MOTU MIDI Express 128 8x8 USB MIDI Interface

MOTU MIDI Express 128 8x8 USB MIDI Interface

The MOTU MIDI Express 128 is a USB MIDI interface that provides 8 MIDI inputs and 9 outputs, with up 128 MIDI channels of operation -- powered via USB.

Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) MIDI Timepiece AV Interface USB (Macintosh and Windows)

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Internal power supply. 4 programmable front-panel knobs. Front panel MIDI in and out ports.

8x8 MIDI Interface/Synchronizer/Patchbay/Merger (Mac)
Mark of the Unicorn introduces the MIDI Timepiece AV. Combine MIDI with ADATs, ProTools, or video. The MIDI Timepiece AV takes MOTU's world-renowned MIDI Time Piece II and adds synchronization that you really need, like video genlock, ADAT sync, and word clock sync. Even Digidesign superclock.

Slave ADATs, Digidesign hardware, or word-clock compatible devices to SMTPE and video. Drive your ADATs from your sequencer without an Alesis BRC. Or control everything from an MMC controller like JL Cooper's CuePoint. The MTP AV pulls it all together for stable, centralized, hassle-free synchronization and MIDI networking. For Macintosh and stand-alone setups.

The MIDI Time Piece AV provides 8 discrete MIDI cables (in and out) for your computer. This allows you to use 128 independent MIDI channels. To expand beyond this, you can network up to 4 MTPs for a total of 512 MIDI channels. You can even connect 2 computers to an MTP AV network.

The MTP AV is also an 8x8 merger and router. You can merge any combinations of the 8 inputs simultaneously to any combination of the 8 outputs. Because the MTP AV's internal memory can be programmed from the front panel,the MTP AV is the perfect choice for live performance applications where fast and flexible MIDI patching is essential. You can take the MTP AV on the road because it can operate with or without a computer. The MTP AV can be set to change scenes in response to patch changes, allowing read more remote control from any MIDI controller.

Stand-alone MIDI patchbay/merger/processor

Synchronization for ADAT, digital audio, and video

ADAT Sync Out, Word Sync Out, and Video Sync In

8x8 MIDI merge matrix

Fully programmable from the front panel

8 independent MIDI IN

8 independent MIDI OUT

128 MIDI channels

Fast/1x mode for high-speed MIDI data transfer

128 scene, battery-backed memory

Recall setups via MIDI patch change

Includes software for Macintosh

Works with Alesis LRC remote control unit

Network 2 units for 16 MIDI IN and OUT and 256 MIDI channels

Fully network-compatible with MTP I and MTP II

Compatible with any software that supports the MTP II

Network units up to 1,000 feet apart

Network up to 4 units for 512 MIDI channels

Expand as your MIDI rig expands!

MIDI Processing
Merge any inputs to any outputs

Route any inputs to any outputs

Mute any MIDI data on any cable

Re-channelize on input and output

SMPTE time code (LTC) generator and reader

Converts LTC to MIDI Time Code (MTC), ADAT Sync, and word clock (1x or Digidesign 256x "Superclock")

Converts MTC to LTC, ADAT Sync, and word clock (or Digidesign "superclock")

Genlocks to video or blackburst and converts to LTC, MTC, ADAT Sync, and word clock (or Digidesign "superclock")

SMPTE "Jam Sync" for dropout-free sync

Adjustable Freewheeling

Supports all SMPTE frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop/non-drop, 30 drop/non-drop)

0.1% pull-up/pull-down for digital audio with video Sync applications with computer

Stripe frame-locked LTC onto video tape

Control ADATs with MIDI Machine Control (MMC) from sequencer or DAW software

Varispeed ADATs and Digidesign ProTools systems while slaving them to LTC, MTC, or video

Substitutes for Alesis BRC for synchronization and MMC transport control of ADATs

Converts LTC to word clock or "superclock" just like the Digidesign SMPTE Slave Driver

Converts video to word clock or "superclock" just like the Digidesign Video Slave Driver

Sync Applications Without a Computer
Slave your ADATs to LTC

Slave your ADATs to video via LTC

Generate LTC and MTC while resolved to video

Control ADATs with MMC (e. g. Alesis LRC or JL Cooper CuePoint)
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Custom-designed VLSI technology

Proprietary high-frequency phase engine

Internal Power Supply (switchable 115V - 220V)

16x2 backlit LCD display

4 programmable front-panel knobs

Status lights for MIDI IN/OUT, SMPTE, and Networking

2 pedal inputs for continuous pedals or switch pedals

Front panel MIDI IN and OUT ports

Panic button

1 IEC power connector (115-220V)

2 SMPTE 1/4 in. phone (+4/-10, hi-z)

2 pedal 1/4 in. phone inputs (Configurable for switch, continuous, or Alesis LRC)

1 Word Clock Out BNC TTL (1x or 256x)

1 Video In BNC 75-ohm terminated

1 PC parallel 25-pin "D"

1 Mac mini-DIN 8 serial

1 Mac/Network mini-DIN 8 serial

1 ADAT Sync Out 9-pin "D"

16 MIDI connectors

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 617-576-2760

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Overall: 1.5 out of 5 stars
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I will dump this unit as soon as possible.
Not all music software works well with this unit using a PC/Windows. I can't "slave" my recording software with my Triton while using this unit. I can slave my software using other Midi Ports such as the one on the Delta 1010 interface. SoundDiver doesn't work at all as well as other apllications. It crashes my system everytime I try to use most of my "midi" software. I tested my system with a Midisport Interface and I experienced absolutely no problems whatsoever.The 8x8 patchbay works well as a stand-alone unit. But navigating thru the front panel screens is a headache.
The product absolutely did NOT live up to my expectations. Being a "MOTU" product, I expected and lot more than what I got.
This product may work a lot better in the Mac platform but I would not recommend this unit with a Windows PC at all. I could have gotten a better unit for my system for a much cheaper price!
Manufacturer Support
I tried to contact MOTU via e-mail back in NOVEMBER and I have yet to hear from them and I'VE tried calling them but with NO success.
The Wow Factor
I'm looking to trade this unit in for something else SOON!
Musical Style:
Gospel. R&B-HipHop
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