Nomad Factory Blue Tube Plug-In Bundle (Macintosh and Windows)

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Up to 192kHz, double precision floating point, automate any control

The Blue Tubes Bundle V2.0 is a collection of 15 plug-ins processors in RTAS, HTDM and VST format for PC, Mac OS9 and OSX (Audio Unit in development) designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings. This bundle recreates the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The sound quality of Blue Tubes is nothing short of amazing. Yet all 15 plug-ins provide a simple and functional 'vintage-style' interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing.

What's new in Version 2.0
5 new plug-ins:
Brick Wall Peak Limiter
Tempo Delay 3D
Mid-Range Equalizer
Stereo Imager

Greatly reduced CPU usage

Selectable wave forms, beat values and tempos for LFO's and Panning

New look with improved mapping of controls

Additional parameter displays and entry fields

High quality processing using double precision floating point

Up to 192kHz sample rates supported

Automate any control thru compatible RTAS, HTDM and VST host applications

Set of factory presets

Authorize Disk (Receiving an authorization License file)

iLok support (Authorizing an iLok key) Sold separately.

Blue Tubes Bundle includes:
HTDM | RTAS | VST | Mac OS9 | Mac OSX | Windows |

BT Analog Chorus CH-2S
BT Analog Phaser PH-2S
BT Analog Compressor CP-2S
BT Analog Limiter LM-2S
BT Tube Driver DR-2S
BT Noise Gate Limiter GL-201
BT Vintage Compressor FA770
BT Analog Equalizer PEQ-2A
BT Vintage Equalizer PEQ-2B
BT Mid-Range Equalizer PEQ-2C
BT Vintage Oilcan Echo/Delay TLE-2S read more
BT Tempo Delay 3D DL-3D
BT Brick Wall Limiter BW-2S
BT Deesser DS-2S
BT Stereo Imager SI-2S

Brick Wall Peak Limiter
The BT Brick Wall BW-2S is a simple and elegant brick wall limiter. Just insert this limiter on your mono or stereo track, and you have a smooth audio track without the unwanted transients. By using this limiter on your master tracks, the harsh peaks in your program material will be eliminated allowing you to increase the overall level of your mix.

Analog Compressor
The BT Compressor CP-2S emulates analog tube compressors in terms of looks, functions and sound. This variable-ratio compressor provides a choice of various compression types, including RMS ('Low'), Peak compression ('Mid'), and HiPeak ('High'). A compressor's functions are easy to describe with words, but the warm analog sound of the CP-2S is something you need to hear for yourself.

Vintage Compressor
The BT Compressor FA-770 provides the operation and sound of highly coveted analog compressors. The FA-770 is designed with a fixed-ratio and 'time constant' switch (see settings below) as part of its characteristic vintage sound. This model proves that you do not need many knobs and sliders to achieve the great compression sound of the FA-770. Adjust the Threshold, maybe the Time Constant to adjust the speed, and there you have it.

Master Limiter
The BT Limiter LM-2S is an easy-to-use tube emulation limiter. The straightforward controls and outstanding sound make this limiter the perfect tool for mastering. In addition to the basic limiting controls (Peak Reduction, Attack, Release, and Make-Up Gain), the LM-2S also includes a 5-band EQ. This allows you to address those final sonic details in a mastering session while increasing the apparent loudness of your mixes.

Noise Gate / Limiter
The BT Gate Limiter GL-201 combines two important dynamics processing tools into one vintage plug-in: a Noise Gate to filter low level signals, and a Limiter to eliminate transient peaks. The Gate section reduces (or cuts) the signal if the level becomes too low (as determined by the Gate Threshold setting). This controls unwanted background noise on the track(s)

The BT Deesser DS-2S is a stereo deesser with vintage controls and sound. This deesser is designed to tame the harshness of certain vocal sounds, specifically 'ess' sounds (hence, the name). However, this device can be useful in controlling the level of other 'sibilant' vocal sounds as well, such as 't', 'sh' or 'f' to name a few.

