Zildjian Planet Z Z3 Pro Drum Cymbal Package

No longer available at zZounds
Add Zildjian quality to your drum kit for an amazing price with the Planet Z Z3s. This package includes a pair of hi-hats and a versatile crash-ride cymbal.

The Zildjian Planet Z Z3Pro drum cymbal package provides beginning drummers with cymbals that have sound quality that far exceeds anything else in this price range! Forged from a durable copper and zinc-based alloy, Zildjian Planet Z cymbals are shaped and lathed into bright, exciting, superior sounding instruments.


Here's where you really keep the beat. Planet Z hi-hats house a range of sounds depending on how you play them. They're clean and crisp when closed, and big and aggressive when open. These 14-inch/36cm hi-hats offer volume and cutting power.

Crash Ride

Like two cymbals in one. The Planet Z Crash Ride's larger size makes it burst forth with powerful crash sounds. But this versatile cymbal also performs as a full-bodied Ride with a strong bell.


- 14-inch/36cm hi-hat pair
- 18-inch/45cm Crash Ride

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Phone: 800-229-8672

No longer available at zZounds

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