Korg Wavedrum Global Edition Percussion Synthesizer

Korg Wavedrum Global Edition Percussion Synthesizer

Ditch your old drum pads. With the Wavedrum, you can play with sticks, brushes or your hands and express yourself with hundreds of classic and modern sounds.

Korg WaveDrum Mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer

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Backpack-sized and battery-powered, Korg's portable Wavedrum percussion synth includes a built-in speaker and a sensor clip that lets you play on any surface.
The Korg WaveDrum Mini dynamic percussion synthesizer is the same WaveDrum you've always wanted, but in a smaller, highly portable size. Great for drumming on the go, the WaveDrum Mini packs myriad acoustic and synthetic sounds, rhythmic patterns, audio effects, a sensor clip, and even a looper into a sleek, rounded design that you can take anywhere. Best of all, the WaveDrum Mini can run on either batteries or AC power, so you can perform with Korg's stellar drum and percussion sounds on stage, in the studio, inside, or outside. Take advantage of the built-in speaker for live jamming, or plug in a set of headphones for private practice. Totally versatile, the WaveDrum Mini is the ideal practice and performance instrument for drummers and percussionists of all playing levels.

International Sound Station

Featuring drum, percussion, bass, and stringed instrument, and synth sounds from around the world, the WaveDrum Mini puts a wide range of tones at the tip of your sticks (or fingers). A hundred sounds are built in to the WaveDrum Mini, as are 10 effects and 100 internal rhythm patterns. The FX section provides just what you need to transform your sound: familiar effects such as delay, chorus, and reverb; and modern filters, pitch shifters, distortion-type effects, and more. Do more with your sounds and rhythms with the instrument's onboard looper, which makes it easy to record up to 25 seconds, with unlimited overdubs.

Sensor Clip: Play On Any Surface -- Layer Two Sounds at Once

read more To complement its dynamic pad surface, the WaveDrum Mini includes a sensor clip that transforms nearly any object into an instrument, so you don't even have to tap on the WaveDrum Mini itself to trigger a sound. Attach the sensor clip to a table or any object, really, and play that surface or object as a percussion instrument. You can play two sounds at the same time -- one from any object using the sensor clip, and a second from the pad.

Play As Hard or Soft As You Want

The WaveDrum Mini's expressive pad surface is quite sensitive and responds to the location that you strike the pad, as well how much force you use. On this percussion synth, you can play open shots, slap shots, and so forth -- any type of playing technique that you'd use on a traditional drum instrument is A-OK on the WaveDrum Mini.

Take Your Drums Anywhere

Portability is what sets the WaveDrum Mini apart from other dynamic percussion pads in its class. A built-in speaker, headphone jack, and your choice of battery- or AC-powered operation makes the synth supremely easy to play in any setting. You don't even need to have a mounting surface to play the synth on -- it straps on to your thigh, for fast setup and instant access no matter where you play. Perform with Korg's drum and percussion sounds while sitting at a kit, marching in place, you name it.


- Portable percussion synthesizer instrument
- Able to play 2 sounds simultaneously -- play 1 from the dynamic pad, and play a second sound from any surface or object using the sensor clip
- 100 Factory sounds ranging from acoustic to synthetic
- 100 Rhythm patterns keep you on the beat
- 10 Preset audio effects instantly selectable for enhancing any sound
- Onboard looper offers unlimited overdub layering for complex, multi-sound patterns
- Share your sounds using the built-in speaker, or practice quietly on your own using headphones
- Convenient battery operation lets you play anywhere
- Includes AC adapter and mounting strap
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- Sounds: 100
- Combination Effects: 10
- Input: Sensor Clip input
- Outputs: Phones (Stereo mini), Output (1/4")
- Speaker: 10 x 5cm; 1.3 Watt
- Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
- A/D, D/A conversion: 24-bit
- Display: 7-segment LED
- Power Supply: AA nickel metal hydride batteries (x6); AC adapter
- Battery Life: 4 hours *when using nickel metal hydride batteries (1900mAh)
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 8.50 x 8.50 x 2.63 inches / 216 x 216 x 67mm
- Weight: 2.20 lbs. / 1.0kg (batteries included)
- Accessories: AC Adapter, Sensor clip, Strap

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800

Korg WaveDrum Mini Percussion Synth

Legendary Korg Wavedrum technology - now in compact form! Announcing the energetic and on-the-go Korg Wavedrum Mini; with built-in speaker, battery-powered portability, and a revolutionary sensor clip that transforms nearly any object into an instrument.


- Portable percussion synthesizer built on Korg's renowned Wavedrum technology
- Play two sounds at once for a rich musical experience: Play one sound from the dynamic pad; play a second sound from any surface or object using the sensor clip
- 100 Ready-to-play sounds ranging from acoustic tones to synthetic sounds
- 100 Rhythm patterns serve as a rhythmic guide or provide jam-along-fun
- 10 Preset audio effects; select any effect and enhance any sound
- On-board Looper allows unlimited overdub layering for complex, multi-sound patterns
- Share your sounds using the built-in speaker, or practice using headphones
- Battery operation lets you play with confidence on the street, outdoors or anywhere
- AC Adapter and mounting strap are included

With drum and percussion sounds from around the world, revolutionary synth sounds, plus unique original sounds, the Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer has been embraced by percussionists, drummers, and music lovers around the world.

