Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb Effects Processor with USB

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Dial in real Lexicon hardware reverb/delay -- and connect a USB cable to automate and control every parameter from your DAW via a VST or AU plug-in window!

The MX200 has a user interface that is equally at ease in the studio or concert hall, with a unique VST software interface via USB connection to recording programs, offering high flexibility and the classic Lexicon sound.

The MX200 Dual reverb/effects processor. This single rack-space, two-channel unit combines an intuitive front-panel design with a unique USB connection and VST interface for use with software recording platforms. Featuring a wide array of the rich, complex reverb algorithms Lexicon is noted for, with delays, effects and dbx dynamics, MX200 is the perfect package for the home studio or the concert hall. In any application, the MX200 offers versatility and instantly accessible reverb, dynamics and special effects with the signature Lexicon sound.

In the studio, engineers, producers, and musicians no longer have to compromise between the instant control they enjoy with plug-in effects and the warm, complex depth of a dedicated hardware-based processor. They'll find both in the Lexicon MX200, which provides a USB interface with an intuitive cross-platform VST plug-in window, allowing the MX200 to function as a "hardware plug-in" within any VST-compatible workstation environment. This unique USB plug-in feature allows MX200 users to easily add legendary Lexicon effects to their computer-based recordings within the graphical interface that appears in the recording application like a plug-in, with full automation and recall features. Now software-based recording read more engineers can enjoy the renowned Lexicon reverbs and effects.

In live performance settings, the tactile senses will be satisfied as well, with the MX200's intuitive front panel design that indicates which two effects are active and provides independent control areas for each 24-bit processor. Three control knobs for each processor offer instant, precise and meaningful control over the most critical parameters for each effect. Users can choose two effects simultaneously in one of four routing modes: mono parallel; mono sum-to-stereo; stereo serial; or stereo parallel. Other front panel controls include input level, effects mix, balance, audition (preview mode), tap tempo and configuration. Ninety-nine carefully-crafted factory presets offer stunning reverbs and effects, with an additional 99 programmable slots that allow the user to make custom effects from dozens of effects types including halls, chambers, plates, slap and tape-type delays, dbx dynamics algorithms, and special effects like chorus, flange, tremolo and rotary.

The MX200 brings Lexicon's world-class effects into any studio or live venue in a neat, single rack-space package, along with a unique VST user interface and convenient USB connection.


- 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs
- Lexicon delays & mod effects
- dbx compressor & de-esser
- VST plug-in & editor software
- "Hardware plug-in" mode
- Dual-processor design
- 4 routing configurations
- 99 factory / 99 user programs
- S/PDIF digital inputs / outputs
- 24 bit, 44.1kHz / 48kHz
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Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (37 ratings)
Submitted February 4, 2010 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Can't beat this simple powerfull well priced processor"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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As long as it keeps working as it has I will continue to use it on our main PA.
Easy to understand. Easy to use. Most of the programs are useable just as they are. You can edit them surely, yet I picked this processor because I wanted something simple. Plain and simple. This works great and is simple.
I truely wish it did not have an ac adaptor. I wish it would have been internal. Perhaps it helps keep the noise down if you keep it away from the main amps.
Plug and play, I need say no more. If you want to tweek it a bit you can. Yet there are plenty of usefull programs already waiting for you.
Years ago this would have cost about 1k, yet competition is eating away at prices, and probably quality. Yet this seems to be of great quality for the price.
Manufacturer Support
Have not even checked if there are upgrades. The item works great right out of the box. Perhaps someday but it is fine.
The Wow Factor
It is a simple processor, what more can I say. All the knobs work great.
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Active musician, teacher, some recording
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Play all but classical and opera
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