Korg Wavedrum Oriental Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer

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Expand your sonic library with sounds from the Orient. This drum accurately reproduces a variety of effects and tones from around the world.
The Limited Edition Korg Wavedrum Oriental boasts a massive infusion of popular, unique, and accurate Arabic percussion sounds, all eminently playable from the dynamic rim and real drum head surface.

The Korg Wavedrum is distinguished by its revolutionary synthesis technology, and by an interface that allows a direct physical method of performance, making it the ideal instrument for replicating and articulating these exacting Arabic sounds. Arabic percussion - indispensible to belly dancing, world music, and other popular genres - owes its groove and exotic atmosphere not just to its non-western musical theory and unique performance techniques, but also to the distinctive sound of specific percussion instruments including the doumbek, darbuka, riq, def, and tar, even the bendir. The striking surfaces of these Arabic percussion instruments are extremely simple, yet they are able to produce a wide range of timbres, one of the essential requirements for playing these inimitable Arabic sounds.

See the WaveDrum Oriental in action in this demo from Korg.

To the award-winning Wavedrum, the Korg Wavedrum Oriental adds a full range of algorithms and PCM samples dedicated to Arabic percussion. All of these sounds faithfully simulate the distinctive ways in which the tone is affected by subtle nuances in playing technique and the position of the strike on these acoustic instruments - the Darbuka with its thin single skin, the Riq with its single skin and jingles, and the dual-skinned read more Bendir. The number of preset programs has been increased from the previous 100 and now stands at 150 preset programs. Together with the 150 user programs, you can now choose from a total of 300 variations. The appearance has also been enhanced. The body is a white tone reminiscent of a high-quality darbuka's ceramic body, complemented by a deep red wine-colored rim suggestive of the riches of Arabian culture.

As the standard-bearer of a musical movement, or as the perfect instrument for the percussionist seeking a broader range of sounds, the Korg Wavedrum Oriental will deliver performances that are both traditional and creative.
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Synthesis: DSP + PCM Combination

DSP Algorithms: 45 Total

PCM Instruments: 300 Total; 150 Head, 150 Rim

Programs: 300 Total; 150 Preset, 150 User

Loop Phrases: 140 Total; Various genres and tempos

Effects: Reverb, Delay

Panel Controls: Volume knob, Value knob

Write button, 1-4 buttons, Bank/Mode button

Input/Output jacks: Output: L, R 1/4-inch unbalanced

Phones: Stereo mini phone jack

AUX IN: Stereo mini phone jack

Display: 3-character 7-segment LED

Sampling frequency: 48 kHz

A/D, D/A conversion: 24 bit

Power supply: DC9V 1.7A

Dimensions: W x D x H: 13.74" x 13.54" x 2.95"

Weight: 4.41 lbs.

Included items: AC Adapter, Tuning key, Allen wrench

Options: Percussion Stand STWD

Soft Case SCWD

Replacement drumhead:

Korg recommends the REMO FA-0510-00
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800
(2 ratings)
Submitted September 2, 2012 by Claxton Kent in Portland, OR
"Magnificent Tool with some small quibbles"
Everything great said here is fabulously true, do get this drum. But. Some small quibbles: 1) All those drum loops? You can't adjust the tempo. And it's not like there's a wide range of tempos. They're all mid tempo, far as i could tell. So if you're thinking of using those as a drum machine, think again. 2) there are right and left stereo quarter inch outs, but it's not specified whether the L is also mono. 3) the instructions are woefully skimpy, so good luck doing much beyond switching sounds and beating on it. Luckily that alone is worth the price.

Flawless sound. Great for recording, especially if you mike the pad. Even better live through an amp. I put it thru a looper live and no longer need a hippy to patter along with his bongwater stained dumbek and congas. (again i need the looper cos the included loops dont change tempo.)

Least useful? The loops. Most useful? Everything else.

Ease of Use
Easy to get most of the best things going. But editing the sounds is much harder. Dont expect to do it on the fly at rehearsal, much less live. If you're wanting to craft custom sounds, you'll have to do some homework in advance.

Solid as a rock. Stylish too. Seems like a percussion instrument, not a toy or drum machine.

Ive played both wavedrums and the oriental is definitely worth the extra read more sounds, if you're into that Peter Gabriel world percussion thing..

Manufacturer Support
No need to yet.

The Wow Factor
Its a time saver!/space saver. Who likes miking drums much less hauling them?

Musical Background:
Singer songwriter since '86. I play mutated basses and guitars for the masses, a few at a time.

Musical Style:
I play the authentic rock n roll of the american plains indian..
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