KRK V-Series V8 S4 Powered Monitor

KRK V-Series V8 S4 Powered Monitor

Get full, detailed sound that can be adjusted precisely with DSP-driven EQ to fit your mixing environment with KRK's V-Series V8 S4 powered studio monitors.

KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor

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Woofer: 8 in. Woven Kevlar

Tweeter: 1 in. Silk Dome Ferrite

XLR-1/4 in. TRS Combo
10k Ohm Blanced
Pin 1 + Sleeve = Ground
Pin 2 + Tip = (+) High
Pin 3 + Ring = (-) Low

Amp & Fusing:
HF: 60 Watts
LF: 120 Watts
4.0A 100VAC 50Hz
4.0A 110-120VAC 50/60Hz
2.0A 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

Frequency Response: 37Hz - 22kHz +/-1.5dB

Dimensions (H x W x D): 17 1/4 in. H x 12 1/2 in. W x 11 7/8 in. D / 43.8cm H x 31.8cm W x 30.0cmD

Shipping Weight: 41 lbs.
KRK Warranty ´╗┐KRK products are warrantied for a period of one year for mechanical defects and three years for defects in amplification.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 1-800-444-2766

KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor

KRK's VXT Series of monitors utilize a visually striking enclosure design that is equally functional -- providing low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end, slotted ports for reduced port turbulence. The VXT8's sleek curved cabinet provides excellent imaging characteristics and a wider "sweet spot," helping you achieve a level of precision.

The domed tweeter (comprised of true silk for fast transient response) and the woofer design (with its stiffer, lighter cone that provides low distortion and extended low-end) both have vented formers to remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression -- enabling these monitors to maintain their sonic signature.

With uncompromising attention to detail that includes tamper resistant switch covers, integrated Omni Mount support and more, the VXT Series is an outstanding choice for a broad range of monitoring applications.


- Biamplified powered monitor with 60-watt high-frequency amp and 120-watt low-frequency amp
- 8-inch woven Kevlar woofer in signature KRK yellow
- 1-inch silk dome Ferrite tweeter
- XLR-1/4" combination inputs
- Wide, flat frequency response of 37 Hz - 22 kHz +/-1.5dB
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"Love 'em!"
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I have a friend that has these and has made some great sounding productions with them so I knew what they were capable of, but being my first set of monitors, I was a little worried about sinking so much money into a product, but these turned out to be everything I was hoping they would be.

Awesome! They made an immediate difference in the way my mixes came out. Like night and day. Really convinced me I made the right decision. These will not make your music sound better, they will make you a better musician.

Being able to adjust the levels of each monitor helps them adapt to my less then ideal environment. I was concerned having them near a wall would create a muddy mess, but after fine tuning them, they sound great!

Ease of Use
Having never built a studio setup before, I found it pretty easy to set these up. Plug and play seems to be an appropriate description. Other then being pretty heavy and having a bad back, I had no problems.

These are solid. They feel like they are built like a tank. Big difference from some other monitors I was considering. No rattling, not cosmetic defects... and pretty damn sexy to look at!

I almost went with the RPG5's because of cost concerns, but since I found these here on Zzounds, I had to go for it, and I am so glad I did. The quality and sound will help if I read more ever expand my setup to a larger location. These are not the least expensive alternative out there but after using these and knowing what I know now, I would have kicked myself for not getting these.

Manufacturer Support
So far, I haven't needed it, but I do wish there was a grill attachment for these like I have seen for the VXT4's and VXT 6's.....

The Wow Factor
These are gorgeous! Even when they are off I enjoy sitting in front of them. It's rare to find something that works well and looks great doing it. I get alot of "Damn!!" comments when people first see them, then I turn them on and let them do their magic!

Musical Background:
At home producer...

Musical Style:
Electronic, EDM,
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