Marshall MG100DFX Guitar Combo Amplifier (100 Watts, 1x12 in.)

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2 channels. 2 modes per channel. Includes footswitch.
This compact, gig-ready, 100W, 1x12 in. combo is a powerhouse of killer tone. Its 2 footswitchable channels offer a pair of selectable modes -- clean/crunch on the clean channel and OD1/OD2 on the overdrive channel. Each channel has independent tone controls for bass, middle, and treble, and the overdrive channel also features the critically acclaimed contour control for tonal versatility.

Higher gain settings on the clean channel will yield a healthy, bluesy overdrive, especially when the "crunch" mode is selected. This said, when in clean mode, this channel has bags of headroom which makes high levels of clean performance easily attainable. The overdrive channel's OD1 mode is reminiscent of the throaty drive that has made our vintage amps famous, while OD2 is brimming with modern, high gain aggression.

The MG100DFX's specially-voiced DFX section offers chorus/delay, delay, chorus, or flange effects plus a natural sounding digital reverb with its own individual control. Add in revolutionary FDD technology, a parallel effects loop (with switchable level an effects mix control), 12 in. Eminence speaker, CD input, speaker emulated headphone, and line output plus a master volume control, you have a world-beating combo.

Twin footswitchable channels -- clean and overdrive

2 modes on each channel -- clean/crunch on clean and OD1/OD2 on overdrive

Independent tone controls for bass, middle, and treble on each channel

Contour control for dramatic mid sweep and "scooping"

Emulated line out read more jack and headphone jack

CD input which allows you to play along to your favorite discs

Built-in digital effects -- chorus/delay, chorus, flange, and delay

Separate digital reverb with level control

Parallel effects loop with mix control

Master volume

12 in. Eminence speaker

FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping)

Supplied 2-way footswitch (clean/overdrive, DFX on/off)
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Output (RMS): 100W

Channels: 2

Separate EQ per channel: yes

Clean/crunch Switch: yes

OD1/OD2 switch: yes

Contour control: yes

Footswitcable channels: yes

CD input: yes

Emulated line out: yes

Emulated headphone: yes

Digital effects: yes

Digital reverb: yes

FX loop: yes

FX loop level & mix control: yes

FDD: yes

Speaker: 1x12 in.

Dimensions: 590 x 556 x 275 mm

Weight: 23.6 kg

Footswitch (supplied): PEDL-00009 included
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-877-6863
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Submitted March 3, 2008 by a customer from
"Best solid-state amp, for the price."
Overall, I love this amp. Had a few problems but Marshall's amazing support has fixed that very fast. The way I see it, you can't go wrong with this amp. Great sound, good price, and IF you have any problems, Marshall shows that they are willing to keep you a customer.

I've had this amp for about a year and a half now, and I loved the sound of this amp since the beginning. The clean tone is amazing and with my LesPaul on Rythmn, it sounds like a tube amp. I never could have gotten a better clean tone on any other solid-state amp and the FDD switch rocks! I love the distortion on this amp...I use chn. 2 and I heard alot of ppl saying that they didnt like it. Well I play hard rock and I have to say I LOVE the amp distortion on this baby.. It just sucks that I have so many analog effects, that I can't use the amp distortion anymore because I need my distortion to be part on my signal flow through my pedals. But When I record, amp distortion all the way!

Comes with a footswitch, Dist on/off and a DFX on/off. I would of liked more options like 2 channel distortion for rythmn/solo, but it still kicks butt! The FX are pretty good, but I have a pedal board full of boss effects that are incomparable to the basic amp FX. The reverb isn't the greatest and I would of prefered a spring, but still sounds great.

Ease of Use
Very simple to use, can get my preferred tone is a matter read more of minutes! Sounds great at high levels. LOUD AMP!

This is where I was a little dissapointed. Having it for a year and a half, I must of sent it back to marshall about 3-4 times. It was usually the same problem, A loud horrible noise coming from the amp. Even if nothing was plugged in, and all the knobs turned to 0, it sounded as if a chainsaw was inside chewing up all the parts. Also, it broke down on me once at a gig...That really sucked.

I had a few other solid state amps. Owned a Peavey, and a Fender R212 and I have to say, compared to other solid-state, this has to be the best for the price. If I had the budget, I'd go for a Marshall tube-amp, but for now, this amp is the sound I want.

Manufacturer Support
The last time it broke down I contacted Marshall and explained to them how dissapointed I was with their product. I sent it back 3-4 times and each time, they would repair it and send it back. This time after I explained to them the problem was continuous and how I thought the amp I had was probably defected. Marshall is now sending me a brand new amp, with a full warrenty in effect. Thanks Marshall!!!

The Wow Factor
Its a Marshall; enough said. The sexy gold MARSHALL logo on it is enough to make me want it over and over again.

Musical Background:
Musician, Recording engineer, Composer

Musical Style:
Hard rock, Rock, Punk
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