Mesa/Boogie Subway D-800 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head (800 Watts)

The demand for portability meets high tone expectations! The Mesa/Boogie Subway D-800 packs a punch with 800 watts of power and a full-featured Mesa preamp.

MESA's passion for Design Excellence and Portability meet the demand for Great Tone in a simple, accessible package with the Subway D-800. This ultra-lightweight, yet professionally power-rated Class D package for Bass boasts an easy to navigate, yet full-featured preamp with all the shaping control you'll need coupled with a mighty 800 watt musical sounding, reliable, featherweight output section. The result is an amp that can command any venue from a small club to a large concert stage and anywhere in between, yet fits in the pocket of your gig bag!


Built around a combination of signature circuits ranging from our classic tube models like the vintage Bass 400+ and more recent Bass Strategy 8:88, to the mosfet powered accuracy and mid-focused definition of the Big Block 750 and M9 Carbine, the SUBWAY D-800 embodies the best qualities from the entire MESA Bass lineage and unveils a unique voice all its own.


Tone shaping in the SUBWAY D-800 begins with the Front Panel INPUT section, which is comprised of the INPUT jack and two switches; a MUTE and an ACTIVE/PASSIVE switch for tailoring the input headroom to your instrument. The MUTE switch silences the signal from the INPUT jack to the SPEAKER output, HEADPHONE output and DI output for silent tuning. Convenient Indicator LEDs are provided on the right side of the Front Panel for all switched functions.


Still not enough bottom you say? For all those who need that read more extra huge Tone, Mesa included a DEEP switch that further enhances low end and puts an unmistakable sub-low component into the mix.


Further Tone shaping is handled by our 4-Band Fixed, Rotary EQ Section comprised of BASS, LOW MID, HIGH MID and TREBLE Controls. While the BASS and TREBLE controls deliver sweet, musically useful regions of low end fundamental and top end clarity, it's the two powerful overlapping MID Bands that allow pinpoint accuracy when sculpting the important attack region and body of your Tone. LOW MID fills in the higher bottom end and determines fullness and bloom, while the HIGH MID helps you define how your sound tracks with the drums and where you want to sit in the mix. With these four controls as your foundation and the VOICING control as the finishing touch, or even vice versa, any sound you desire is only a quick twist away.


While VOICE controls have appeared on several MESA Bass designs, here on the SUBWAY D-800, Mesa opted for a continuously variable rendering that allows fine-tuning of your sound from a more "flat" response to a radically scooped midrange sound with the lows and highs boosted. This sweep-able version of the VOICING control allows near infinite shaping and let's you decide the degree of "sauce" that's right for your individual Bass and musical style.


Pro features are abundant on the D-800 Rear Panel and all of your interfacing needs are provided for here. SPEAKON SPEAKER OUTPUT jacks allow sturdy connection to the enclosure of your choice. An IMPEDANCE switch allows you to optimize the SUBWAY's mighty output power for a variety of speaker configurations and wiring schemes. Regardless of your impedance requirements, the SUBWAY delivers its authoritative power and great Tone in full measure.


A HEADPHONES OUTPUT is provided so you can enjoy the SUBWAY's great sound without disturbing others. Further inspiration is available for solo enjoyment by connecting pre-recorded music, a sequencer or a drum machine to the AUX Input and playing to accompaniment while using headphones.

A comprehensive DIRECT OUTPUT section is included in the SUBWAY's platform so you can share your Tone with the world of recording and/or reinforcement and provides a full set of options for your D.I. needs. The standard MALE 3-Pin XLR is controlled via 3 mini toggles that determine both SOURCE (PRE or POST) and LEVEL (MIC or LINE) as well as a PIN 1 LIFT option on the XLR to aid in curing Ground noise problems when interfacing with Consoles of all types.


- Made in Petaluma, CA USA with the World's Finest Materials
- Class D Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch for optimum Power to Load Performance
- 800 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms (400 @ 8)
- Active/Passive Input Switch
- Play/Mute Switch
- Preamplifier features: Input Gain with Clip Indicator (O/D LED), Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop), Fully Active 4-Band EQ (+/- 12dB of Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble) plus Deep Switch (for enhanced low-end) and Master Volume
- Balanced XLR Line Out with Pre/Post, Line/Mic & Ground Lift Switches
- Headphone Output
- Auxiliary Input
- Protection & Limit LED Indicators
- 2 Speakon Speaker Output Jacks
- Fan Cooled
- Gig Bag w/Strap
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- Build Location: Petaluma, CA USA with the World's Finest Materials
- Wattage: 800 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms / 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms
- Power Amp Type: Light-Weight Class D Power Amp & 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch
- Preamp: Solid-State Preamp
- EQ / Dynamics Control: Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop), Fully Active 4-Band EQ plus Deep Switch (for enhanced low-end)
- Footswitchable Functions: N/A
- Weight: 5.5 Lbs.
- Dimensions: 3 1/8" H x 10 5/8" W x 11 1/4" D
- Available Formats: Compact (Metal) Head
- Amp Type: Solid-State Preamp & Class D Power Amp
- Chassis Material: Aluminum
- Preamp Tubes: N/A
- Power Amp Power Devices: Class D Power Amp
- Wattage(s) Quick Reference: 800 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms / 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms
- Power Amp Details: Light-Weight, Compact Class D Power Amp with Protection & Limit LED Indicators
- Convection or Fan Cooling: Fan Cooled
- Instrument Input Options: 1x 1/4" with Active/Passive Switch
- Preamp Details: Solid-State Preamp featuring Input Gain with Clip Indicator (O/D LED), Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop), Fully Active 4-Band EQ (+/- 12dB of Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble) plus Deep Switch (for enhanced low-end) and Master Volume
- Effects Loop: N/A
- Solo Level Control: N/A
- Direct Line Output (DI): Balanced XLR Out with Pre/Post, Line/Mic & Ground Lift Switches
- Tuner Output / Mute: Play/Mute Switch (no tuner output)
- External Switching Jack Options: N/A
- Speaker Outputs: 2 - Speakon Output Jacks (no 1/4" speaker jacks) - 8, 4 or 2 Ohms
- Headphone Output:
- Slave Output: N/A
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 9.25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 6.D800

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 707-789-3348


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