Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6 USB DJ Audio Interface

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6 USB DJ Audio Interface

Spin MP3s with rock-solid digital vinyl or CD control, with Native Instruments' A6 interface, Traktor Scratch PRO 2 software, and timecoded vinyl and CDs.

Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Audio Interface

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8 inputs, 8 outputs, MIDI I/O, 1/4 in. headphone connector, and 20 status LEDs for full visual control.
Introducing the audio interface designed entirely for DJs. AUDIO 8 DJ combines high end audio quality with unmatched connectivity and a rock-solid mobile design. This hardware is destined to be the beating heart of your DJ set-up. The AUDIO 8 DJ provides a professional level interface between your preferred software and your audience. Essential for DJs serious about sound.

Make the Connection
This powerhouse interface answers all the questions of the modern DJ. An unrivalled potential for connectivity -- boasting 8 inputs, 8 outputs, MIDI I/O, 1/4 in. headphone connector, and 20 status LEDs for full visual control.
Connect up 4 hi-gain stereo outputs from your DJ or performance software to your external mixer -- perfect for TRAKTOR 3 users.

Use the 4 stereo inputs to connect turntables, CD players, effect sends, or a microphone -- whatever your performance demands.

Class Act
Super high-end Cirrus-Logic(TM) AD-DA converters guarantee a sound quality that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles.
Ultra low latency drivers along with hi-gain output levels on all channels prove the AUDIO 8 DJ's professional credentials.
The sheer quality of the sound will blow your audience away.

Rock Steady and Ready
Encased in a solid shield of aluminum, and built on a metal chassis, this sturdy interface is also small enough to fit into the tiniest booth.

Built with most resilient components, and designed for a life of hard work, you can read more trust this total professional to get to the job done in any situation.

Professional 96 kHz, 24 Bit Audio Interface. Ultra high quality Cirrus Logic(TM) AD/DA converters

Aluminium cased, super-robust, mobile design (slim size) specifically for DJs

8 hi-gain outputs (RCA)

8 inputs (RCA), 2 optional phono preamps with high impedance input mode

1 alternative microphone input with input gain control and input level meter (XLR)

Headphone output with visual level control

Low latency ASIO(TM) / CORE Audio(TM) / DirectSound(TM) driver.

USB 2.0 bus powered


Over 20 individual channel status LEDs for instant status monitoring and signal chain error detection

Compatible with any digital to analog DJ set up, such as TRAKTOR 3

Includes full version of TRAKTOR 3LE with integrated Beatport music store access
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ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound

System Requirements
Mac OSX 10.4.8, G4 1.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo family, 512 MB RAM

Windows XP + Service Pack 2, Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM

USB 2.0 interface

Additional Information
Universal Binary -- ready for Intel Macs!

Miscellaneous Specifications
MIDI Interface: 1 Input, 1 Output

Computer Connection: USB 2.0, Bus-Powered

Dimensions: 45mm x 174mm x 103mm (141mm overall) (HxWxD)

Weight: 825g

General Interface Specifications
Input (A/D) Channels: 8

Input (A/D) Sampling Rate: 44.1, 48, 96 KHz

Input (A/D) Bit Resolution: 16, 24

Input (A/D) Converter: Cirrus Logic

Output (D/A) Channels: 8

Output (D/A) Sampling Rate: 44.1, 48, 96 KHz

Output (D/A) Bit Resolution: 16, 24

Output (D/A) Converter: Cirrus Logic

Input Specifications
Line, microphone, and phono cross talk: -87 dBu

Line impedance: 47 kOhm

Microphone impedance: > 1 MOhm

Phono impedance: 47 kOhm/1 MOhm

Line full scale level (max. gain): 12 dBu

Microphone full scale level (max. gain): -55 dBu

Phono full scale level (max. gain): -23,5 dBu

Line THD + N: 0.007 %

Microphone THD + N: 0.007 %

Phono THD + N: 0.062 %

Line, microphone, and phono SNR: 100 dB (A-weighted)

Line, microphone, and phono frequency response: 10 -- 40kHz +/- 0.5 dB

Output Specifications
Line and headphone cross talk: 87 dBu

Line impedance: 100 ohm unbalanced

Headphone impedance: 8 ohm (min load)

Line maximum output level: 9,6 dBu

Headphone maximum output level: 12 dBu, 3V rms, 100 mW @ 100 Ohm

Line SNR: 101 dB (A-weighted)

Headphone SNR: 95 dBu (A-weighted)

Line THD + N: 0.007 %

Headphone THD + N: 0.012 %

Line frequency response: 10 -- 40 kHz +/- 0.5 dB

Headphone frequency response: 10 -- 40 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 866-556-6487 or 323-467-2693