Kuassa Efektor Distortion Bundle Software

Spice up your tones with an array of distortion effects with this bundle! Included are the Efektor OD3603 Overdrive, FZ3603 Fuzz, and the DS3603 Distortion.

Researched from more than thirty kinds of most sought-after dirt effect pedals. Kuassa picked the exceptional ones and narrow them down into three devices covered in this bundle: DS3603 Distortion, FZ3603 Fuzz, and OD3603 Overdrive.

Originally modeled after 30 kinds of most sought-after distortion, overdrive, and fuzz FX pedals. Kuassa picked the best of them, then narrow down all of them into these devices: DS3603, FZ3603, and OD3603. All the varying parameters are streamlined into uniform 3 knob parameters plus 1 dry-wet knob, to cover every tone which is essential for any guitarists (even synth-players). This first series of EFEKTOR will feature three designed and modeled after legendary distortion, fuzz, and overdrive effect pedals which shapes the diverse sound of Rock music across different genre and era: DS3603 Distortion, FZ3603 Fuzz, and OD3603 Overdrive. Each will pack 5 different effect models to cover various tonal characteristics sought-after by guitarists.

Kuassa also releases EFEKTOR Silencer, a noise gate effect that always comes standard in every Amplifikation Series, improved and released for FREE as an individual plug-in for your convenience.

- Efektor OD3603 Overdrive:
Back in the early days of electric guitars and amplification, guitar players didn't care if their guitar sound were altered to 'breaking' by the very limit of their amps. They pushed the gain on their amps for just one thing LOUD. It resulted in crunchy saturated sound, added sustain, raw, read more but responded very well to the dynamics of the playing.

- Efektor FZ3603 Fuzz:
KUASSA EFEKTOR is a line of plug-ins that consists of several of the most requested effect units. The grandfather of 'artificial' effect units. Recognizable from its distinct sound, heavily clipped and compressed to the point where the waveform is squared, adding harsh and complex harmonics and inharmonic, almost synth like.

- Efektor DS3603 Distortion:
KUASSA EFEKTOR is a line of plug-ins that consists of several of the most requested effect units. This DS3603 DISTORTION clips the input signal by increasing the signal to maximum overload. Adding musical harmonics and overtones while still maintaining the characteristics of the original sound, or not.


- Independent Gain, Tone, and Output volume controls.
- Five types of effects in every unit.
- A/B compare buttons.
- Dry-Wet control.
- Up to 8x oversampling.
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Please note that this product is a plug-in; a VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host/sequencer is needed to run this software

Mac Requirements:
- Operating System: mac OS 10.6 or later (32/64-bit)
- Supported Plug-in Formats: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX

Windows Requirements:
- Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Later (32/64-bit)
- Supported Plug-in Formats: VST-2, VST-3, AAX
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1035-1327

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Email: support@kuassa.com
Web: https://www.kuassa.com/support/

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