Mackie ProFX12v3 Professional USB Mixer, 12-Channel

Mackie ProFX12v3 Professional USB Mixer, 12-Channel

Mackie's 3rd gen of a best-selling compact mixer, the ProFX12 gives you 7 Onyx mic preamps, one-knob compressors on 4 channels, 2-in/4-out USB I/O, and more.

Mackie ProFX12 v2 USB Mixer with FX, 12-Channel

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Rely on this workhorse compact mixer to run your small show. Mackie's built-in effects, 7-band graphic EQ and USB output make the ProFX12 v2 a great value.
Packed with many of the features found on Mackie's bigger and more expensive boards, the ProFX12v2 12-channel mixer delivers flexibility beyond its compact size. Setting up a PA for a small venue or band practice space? Ring out the room with the help of the ProFX12v2's 7-band graphic EQ inserted on the main stereo mix or monitor mix. Building a live rig? Dial in any of 16 gig-ready reverbs, delays, chorus effects and more with Mackie's redesigned ReadyFX effects engine, then control them with the mixer's footswitch jack. Need to record multiple mics? The ProFX12v2 is an economical solution for the desktop project studio, with six high-headroom phantom-powered Vita microphone preamps, a high-impedance (Hi-Z) input for a guitar or bass on channel 1, and the built-in 44.1 or 48 kHz/16-bit stereo USB interface. There's even a free download of Tracktion DAW software included, to help you get rolling right away.

Live Sound Workhorse with Graphic EQ

At under 10 pounds, the Mackie ProFX12v2 mixer is a ideal choice for portable PA rigs or short-term live sound installations. If you're running live microphones with the ProFX12v2's six XLR Vita preamps, you'll love the addition of a 7-band graphic EQ. A graphic EQ is incredibly useful for killing feedback, letting you get more gain out of small PA systems -- great for band practice spaces or house shows. Plus, because it's a Mackie, you can rest assured that the ProFX12v2 is built like a tank, with a steel chassis, high-density ABS sides, and best of read more all, a standard-issue three-prong power cord. There's no proprietary power brick or wall wart, so if you misplace your mixer's power cord on the way to the gig, it's easy to replace immediately.

Gig-Ready Onboard Effects and USB Input

Not only does this mixer have an instrument-level input on channel 1 for directly plugging in your guitar or bass, but the "FX" in ProFX12v2 stands for the all-new ReadyFX effects engine, loaded with 16 reverbs, delays, chorus effects, and more. Dial in effects with each channels' FX aux send, then plug in any standard 1/4" TRS footswitch pedal to mute and un-mute the effects with your foot. The USB input also makes this compact mixer perfect for solo performers that want to integrate backing tracks into their show. Stream backing tracks from a laptop and turn the dedicated knob to balance the USB input's level with your live microphones and instruments. Then, hit the handy Break switch to mute all channels for music playback in between sets.

Built-in USB Audio Interface + Included DAW Software

These days, everyone seems to have a home project studio, with a USB audio interface plugged into their laptop. The ProFX12v2 mixer is one step ahead, with its built-in USB stereo interface ready to get you rolling at home. The mixer comes with a free download for Tracktion DAW software. When you're playing along with tracks on your computer, you can send the entire mix back to your computer via USB, or choose to only send the "new" audio -- making it easy to record your own tracks to backing tracks.

More Routing Flexibility for Stage or Studio

Got outboard gear? The first four channels on the ProFX12v2 have 1/4" TRS insert jacks, perfect for inserting a compressor on a vocal microphone. Or, turn your four insert jacks into channel direct outputs by plugging in a mono TS cable -- great for feeding a multichannel interface from the Mackie's mic preamps. As you'd expect from Mackie, the ProFX12v2 has both XLR and 1/4" TRS main outputs along with RCA "tape" outputs that aren't affected by the Graphic EQ. And of course, you can plug your guitar or bass directly into the instrument-level input on Channel 1.


