Mackie B328 Recording/PA Console (32x8x2) (B-Stock)

No longer available at zZounds
Measured 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth Tape Returns selected, no EQ, Channel Pans alternating L/R, L/R. "Faders up" refers to Unity gain, 0dBu position.

Output Noise: Main L/R or Submaster

Total Harmonic Distortion
1kHz @ + 14dBu measured 20Hz-20kHz, mic input, 1 channel assigned

Direct output: 0.0013% typical

L/R Mix output: 0.0014% typical

Submaster output: 0.0015% typical

1kHz measured relative to 0dBu, measured 20Hz to 20kHz.

Line In to Adjacent Channel: -91dBu

Channel Fader down: L/R Mix: -95dBu Submaster Output: -96dBu

Channel muted L/R Mix Output: -95dBu Submaster Output: -96dBu

Channel un-assigned L/R Mix Output: -91dBu Submaster Output: -95dBu

Adjacent Channel assigned L/R Mix Output: -92dBu Submaster Output: -94dBu

Panpot attenuation L/R Mix Output: -87dBu Submaster Output: -87dBu

Frequency Response
20Hz to 60kHz, any input to any output: +0/-1dB

10Hz to 120kHz, any input to any output: +0dB/-3dB

Mic input, 150-ohm termination, 20Hz-20kHz: 129.5dBm

Mic input, shorted, 20Hz-20kHz: -136dBV

Mic input, max gain, 1kHz: 83dB

Maximum Levels
Mic input: +14dBu

All other inputs: +22dBu

L/R Mix balanced output: +28dBu

All other outputs: +22dBu

Microphone input: 1.5 kohms

Channel insert return: 2.5 kohms

All other inputs: 10 kohms or greater

All outputs: 120 ohms

Hi-Mid (full parametric (Q) variable from 1/12 to 3 oct.): 500Hz-18kHz +/-15dB

Lo Mid (swept): 45Hz-3kHz +/-15dB

Hi (shelving): 12kHz +/-15dB

Lo (shelving): 80Hz +/-15dB

Lo Cut (HP filter): 75Hz 18dB/oct. slope (Tchebechev)

8 Bus Power Supply:
Power Consumption: 400 watts

+18V: 3.5A

-18V: 3.5A

+48V: 250MA

+12V: 1.5A

+5V: 3A

24 lbs., not including power cable.

Dimensions (H x W x D)
3.35 x 19.00 x 10.08 in. (85 x 483 x 256mm)

No longer available at zZounds

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