M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Audio Interface

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Preamp section:
- Phantom power
- 20dB pad on each preamp
- Signal/peak LED indicator lights

Mic/Line Inputs:
- 2 XLR/TS combo jacks
- 2 TRS 1/4 inch balanced inputs
- Stereo S/PDIF in

- 8 TRS 1/4 inch balanced outputs
- Stereo S/PDIF out

- 2 TRS 1/4 inch headphone outputs
- 1 x 1 MIDI interface
- 2 FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 401-658-5765

M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Interface

M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Audio Interface is an excellent tool for computer-based Multi-track recording. The ProFire 610 turns your PC (or Mac) into an incredible 6 input/10 output recording studio. Excellent digital HD converters provide your setup with 24-bit/192kHz. Two Award winning preamps boast a transparent sound packed with headroom without the annoyance of a high noise level.

Built-in DSP mixing gives the user a flexible recording experience with 10 outputs perfect for sending multiple, separate monitor mixes. An assignable master volume knob gives the user control over the outputs. Connect your MIDI devices through the MIDI I/O. This versatile half-rack-space unit will also double as a two-channel microphone preamp and A/D-D/A converter. Compatible with most software available, the ProFire 610 is the perfect multi-track HD recording hardware for your Home or Studio.


- 6 x 10 simultaneous analog/digital I/O
- 2 award-winning Octane technology preamps
- Premium digital converters
- High-definition, 24-bit/192kHz audio
- Flexible onboard DSP mixer
- User-assignable master volume knob
- Functions as 2-channel mic pre/2-channel A/D-D/A converter
- JetPLL Jitter Elimination technology
- Compatible with major audio software
- Rugged, metal, half-rack-space chassis
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Submitted February 22, 2011 by a customer from live.com
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I expect that I will be happy as long as I own it.

The sound is top notch for a $500.00 interface. The solid state pre's sound great. I don't understand all the bad reviews, those customers obviously do not know what the audio game is all about. I have several solid state outboard pre's that cost thousands of dollars and the profire 610 pre's are definitly in the same ball park. Obviously they aren't warm and colored in the same way as a tube pre, but they are not harsh like the majority of solid state pre's built into interfaces of a lesser grade. And so it has plastic knobs so does my $2,000.00 digi 003 who cares, I didn't buy the interface for the knobs, I bought it for the pre's and the a/d converters.

The 8 line out's are fantastic, it allows me to process through my outboard eq's and comp's and not bog my IMAC down with plug ins. And whoever said the profire doesn't work with IMACS is dead wrong! I have used mine with my IMAC and have never had any problems. I have also used the profire with a dell on win xp/and win 7 and still never had I had any problems with it. Knowing what your doing is half the battle folks!

Ease of Use
It was easy to understand and use. Yeah it's probably not easy for the absolute novice just getting started but you learn these things.

The best it can be for it's price, if you read more want non plastic knobs go spend 2,000.00 on an apogee duet or something that doesn't have plastic knobs.

It's a great value for the money and it's an interface that performs like an interface twice the cost.

Manufacturer Support
never used them as of yet.

The Wow Factor
it is what it is.

Musical Background:
well rounded

Musical Style:
any style that walks through the door
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