KHDK Scuzz Box Germanium-Voiced Fuzz Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Inspired by fuzz boxes from the '60s, the Scuzz Box has a range that goes from timid to insane. Choose between the dynamic Fuzz or intense Scuzz settings.

KHDK's Scuzz Box is a germanium-voiced fuzz pedal. It provides a singing and powerful fuzz, with a bit of gnarly at the flip of a switch. The dramatic character of the Scuzz Box shines in its two distinct modes: Scuzz and Fuzz.


The Scuzz Box is crafted using discrete transistor technology with a meticulously tuned circuit for the highest performance. Inspired by iconic fuzz pedals of the 60's, the Scuzz Box circuit is enhanced to match the needs of a modern-day guitar player as well as vintage pedal lovers.


Fuzz: Makes your signal overdriven, dirty and massive. Higher settings increase the distortion and sustain of tone. Lower settings has great dynamic and pick sensitivity.

Deep: Is a revolutionary, effective and powerful control element. It defines the character of tone before the gain stage, which modifies the pedal's character. The Deep defines the amount of lows going into the Scuzz Box and dramatically influences the overall dynamic of the pedal. It determines whether the tone is fat and massive or has a faster attack and more overdrive-like tone.

At the lowest setting, the bass remains tight. At the highest setting, can achieve a boomy bass overload with endless sustain. Remember: this is not just a two-mode switch. This potentiometer allows to match your guitar, pedal and amp to perfectly working company. You can achieve your desired sound with precision and hit your sweet spot on a wide range of tone.

Volume: Sets the output volume of read more the pedal. Warning: at higher settings, the Scuzz Box has a massively loud output. Warning: This pedal gets LOUD!
Tone: A straightforward, natural hi-cut control with a very wide range. Turn it clockwise for more high end, turn it counterclockwise to cut highs.

Scuzz/Fuzz: Switch up at your own risk. The Fuzz is a highly dynamic, articulate fuzz tone. Every note is meant to be heard and it cleans up very well with your guitar volume.

The Scuzz brings a dangerous, unique sound. Dynamic-wise it is opposite of FUZZ mode. It's an unpredictable, ruckus velcro-type gated fuzz with a super distinct, nasty, gnarly and buzzy tone with ripping textures. Thanks to a cleverly-used gating effect, the sustaining note dies quickly with virtually no residual noise. The final sound is mercurial and oscillating. It's pretty wild.

Buffer: Eliminates unwanted oscillation that may occur with certain effects placed in front of Scuzz Box. The switch helps retain clarity and eliminates passive signal loss in longer cables. There are no rules for using Buffer on or off. Just let your ears be the judge.
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- Bypass mode: True Bypass
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 120mm x 65mm x 40mm deep
- Input Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
- Output Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
- Power Input: Standard 9V Battery or 9V DC (center negative) power supply.