Analog Equalizer
The BT Equalizer PEQ-2A delivers the controls and the amazing results of a true analog EQ. This model provides Low-Shelf, High Shelf, and Mid Peak EQ controls. For each band (Low, Middle, High) you can choose to boost or cut (+/- 20dB), select the frequency to boost/cut, and turn the EQ on and off. The PEQ-2A is the perfect choice when a truly vintage EQ sound is what your music requires.

Vintage Equalizer
The BT Equalizer PEQ-2B recreates the sound of the classic 60's EQ. The Low-Frequency section allows for low-shelf Boost and Attenuation. The High-Frequency section provides Boost and Bandwidth controls for a center frequency. The high band also has separate Attenuation controls (Atten and Frequency Atten) that attenuate the high-shelf frequencies.

Mid-Range Equalizer
The BT Equalizer PEQ-2C delivers classic mid-range equalization in an easy-to-use device. With High and Low Peak Boost controls, and a Mid Freq Attenuator, the PEQ-2C creates that vintage EQ curve. This EQ lets you select from several frequencies for both high and low peaks, as well as scoop out one of many mid-range frequencies. With minimal effort, you can add great-sounding equalization to your tracks with the PEQ-2C.

Analog Chorus / Flanger
The BT Chorus CH-2S creates various types of classic modulation effects, such as Flanging, Chorus, and Auto-pan. In addition, this effect provides the ultimate in control over LFO's and panning, including waveform selection, beat value selection, and tempo selection. Just set your tempo and choose the desired beat value, and you have perfectly-timed chorus, flanger, and auto-pan. Whether you need subtle enhancement or aggressive effects on a track, the CH-2S has the power you need.

Vintage Multi-Stage Phaser
The BT Phaser PH-2S is designed with all of the characteristics of a vintage analog phaser. The selectable 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-stage resonant analog filters enable this phaser to create various modulation effects. Various controls on the PH-2S, such as Speed, Depth, Resonance, and Stage, all contribute to a wide range of phasing effects. Additionally, the Width control provides an adjustable stereo field in which to experience this dynamic effect.

Tube Over Driver
The BT Driver DR-2S delivers that authentic saturation effect found in many vintage tube amplifiers. Not only does this model provide a tube-like Overdrive effect, but also High Pass and Low Pass filters and a Noise Gate to enable greater control of your overdriven sound. If your clean tracks call for a powerful and warm overdrive, your answer is the DR-2S.

Stereo Imager
The BT Stereo Imager provides precise control over the width of the stereo field. This graphically striking device enables you to 'visualize' the width of the stereo sound stage. Some stereo tracks may require special treatment in terms of stereo width. The Stereo Imager gives you a simple way to manipulate the spread of the stereo tracks while receiving visual feedback on your changes.

Tempo Delay 3D
The BT Tempo Delay 3D is a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound. No more trial-and-error in setting tempo-based delay times. Simply enter the tempo of the song, and select the note value corresponding to the desired delay time. This delay provides three separate channels. Using the stereo Width control, you can pan all three delay channels to the center, or spread the channels out across the stereo field (left, center, right). Gain controls set the levels for each channel individually.

Vintage Oilcan Delay / Echo
The BT Oilcan Echo TLE-2S delivers the classic analog sound of a tape less oilcan echo/delay. This model adds 'Color' to your music by providing various echo/delay styles from specific time periods, namely1964, 1977, 1989, and 2000. These styles, along with the other various controls on the TLE-2S, give you a wide range of time-based effects to add to your recordings.
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Minimum system requirements:
Mac OS 9/X v 10.2 or later (Panther compatible)
RTAS, HTDM and VST compatible host application
G4 867 MHz
512 MB RAM
High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

Windows 98/2000/XP
RTAS, HTDM and VST compatible host application
512 MB RAM
Pentium 3 800 MHz
High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

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