinda already sounds like an organ really sounds like an organ with this effect.The fast / slow switch is a very faithful reproduction of the original and puts out some satisfying effects. All this in a pedal that's listed for $129. It's almost worth just getting one to have around. I haven't tried any of the more expensive variations of this but I feel like you would be hard pressed to tell the difference, especially in a live context. I think this is going to live on my board for a long time!
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