The Wavedrum Mini carries on this sound concept in a compact and portable format - complete with a built-in speaker and battery power for play anywhere convenience. In addition to its dynamic pad surface, the Wavedrum Mini also includes a sensor clip which can be attached to a table, cup, or any object, allowing it to be played as a percussion instrument. Using the sensor clip and the pad allows two sounds to be played at once, doubling the Wavedrum Mini's performance potential. Choose from 100 great sounds; add in one of the 10 exciting effects; play along to one of the 100 internal rhythm patterns, or record with unlimited overdubs using the built-in Looper. The possibilities are endless. The Wavedrum Mini will appeal to musicians who value a truly original performance, or to any beginner simply looking to enjoy playing a musical instrument.

100 ready-to-play sounds

Based on Wavedrum technology, the Wavedrum Mini offers 100 sounds, professionally programmed and ready to play. From acoustic-sounding drum and percussion sounds to cutting-edge sounds possible only on a synthesizer, the Wavedrum Mini offers a diverse range of sounds. Even instruments such as bass, tuned percussion, and stringed instruments are included, allowing you to create both rhythmic and melodic performances.

10 Built-in effects

The Wavedrum Mini features built-in effects that make it easy to transform the sound itself. Each of the 10 high-quality multi-effects combines a variety of effects - familiar spatial-type effects such as delay, chorus, and reverb; modern effects including filters and pitch-shifters that radically transform the sound; distortion-type effects that deliver analog-style warmth, etc. Any effect can be quickly applied to any sound, regardless of technical knowledge, allowing you to create exciting musical results.

100 Rhythm patterns

The Wavedrum Mini contains 100 rhythm patterns covering a range of styles. These patterns can be used as a guide to help the beginner keep a steady rhythm; or simply enjoy jamming along. In fact, by using the pad, the sensor clip, and playing a rhythm pattern, you can create a three-part performance in real time.

Expressive pad surface

The tone of the Wavedrum Mini responds to the location at which you strike the pad, and the amount of force applied, moving beyond a one-dimensional sound. The pad responds sensitively to every aspect of your strike - open shots, slap shots, and more - allowing for a range of sophisticated performance techniques and complex musical expression.

Dynamic sensor clip

Simply attaching the sensor clip (included) to any object or surface can transform it into a playable percussion instrument, providing a second sound to complement the Wavedrum Mini pad. The object to which you attach the clip will have a dramatic effect on how the sound is played, so you'll be making sonic discoveries every time you use the sensor clip. The Wavedrum Mini also comes with a convenient strap. Sit down, strap the Wavedrum Mini to your thigh and assign a snare sound to the pad. Next, assign a bass drum sound to the sensor clip and attach it to the upper part of your shoe, and you've created a natural-playing drum kit that you can use anywhere!

Looper function with unlimited overdubs

The Looper function lets you record and playback your Wavedrum Mini performance. Plus, you can add an unlimited number of overdubs, creating complex, multi-sound patterns. (Total record length is limited to 25 seconds). Play along to these complex patterns in real time to create fascinating performances, without the need for any other equipment.

On-the-go portability

The Wavedrum Mini is superbly portable - you can enjoy playing it in any place, at any time. An AC adapter is included; the Wavedrum Mini can also run on batteries, making it ideal for outdoor use or street performances. The built-in speaker is another attraction of the Wavedrum Mini, giving you the casual freedom to play on the spur of the moment, and to share your sound - alone, or in an impromptu jam session.
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Submitted November 30, 2011 by a customer from gmail.com
"Great fun but not a pro instrument like the original wavedrum."
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It would approach it as more of a fun instrument than a professional one. Its way better than anything you've seen in best buy for instance. I guess its between a toy and a prod drum. Its just great for the times when a jam session breaks out and you don't want to have to always carry a djembe or something else. I keep my wavedrum mini in an mid-sized fanny pack in the trunk of my car for spontaneous drumming.

It has very good sounds but the internal amp and speaker are so weak that your hand-strike is usually louder than the drum. If you want to stay light and portable, I recommend getting the Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Guitar Amplifier (5 Watts, 2x4 in.) if you want to jam with friends or just be heard. If its just you by yourself, the headphones output level is very good.

Great portable drum machine, lopper, and electric drum.

Ease of Use
The head is very sensitive to finger pressure for different sounds. Its nowhere near as good as the full Wavedrum but that beast isn't this tiny or inexpensive. Its more of a carry around with you every drum for fun and jamming.

Yes, great at what it is. The internal amp could be a lot louder. But, like I said, the headphones work great and if you have an amp or are in a studio, you can just plug into the board.

The Wow Factor
It has some limitations but is read more is really fun. Two biggest limitations are that the internal speaker is just too quiet to use. Use an amp or headphone. The second problem is that the temp is fixed for each of the internal drum loops. That's very limiting. Now if you build a drum patch layer by layer on the fly, you can have whatever tempo you want. But, keep in mind, you can't store anything you create. Everything goes bye bye when you turn off the power.

Musical Background:
I'm a singer but I play piano, djembe, guitar, and bass.

Musical Style:
All kinds. I'm a cross between James Taylor and Michael Stype.
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