Monster Power FlexLamp MPLMPXLR LED Light Source

No longer available at zZounds
Perfect for the studio or stage, the FlexLamp by Monster delivers powerful, long-lasting light atop an adjustable neck. It plugs into any an XLR output.
Get a stronger, brighter, more flexible XLR light source with the Monster FlexLamp. Plug it into any Monster Power Pro or CI unit with an XLR output. Its flexible gooseneck lets you adjust it to fit any situation or space, whether it's a studio rack or part of a custom installation. Detach it and take it with you, or keep in your workspace for a light source that lasts longer and brighter than ordinary incandescent bulbs. So whether you+re on tour, in the studio or need to light up a custom install rack or workspace, choose the flexibility, convenience and long-lasting power of Monster Power FlexLamp.

The Monster FlexLamp has 8 LEDs to provide brighter light than ordinary incandescent lamps. Independent testing shows that LEDs typically have a higher lumen/watt rating than ordinary incandescent lamps. And LEDs generally last longer than ordinary incandescent lamps. The lifespan for LED is generally up to 100,000 hours; incandescent lamps are generally in a range of 1,000-10,000 hrs.


- Compatible with any Monster Pro or CI Power unit with XLR output (may not be compatible with other brands of electronic components)
- Adjustable gooseneck bends to put light where you want it
- Use it in the studio or on stage; also great for custom installations
Monster Warranty ´╗┐Monster Cables carry a lifetime warranty. Monster Power product warranties may vary by product. For warranty service, please call toll free (877) 800-8989 and Monster will guide you through the warranty service process.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 415-840-2000

No longer available at zZounds

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