M-Audio DMP3 Dual Mic Pre and Direct Box

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Submitted January 18, 2005 by a customer from msn.com
"Step up to Pro-Quality with very litte $$$ outlay!"
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I picked up this very affordable dual mic pre based on reviews from this site. I was not dissappointed! I had used MAudio's Firewire series and enjoyed the clean quality of the channel 1&2 built in mike pre's. I was totally surprised when I experienced an even warmer and yet still transparent sound on live recordings using a 2nd Rode NT4 at a further distance to capture room ambience, and routing the outputs of the DMP3 into channels 3&4 of my firewire 810. I hardly had to turn the gain (without boost) beyond the 11 O'Clock position, and I was getting even more input and luxurious sound than from Channels 1&2 which were at the 3 O'Clock position. All the artists I record as well as myself really like this thing! Although I could upgrade to the MAudio Octane (8 mike pre's which I hear are even better than the DMP3), its compact size ensures I will always have a use for the DMP3, especially for field recordings, and for use with portable DAT equipment as well.
The VU meters on my machine hardly move, but I monitor from other equipment, anyway.
Sounds Damn good!
Would give it an 11, if possible.
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Haven't needed it.
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Recording Engineer, Composer, Conductor, Ensemble Singer
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A capella, Classical, Acoustic Live Recordings
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