Kurzweil SP2X 88-Key Stage Piano with Hammer Action

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Portable, easy to use and big on sound, the Kurzweil SP2X 88-Key is everything you want in a stage piano.

Simplicity equals power. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the Kurzweil SP2X Stage Piano. It's sleek, uncluttered exterior belies a sophisticated performance machine--a capable and reliable road companion that will help you dominate any stage with an amazing array of top-notch sounds. Best of all, the SP2X was designed to offer all this to any keyboardist, regardless of their familiarity with electronic instruments or synthesizer theory. You barely have to crack open the user manual to rock a performance with the Kurzweil SP2X.

Nothing Standing Between You And An Amazing Performance
Perhaps the best feature on the Kurzweil SP2X is what it doesn't have: too many buttons. The spartan control layout on the SP2X was designed to stay out of your way. And yet, the smart design still affords all the access to patch parameters you'd need during performance. The eight by eight bank select layout makes auditioning sounds as easy as choosing a type, then a specific patch. Save your favorites to one of sixteen quick access locations and you're never more than a single button-press away from a huge pallet of sonic flavors. Each patch can be tweaked via the four real-time control knobs; paired with a three-way mode selector switch; that's twelve instantly editable parameters on each patch, with no confusing menu system to navigate. Likewise, dedicated buttons add effects like reverb, echo, and chorus, and can access advanced features like split keyboard layouts and ready to rock rhythm read more tracks. For expandable performance ability, the Kurzweil SP2X features two external controller inputs--one for a sustain pedal and one for a continuous controller.

. . . To Say Nothing Of The Kurzweil's Keys
Of course, the auxiliary controls are not the focus of this impressive instrument. What you'll really fall in love with are the 88 fully weighted, hammer-action piano keys. Full-sized, and waterfall-profiled, the Kurzweil SP2X's keys have the same satisfying resistance and return action of a fine acoustic piano. The resistance is perfectly suited to extreme dynamics, especially subtle pianissimo playing, while the quick return action makes fast arpeggios and same-note stabs a breeze. In short, the SP2X lets you perform to the fullest of your abilities.

Now, About The Sounds
They're everything you'd expect from Kurzweil, and more. The SP2X's specialty is acoustic piano sounds, and Kurzweil's famed Triple Strike Grand Piano sample set is the basis for a number of piano variations. The Triple Strike sound is comprised of thousands of painstakingly recorded and engineered stereo samples over an amazing dynamic range. Remember those keys we mentioned? Dynamic key-action is only as good as the sounds it triggers, and in the case of the SP2X, you get just about the same sonic expressiveness as you would with an acoustic piano. Piano sounds are just the beginning, however. The SP2X houses a full complement of gig-ready patches, from electric pianos to jazz organs to string patches. There's even a totally playable drum and percussion set on board. Add to that a dual 24-bit effect processing architecture, and you get B-3 sounds with legit rotating speaker sounds, Rhodes emulations with real, gritty overdrive, and pipe organs with stereo reverbs that turn any venue into a cathedral.

USB For Great Studio Performances, Too
Don't just relegate your Kurzweil SP2X to live performance. With the addition of a USB jack, you can bring that same musical expressivity to the soft synths and virtual instruments stored on your computer. One of the hardest parts of recording is capturing the excitement of a live performance, but the Kurzweil SP2X makes capturing the magic that much easier.

When you get behind a Kurzweil SP2X, there's nothing keeping you from great performances, and that includes the price--especially when you get the SP2X at an unbeatable deal from zZounds.

Power Supply: AC Adapter 9VAC, 2.0A Power Cord (Included)
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Keyboard: 88-note, fully-weighted hammer-action, with velocity sensitive adjustable keys

Display: 7-segment 3-digit LED

Polyphony: 64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated

Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)

Factory Presets: 64 Programs

MIDI Setups: 16 user setup locations with 4 programmable zones for splits, layers and rhythms

Effects: Dual Processors (A & B) offering: 58 Reverbs, 6 Delays, 10 Choruses, 6 Flangers, 3 Phasors, 4 Shapers, 2 Enhancers, 8 Filtered Effects, 4 Distortions, 1 Mono>Stereo, 3 Wide Stereo, 4 Compressors, 2 Panners, 7 Rotarys, Stereo Tremolo, and 44 combination effects chains utilizing Kurzweil1s unique Laserverb

