KHDK Dark Blood Kirk Hammett Signature Distortion Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
KHDK's most evil pedal to date, Dark Blood delivers merciless, amp-like distortion with richly articulate and deep tube-esque tone with a massive output.

KHDK's most evil pedal to date, Dark Blood delivers an angry, merciless amp-like distortion. The tone of Dark Blood is tube-like and mid-heavy with added high gain. Its unique power is its distinctly amp-like sound. Richly articulate and deep, Dark Blood can provide the main tone into your clean amp and is also excellent as a fly rig and a backup to an amp or modeling rig.

With its high gain and aggressive, uncompromising dynamics, this is the ultimate pedal for gain-freaks, excellent both for palm muting riffs and searing high gain solos. Dark Blood is built on KHDK's original circuit combining solid state and MOSFET technology. In classic metal fashion, a treble booster was added to the front end of the circuit to push your tone to the limit.


Doom controls the pre-distortion equalization which determines the amount of low-end grunt present in your tone. This control moves from a tight bass to a long sustain, giving you a liquid, solo-ready tone. Doom control allows you to perfectly tune the response of the pedal for low-tuned or eight-string guitars.

Gate controls the background noise in your tone. It only allows a strong signal to pass, while weaker humming or hissing is blocked. Turn Gate clockwise for noise reduction. Avoid pushing the Gate with lower Gain settings; this will negatively impact the decay of your tone.

Gain controls the gain of the circuit. A lower setting creates a pick-sensitive tone with excellent dynamics, while a higher setting brings read more a massively overdriven tone.

Treble Control is a passive, natural sounding low-pass filter. It cuts high end and offers a wide frequency range. Turned clockwise, it becomes raw, aggressive and cuts through. Turned counterclockwise, it cuts highs for a warmer and more mellow tone. With different amps, the tone can be bright or dark; use this control to set the ideal amount of brightness/top end.

Volume sets the output volume of the pedal. Warning: at higher settings, the Dark Blood has a massive output. This pedal gets LOUD!

Lo/Hi is tied directly into the gain and offers two steps of gain. LO is intended for rhythm playing while HI adds saturation, sustain, and compression. HI setting is recommended for more powerful rhythm or soloing.
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