Korg AW-2PLUS Clip-On Orchestral Tuner

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Tune band/orchestral instruments with this clip-on tuner. Korg's AW-2PLUS tunes horns or winds with a Transpose button for F, B flat, E flat or C (concert).
The Korg AW-2PLUS adds new features to once again set the standard for clip-on tuners. Now, band and orchestra players can conveniently tune even their transposing instruments.

Korg makes an entire family of AW-2 Series Clip-On Tuners. In addition to the original AW-2, there is the AW-2G optimized for guitar and bass and the AW-2U created for ukulele players. Now, the AW-2 family is joined by the AW-2PLUS, featuring a transpose feature that provides convenient tuning for players of transposing instruments. Providing an articulate mounting system, an adjustable display angle, a built-in backlight for visibility, a great fit on nearly any instrument, the AW2+ delivers highly accurate, stress-free tuning in any situation. The AW-2PLUS clip-on orchestral tuner is the ultimate tuner for the band or orchestral musician.

Transpose button

Many orchestral instruments do not sound in the concert key; these are called transposing instruments. The unique Transpose feature of the AW-2PLUS lets players of transposing instruments transpose the tuner response as well, allowing these instruments to be quickly tuned in their respective keys. Pressing the Trans button will cycle through the transpose choices; F, Bb, Eb, C (not transposed/concert key).

Articulate double ball joint mount

The tuner display section and the clip section are connected by a double ball joint that provides a broad range of left/right/up/down movement, dramatically increasing the positioning range. The AW-2PLUS makes it easy to adjust the display section for easy read more viewing while tuning in a natural position.

Backlit display ensures excellent visibility

The amount of light available to a performer varies greatly. Dim locations such as a stage or orchestra pit, glaring outdoor sunlight, evening dusk, or night-time illumination are often far from ideal. The AW-2PLUS's backlit meter provides three illumination modes: Off for brightly-lit locations, Soft mode for somewhat dim locations where you want to conserve battery power, and auto for bright illumination in locations of poor visibility. This ensures that you'll be able to tune perfectly under any conditions. In addition, auto mode automatically switches to the lower brightness of the soft mode when there has been no sound input or button operation for approximately ten seconds, preventing unnecessary battery consumption. Attention has been paid to numerous details to ensure ideal tuning, such as a large display font and a meter that clearly indicates the pitch discrepancy.

Proprietary clip design

The sweet spot that will pick up the sound most effectively varies between instruments -- the neck or bell of a wind instrument, or the head or tailpiece of a string instrument -- and the shape of the attachment location differs accordingly. The AW-2PLUS comes with two clips (one large, one small), so you can choose depending on your situation or preference. These clips use a proprietary Korg design in which the opening angle and jaw angle of the clip has been carefully calculated to securely fit a variety of instruments. The large clip is ideal for various wind instruments or string instruments, and the small clip is perfect for use on the thin bell region of a trumpet or trombone.

Excellent tuning response

In spite of its light weight and ultra-small size, the AW-2PLUS boasts a broad tuning range (A0 - C8) and a full complement of solid tuning features. A vibration-sensing piezo pickup is built in, ensuring stable tuning even in a noisy environment. You can also tune using the internal mic. When using the AW-2PLUS in a vertical position or extending below the instrument, Korg's proprietary Meter Reverse can invert the display contents, so the meter information can always be viewed in the correct orientation. The tuner is powered by a widely available CR2032 type lithium battery, and with the backlight off, the battery life is an amazing 150 hours. Numerous other features are provided, including adjustable calibration to support various concert pitches, auto power off, and memory backup.

Pure third markings for ensemble playing

The inaccuracies of the harmonies in a triad are particularly easy to notice when playing in an ensemble such as a brass band or orchestra. By slightly adjusting the pitch of a major or minor third relative to the equal-tempered interval, a beautiful-sounding pure third can be obtained. The meter scale of the AW-2PLUS includes markings to indicate pure major and minor thirds relative to a specified pitch. Simply by tuning your instrument to these markings, you can perform beautiful, pure harmonies when playing in an ensemble. * The choice of note to adjust when tuning to a pure major or minor third will depend on the music you're performing.


- Clip-on chromatic tuner attaches directly to any instrument for cable-free tuning
- Transpose feature (C, Eb, F, Bb) for transposing brass and woodwind instruments
- Korg's proprietary clip design safely fits a variety of instruments.
- Two clips (large and small) accommodate a variety of orchestral instruments
- Double ball-joint allows multi-angle positioning with far greater mobility for the display section.
- Internal backlight ensures excellent visibility even on a dimly lit stage.
- Select either the internal mic or the piezo sensor for optimum response.
- Markings indicate pure major and minor thirds for beautiful, authentic consonance.
- Meter Reverse function allows intuitive tuning from any viewing angle
- Calibration function accommodates a variety of concert pitches.
- Energy-saving Auto mode switches to the low-power Soft mode when no sound is present
- Auto Power Off function maximizes the battery life and prevents the AW2+ from being left on.
- Memory Backup retains your preferred setting, even with the power off
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- Scale: 12-note equal temperament
- Range: (sine wave): A0 (27.50 Hz) - C8 (4186 Hz)
- Precision: +/-1 cent
- Reference pitch: 410-480 Hz (1 Hz steps)
- Transposition: C, Eb, F, Bb
- Dimensions: 58 mm (W) x 26 mm (D) x 12.6 mm (H), 2.28" (W) x 1.02"(D) x 0.50" (H)
- Weight: AW-2+ = 17.4 g / 0.61 oz. (including battery),
- Clip (Large) = 17.7 g / 0.62 oz.
- Clip (Small) = 3.7 g / 0.13 oz.
- Battery life: Approximately 150/75/20 hours
- Backlight: unlit/soft/auto, tuner continuously operating, A4 input)
- Included items: CR2032 lithium battery (3V) for checking operation, Instrument clips (Large and Small)
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800

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