Kurzweil PC3K7 Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard, 76-Key

No longer available at zZounds
- Keyboard: 76 note semi-weighted-action, with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys. (Fatar TP8)
- Display: 240 x 64 angled, backlit CCFL with dedicated back panel brightness and contrast controls.
- Polyphony: 128 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated, lightning fast performance.
- Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
- Architecture: Dynamic VAST
- Factory Presets: 1074 Stunning Factory Presets (download full "object list" here)
- Factory MIDI Setups: 150 factory programmed MIDI setups - featuring up to 16 independent zones, effects, independent controller assignments, triggerable pattern-based "Riffs" and arpeggiator settings.
- Sample Flash Memory: 128MB of re-loadable*, non-volatile, user flash ROM (loaded samples stay in memory even after power cycle).
- File Compatibility:
- PC3: all objects.
- PC3LE: all objects.
- K2 Series: the majority of Setups, Programs and Keymaps. All RAM Samples are loaded. (see the V2 Addendum manual for details)
- AIFF and WAVE audio files.
- General MIDI: Standard
- User Memory: 16,000 locations for user objects.
- Sound ROM Expansion Slots: 1
- Sequencer: Unlimited tracks (on import); 960 PPQ resolution
- Effects: Yes (16)
- Controllers:
- Pitch wheel
- Modulation wheel
- 9 front panel sliders/drawbar controllers
- 10 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable)
- 3 switch pedal input
- 2 Continuous control pedal inputs
- Super Ribbon input
- Breath controller input
- Arpeggiator: Yes (16 full-featured independent arpeggiators with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions as well as pre-recorded beats and musical phrases.)
- Riffs: 16 (Unique "Riff" generators, used for triggering MIDI sequenced phrases, beats, or complete multi-track arrangements from notes on the keyboard and/or any on-board physical controller.)
- Analog Outputs: Four 1/4 in. balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
- Headphones: 1 rear panel 1/4 in.
- Digital Outputs: 24-bit, stereo S/PDIF featuring 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192-kHz modes. (externally clockable)
- MIDI: In, Out, Thru
- USB Computer Port: MIDI over USB
- USB Storage Port: Supports USB thumb-drives for loading/saving user data as well as performing OS updates
- Height: (4.33 in.) (11.00 cm)
- Depth: (13.98 in.) (35.50 cm)
- Length: (47.75 in.) (121.29 cm)
- Weight: (37.35 lb.) (16.94 kg)
- Power: Internal AC power supply
Kurzweil Warranty Kurzweil products are warrantied for a period of one year.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 310-355-8052

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