Korg Pa1000 Arranger Workstation Keyboard, 61-Key

- Keyboard: 61 semi-weighted keys (C2 - C7) with velocity and aftertouch
- System: Upgradable operating system, Multitasking, Load while play
- Sound Generator:
- EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded)
- Filters with resonance, 3-band EQ on each Sound
- Polyphony: 128 voices, 128 oscillators
- Effects
- Accompaniment/Song: 2 insert effects; 2 master effects (148 types)
- Keyboard Sounds: 1 insert effect; 2 master effects (148 types)
- Final mastering effects: Limiter, Master EQ
- Voice Processor: EQ, Compressor, Gate, DeEsser, 3-voice Harmonizer (or Double), 2 x FX. Harmonizer, Double, DeEsser: Technology by TC Helicon
- Presets: More than 30 Factory, 64 User
- Guitar Processor: 3 x FX. Presets: 45 Factory, 64 User
- Sounds / Drum Kits
- Factory: More than 1,750 Factory Sounds, including two multilayer Stereo Pianos with damper and body resonance, GM/XG sound sets and 107 Drum Kits
- User: 512 Sounds, 256 Drum Kits
- Digital Drawbars:
- 9 footages, percussion, key on/off, leakage, rotary speaker effect
- DNC (Defined Nuance Control) Technology, Natural Ambience Drums Full Sounds/Drum Kits editing
- Sampling
- User PCM Sample memory:
- 300 MB compressed (equivalent to 600 MB linear data)
- Loads KORG, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont formats
- Saves KORG, WAV and AIFF formats
- Full Edit, Time Slice, Sampling
- Styles:
- Factory: More than 430 Factory Styles, freely reconfigurable sets
- User:
- 1,152 locations, including User and Direct banks
- Eight Accompaniment tracks, 4 Keyboard Sets, 4 Pads per Style; Style Settings (Sounds and Arranger parameters) on each Style
- Guitar Mode 2, Parallel and Fixed NTT (Note Transposition Table)
- Style/Pad Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit
- Style Creator Bot (MIDI Song to Style Converter)
- Style controls: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Bass Inversion, Auto Fill, Manual Bass, Memory, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Style to Keyboard Set Mode
- Chord Sequencer:
- Chord Sequence recorder and player in Style Play mode
- Chord Sequences can be saved to Style and SongBook Entries
- Edit functions: Delete, Copy from Style/SongBook, Import/Export from/to SMF
- Keyboard Set Library:
- Memorize Keyboard Sound settings
- Factory: More than 300 Keyboard Sets, freely reconfigurable
- User:
- 864 locations, including User and Direct banks
- 'My Setting' special Keyboard Set
- Automatic MIDI FX generator
- More than 65 Factory Presets
- Song Play:
- Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player with X-Fader control
- Supported formats:
- MID, KAR, MP3+Lyrics, MP3+G
- Two Players with separate Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls
- Lyrics, Score, and Chord data can be displayed on screen, or on an external video monitor
- Markers with Add, Delete, Edit and Loop functions
- Jukebox function
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 33.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 11 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): PA1000
Shipping Weight: 33.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 11 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): PA1000
Warehouse Resealed
Shipping Weight: 33.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 11 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): PA1000
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 631-390-6800


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