Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synthesizer

Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synthesizer

Play fat leads, stabby chords, and chugging arpeggios. Record loops and phrases, dial in delay, and input MIDI. This tiny 3-voice analog synth can do it all.

Korg monotron Delay Analogue Synthesizer

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Intimidated by analog synthesizers? With five simple knobs, a ribbon keyboard, and the cosmic Space Delay effect, Korg's Monotron Delay is easy to use.
The Korg monotron Delay Analogue Synthesizer is a truly portable synth, designed to be played anywhere, by anyone -- even if you have no keyboard experience. The monotron Delay's intuitive user experience comes thanks to its touch-sensitive ribbon strip controller, which replaces an octave and a half of traditional piano keys. Just slide your finger across the strip and manipulate your synthesis in realtime by tweaking one of five control knobs which affect parameters like LFO (low frequency oscillator) rate and intensity, VCF (voltage-controlled filter) cutoff, as well as time and feedback for the delay circuit.


The Monotron Delay gets its name from the built-in spacey, swooshy delay effect you'll find on board. Modeled after the analog tape echo delays used in early electronic music, the Monotron Delay even recreates the spooky pitch changes that you hear when you vary the delay time on a real analog delay pedal or FX unit. Add some fat delay to your synth tones to create cosmic whooshes, or dial in echoes on any external sound with the Aux input. The Monotron Delay is a real analog synthesizer -- and this killer delay gives it even more vintage appeal, complete with Delay Time and Feedback controls.

Analog Insides

The monotron Delay features all the key circuitry that has made Korg a staple of synthesizer music for decades. Each monotron features the combination of one voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and one voltage-controlled filter (VCF), the same read more components which grant Korg classics like the MS-10 and MS-20 their signature retro sound.

True Portability

Weighting just a few ounces and running on AAA batteries, the monotron Delay is ready to go wherever the road may take you. It's got a built-in speaker so you can dish spacey sounds anytime, wherever. And it's even got a headphone jack that automatically mutes the internal speaker when in use so you can keep jammin' even when the rest of the band is sleeping in the back of the tour bus.


- Ultra-portable analog ribbon synthesizer with built-in delay
- 18 note ribbon controller keyboard
- Pitch LFO with rate and intensity controls
- LFO offers two selectable waveforms: square and saw
- Korg's VCF filter with cutoff control taken from the classic MS-10 and MS-20
- Space delay with time and feedback controls
- Equipped with an 1/8 inch stereo Aux input jack for applying filter and delay to any audio source
- 1/8 inch stereo headphone jack with volume control for private listening
- Built-in speaker and battery powered for truly portable analog sound
- Runs for approximately 8 hours with 2x AAA alkaline batteries
- Unit weighs less than 4 ounces
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- Synthesizer structure: 1 VCO (Sawtooth Wave); 1 VCF; 1 LFO; DELAY
- Switch: Standby / LFO Shape / LFO Shape
- Knobs: LFO Rate, LFO Int., VCF Cutoff, Delay Time, Delay Feedback
- Rear Panel Trimpot: LFO Shape
- Controller: Wide Range Ribbon Controller
- Audio Path: VCO, VCF, LFO
- Knobs: VCO Pitch; LFO Rate; LFO Intensity; VCF Cutoff; VCF Peak
- LFO Switch: Assignable to Oscillator Pitch or Filter Cutoff
- Controller: Ribbon Controller
- Volume: Headphone Volume
- Aux Input: 1/8-inch Stereo Jack
- Headphone Output: 1/8-inch Stereo Jack
- Speaker: Miniature internal; Disabled when headphones are in use.
- Power Supply: AAA Alkalines (x2)
- Dimensions: 120 mm (W) x 72 mm (D) x 28 mm (H) / 4.72" (W) x 2.83" (D) x 1.10" (H)
- Weight: 95g / 3.35 oz. (without batteries)
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800

Korg Monotron Delay Analogue Synthesizer

A good delay was an essential part of the classic analog synthesizer sound. More often than not, that delay came from a tape-style echo machine until affordable digital delays were created. The Korg monotron Delay is an analog synthesizer optimized for sound effects. In addition to its analog oscillator, filter, and LFO, it also provides a Space Delay that's indispensable for swooping, cosmic sounds. The monotron Delay even reproduces the pitch changes that occur when you vary the delay time, just as though you were using an analog tape echo.As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack.This fat and warm delay will add an authentic edge to your analog sounds!

Dual-Waveform LFO

The Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) waveform used to modulate the pitch now offers a choice of waveshapes - a square wave plus the traditional triangle wave. Both the Rate (Speed) and the Intensity (Depth) can be adjusted independently. In addition, a trimpot on the back panel can continuously adjust the shape/direction of the triangle wave or the pulse-width of the square wave to deliver even more versatility. Used in conjunction with the delay, the LFO can create dazzling effects and provide unique possibilities for embellishing your songs.

Wide-Range Ribbon Keyboard

The monotron Delay's ribbon controller keyboard features a wide, four-octave range. This design allows the pitch to be controlled even more aggressively and dynamically, making the monotron Delay a great weapon for a DJ to get the floor moving with irresistible sound. The reversed white keys and body adornments glows under black light illumination, making the monotron Delay ideal for delivering a striking visual impact in nearly any club environment.

Go Anywhere Analog

That was the theme behind the remarkable battery-powered and palm-sized Korg analog synthesizer dubbed the monotron. The powerful and fun-to-play monotron analog synthesizer has been joined by two siblings. The Dual Oscillator monotron Duo offers X-Mod capabilities for generating even more extreme sounds. The monotron Delay features a Space Delay that can produce intense, analog-like echo effects. Best of all, they're a blast to play. Each is equipped with a ribbon keyboard and a live, ready-to-be tweaked front panel offering five knobs and a single switch. This simple operation and ease of use invites hours of enjoyment and musical exploration.

Casual users and gadget mavens will quickly enjoy performing melodies, DJs can create dazzling effects on stage, while established players can add analog muscle to their performance - the possibilities are virtually endless. Grab a monotron, monotron Duo, or monotron Delay, and get in touch with the exciting world of Korg analog synths.


- Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls offers analog-style echoes
- Pitch LFO with selectable Waveshape, Rate, and Intensity controls
- VCF with Cutoff Control
- Wide-range ribbon controller keyboard
- Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 & MS-20
- Aux input jack lets you apply filter and delay to any audio source
- Built-in speaker and battery power for Go Anywhere Analog sound
- Headphone jack for private use