Metronome: Yes

Drum Grooves: 64 pre-programmed patterns

Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel knobs, 1 switch-pedal input, 1 continuous control pedal input

Analog Outputs: Two 1/4 in. balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)

Headphones: Back panel, 1/4 in. headphone output

MIDI: In, Out, Thru

USB: Complete MIDI functionality over USB as well as OS updates (both Mac & PC)

FREE OS Updates: OS updates over USB and/or over MIDI

Dimensions: 55.59 x 13.29 x 4.96 in.

Power Supply: AC Adapter 9VAC, 2.0A Power Cord (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Web: https://kurzweil.com/support/

Kurzweil SP2X 88-Key Stage Piano

The SP2X delivers the legendary Kurzweil sound, with all of its detail and refinement, in a digital stage piano which is both professional and easy to use. Using the next generation of Kurzweil technology, the SP2X provides some of our best sounds: pianos, EPs, strings, pads, mallets and voices, all available at the touch of a button.

The Sound and Feel
Endless hours of engineering and sample editing went into our Triple Strike Grand Piano sound, and it shows. Behind the scenes, the Kurzweil SP2X's powerful synth engine brings these samples to life and makes them sing. The result is an instrument which not only sounds like, but feels like a real piano.

Kurzweil SP2X Features:

64 note polyphony ensures that notes will continue sounding even under high demand performance situations.

A USB interface allows the Kurzweil SP2X to connect to a computer (Mac or PC) for complete MIDI performance and OS updates.

World Class Effects
The SP2X features Kurzweil's renowned effects processing technology, the same leading-edge technology found in all of our professional products. The SP2X's effects can put the right finish on any sound whether it's crystal clear or warm and organic. Nothing else in the industry even comes close in this department.

Drum Patterns and Rhythms
Ideal for both practice and songwriting, the Kurzweil SP2X comes equipped with 64 pre-recorded drum grooves, rhythms and adjustable metronome.

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Submitted June 20, 2010 by a customer from verizon.net
"Love to play it and very happy about it"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I will play this until it wears out, and because the USB works so well with soft synths it is infitely expandable.

I love the piano sound- you are in a chamber with a grand piano with headphones- stunning. The electrics are diverse and cool- the Steely Dan sound is right on. Better than the Rhodes itself. Lush and easily ready to add strings or whatever with a quick stab on the layer button. The piano feel is ecstatic. Perfect. This is not an organ instrument though. There are cool church/cathedrals but I was surprised that the Hammond sounds are sparse. I am okay with that as I bought it as mostly a piano. There are way cool synths. The strings are fabulous. You layer the grand with an orchestra and it is as good as it gets.

USB worked immediately- I have Vista 64, no problem. This is the VERY FIRST TIME I have ever experienced playing a computer keyboard with a soft synth with no perceptible latency. So I can play the internal sounds or soft sounds and can not tell the difference. And ZZounds threw in a soft synth package that is full of wonderful sounds and it all works perfectly either way. Better than I expected- and this should have been written when I bought it in December 2008. Things are probably even better now! I do wish the power connection was more robust but it is not a big deal.

Ease of Use
Turn it on and play it and you won't care what features read more or bells and whistles it has because you are playing a fantastic grand piano immediately.

Absolutely solid- not as heavy as people say but I don't care because I worry about keyboard that are flexible, not sure if they will work at the gig! This thing is stiff and has nice built-in handles that are molded in and don't look like handles. The keyboard itself is up to aggressive playing- I have a strong touch and it is holding up well after a year.

I was on a budget, and this is not inexpensive, but compared to other brands it is the best deal. I got a steal as it was a "blemished" but the scratch is totally irrelevant.

Manufacturer Support
I never needed to call Kurzweil because everything was either straightforward or available on their website- drivers, updates, ets. all very easy and everything just worked!

The Wow Factor
This was not my first choice- that would have been $500 more and not really worth it now that I have been playing this.

Musical Background:
hobbyist, church musician, occaisonal gig

Musical Style:
jazz, rock, classical
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