Mackie HR624mk2 2-Way Active Studio Monitor (1x6")

Mackie HR624mk2 2-Way Active Studio Monitor (1x6")

The HR624mk2 active studio reference monitor provides a crystal clear image of your mix and features Acoustic Space, LF roll-off and HF controls.

Mackie HR624 Active Reference Monitor

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6 in. woofer. 2-way. 52Hz to 20kHz. 80Hz low-cut switch.
The Mackie HR624 is a THX-approved, 6 in. 2-way active reference monitor that provides the same legendary accuracy of Mackie's HR824 in a more compact, lighter-weight, lower-priced package. The HR624 is designed to work perfectly with the Mackie HRS120, 12 in. 400-watt active subwoofer system as well as the Mackie HR824 active 8 in. monitor in surround installations.

The Mackie HR624 is the ideal choice for smaller recording studios, or home and project studios looking for a monitor with the best combination of features and value. Through shared acoustic technology, the HR624 offers the same clarity and responsiveness of the HR824, but in a smaller size. Its 6 in. woofer offers smooth, detailed mid-range frequency responsiveness with the same high-end clarity and low-end punch as the HR824. With extremely even dispersion for a wider "sweet spot" and user-adjustable controls for different acoustic spaces, the HR624 is an excellent choice for high precision, near-field sound reinforcement.

What's more, given the HR624's high output, wide frequency response, and small size, it is also ideally suited for rear surround sound channels in home theater installations. Mackie is so confident in the HR624's frequency response that each speaker comes with a certificate of calibration.

Ruler-Flat Response 52Hz to 20kHz, + 1.5 dB

Benefit: Sound true to actual recording

Benefit: Any pair of speakers is a matched pair

Active Technology

2 read more FR (Fast Recovery) Series Amplifiers; HF 40W; LF 100W

Benefit: Precise dividing slope, correct phase, and low distortion

Benefit: Minimal chance of speaker damage due to overdriving

Servo Loop Woofer Technology

Electronic control and dampening

Benefit: Speaker output is as true to incoming signal as possible

Frequency Response Controls

80Hz low-cut switch; 3-position live/dead switch (-2bdB, Normal and +2dB)

Benefit: Excellent response in a variety of acoustic environments

Wide Sweet Spot

Custom-designed die-cast wave guide

Benefit: User hears the same thing across a wider range of motion

3-Position Acoustic Space Switch

Compensation in bass response for half-space (-2dB) and quarter-space (-4dB) placement

Benefit: As close-to-flat performance as possible regardless of placement in room

Professional Recording Studios

Home and Project Studios

Film (THX) and Post Production Studios

Home Theater Installations
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Acoustic Performance
Free Field Frequency Response: 52Hz - 20Hz
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (800) 898-3211
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Submitted April 11, 2005 by a customer from
"The Best Monitors (Flat, Crisp, and Tight)...I think so."
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I don't think i would by any more or any other monitor other than a nice compact sub for my 624's. This should really put the iceing on the cake.

I campared these with the Alesis M1 Mk2 Actives, Genelec 8030a's/ 8040a's, Mackie HR824's. The alesis had a very warm and flattering sound with my choice of a familiar song (that i was using for testing). I soon eliminated the Alesis as the ultra smooth Low end and high end hyped sound was not what i was after. I then tested the Genelec 8000 series (8030a's and 8040a's), and found them very sweet at lower sound levels for the mids and highs, until I cranked up the fader on the desk slightly higher and both genelec's produced slight distortion and a sign of bass lack (as the case with most genelec's, which are quite bass shy). As i understand the Genelec stuff is pretty amazing when used with thier matching subs, but on thier own they are useless for full range use. Genelec's typically roll from 68-70hz upwards, which means a sub is a must. For me, this was out of the question. too much money for a project studio system. So, I then turned to the Mackie HR 624 and A/B'ed them to the HR 824's with the same favourite and familiar track. I found the 824's extremely true and revealing in the entire mid and high frequency region. I also found that the 824's were very bassy and quite boomy on the bottom end (as this expected from its lower frequency value of around 40hz and 8" woofer). read more Then a split second later I heard the same tack on the HR624's, and boy, the sound was pretty much the same on the mid and high region (infact a slightly more pleasing high end, but only slightly, and the lows very very responsive too. The bass end was clean, tight, and well rounded. The HR624's gave a very honest sound just like the 824's, but with less of its boomy bass extension (which usually stirs up alot of problems for small boxy rooms). I felt for my small and cosy studio, the HR624's were the best suited out of the two, as I was impressed with the entire sound spectrum that these compact yet extremely powerful monitors produced. In the end it had to be the HR624's.

Low cut filter for 80hz, which suits most compact subs and is easily compatible with cheaper subs. Great protection features and the logo swivel is a neat feature.

Well made, heavy and looks the business. very classy looking monitor. I like that these monitors are not over exagerated in size.

The best monitors out of the comparisons I made in the Sound section. I love my ears enough to judge what I like, and the 624's are just wicked. Mixes come out nice and tight with an even sound each time I use them.

Manufacturer Support
Never had to use thier service, so I can't really comment.

The Wow Factor
Beautiful Looks, Nice Sexy Black, thats it really.

Musical Background:
Music Producer

Musical Style:
RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, Dance, Ambient
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