- Small-footprint 12-channel mixer
- 6 Mackie Vita microphone preamps with +48V phantom power
- 4 stereo channels with 1/4" inputs
- Instrument-level switch on channel 1 for directly plugging in a guitar or bass
- 1/4" TRS insert jacks on the first four channels
- Three-band EQ on all channels
- Two aux sends (one pre-fade for foldback monitoring, one post-fade for feeding the FX send)
- Onboard ReadyFX effects engine with 16 reverbs, delays, chorus effects, and more
- 7-band graphic EQ tunes the main speaker outs or monitor outs, to get more gain out of your PA system with less feedback
- Footswitch jack mutes and un-mutes internal effects with any one-button 1/4" TRS footswitch pedal
- Includes free download of Tracktion software
- Built-in 48 or 44.1 kHz/16-bit USB audio interface for streaming stereo audio to and from your computer
- Standard power cord -- no wall wart or power brick

Mackie practically invented compact mixers, and they're known for their outstanding build quality and value -- which is why Mackie mixers are found everywhere from professional broadcast studios to garage practice spaces. Add Mackie quality to your home recording setup or small PA system with the ProFX12v2 compact mixer.
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- Height: 3.6" / 91 mm
- Width: 14.6" / 370 mm
- Depth: 14.1" / 358 mm
- Weight: 9.0 lb / 4.1 kg
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (800) 898-3211

Mackie ProFX12 v2 USB Mixer with FX

The Mackie ProFX12 v2 provides a comprehensive live sound solution with 12 channels. Delivering unmatched sound quality, ProFXv2 features Mackie Vita preamps, which are virtually noiseless and designed specifically for the highly dynamic world of live sound.

ProFXv2 also includes the immensely powerful ReadyFX effect engine, harnessing floating-point DSP to deliver 16 rich effects that elevate any performance. The ProFXv2 no-compromise live sound toolkit includes a room-shaping GEQ, flexible I/O and a built-in USB interface for hassle-free recording/playback. With a rugged steel chassis and unmatched sonic performance, ProFXv2 is truly the life of your live mix.


- 6 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps designed to add life to any input
- ReadyFX effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects like reverbs, delays and choruses
- 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors
- Built-in USB interface to record the show or provide music playback
- Aux output perfect for driving a monitor mix
- 4 stereo channels plus extra stereo return for external effects or stereo playback devices
- 60mm faders for input channels, return and main/monitor masters
- 3-band EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz and 12kHz) on all channels
- Directly connect guitar, bass and other instruments via Hi-Z input
- Insert, 100Hz low-cut filter and 48V phantom power on all mic channels
- Stereo RCA tape I/O with input level control
- Headphone output with separate level control
- Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalance 1/4-inch main outputs
- FX mute with remote control via footswitch
- Break switch mutes all channels for music playback between sets
- Built in USB recording interface with simple setup via Mac or PC
- Great for live recording and perfect for home studios
- Stream playback music for live or studio applications
- Includes user-friendly Tracktion recording software
- Legendary Mackie "Built-Like-A-Tank" design
- Solid steel chassis protects your investment
- Tough ABS side protection
- Robust internal multi-voltage power supply
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Submitted June 21, 2017 by ken b in rocky point, NY
"Hey, this is pretty nice for $250...seriously..."
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This is a seemingly well built piece of kit for a great price.
This thing sounds crystal clear. I'm using it for a 3 person EDM band, with V drummer, 2 synth players and a ton of Mac far so good
The FX actually sound good. Otherwise, it's the most basic of mixers....the inclusion of XLR outputs is a big plus be aware the gain on mono channels only affects theXLR input,,,
Ease of Use
Very easy. I plugged right in, and then out to my EV 12" sub, all was good.
seems well built. knobs seem firm, sliders, eh, but so far so good
seems well worth it should bought the 16, it's got a few needed features....maybe I will return this one for that one...idk...
Manufacturer Support
not needed yet...fingers crossed
The Wow Factor
pretty nice. The bright colored knobs which at first seem cartoonish soon pay off in low light. Absolutely great upgrade.
Musical Background:
semi pro cover band/original bands, engineer, etc
Musical Style:
Alternative rock, EDM, new wave
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