KHDK Ghoul Screamer Kirk Hammett Overdrive Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Supercharged features take the classic green screamer to a higher plane in this KHDK pedal. Five switches let you sculpt your tone with surgical precision.

Tried, tested and loved by generations of guitarists. Now, the circuit has been perfected to achieve its full potential and create the ultimate tone. Conceived in the dark depths of Kirk Hammett's mind and forged in the secret laboratories of KHDK.

The Ghoul Screamer is a multipurpose pedal, a true utility knife of overdrives. The dramatic versatility of the controls spans from a clean boost all the way to a massive overdrive. In addition to the three standard controls (drive, tone, volume) five switches have been added. This significantly enhances the sound palette and -- together with carefully selected and tested parts -- elevates the Ghoul Screamer to the highest class of stage and studio gear.

All of KHDK's pedals are proudly handcrafted and quality tested in the USA.


The KHDK Ghoul Screamer is powered by a single 9V battery. You can access the battery connection by unscrewing the bottom plate of the pedal enclosure. Alternatively, plug in an external 9V DC (center negative) power supply.


1. Drive Controls the gain of the circuit. On lower Drive settings, the Ghoul Screamer works as a clean boost with a characteristic mid hump. For more distortion turn the Drive control higher to increase the harmonics, compression and power.
2. Volume Controls the overall output volume of the Ghoul Screamer.
3. Tone A very effective active high-frequency tone control. At 12 o'clock it's neutral. Turned clockwise it becomes raw, aggressive and helps your tone read more cut through. Turned counterclockwise it cuts the highs for a more mellow and warm tone.
4. Bass Switch When activated, it enhances the low frequencies, thickens the tone and adds a massive bottom end. Ideal for instruments with a sharp tone and a weaker output.
5. High Switch Expands the Tone potentiometer to reach towards higher frequencies, enhancing the brilliance and the clean tonal quality and helps less sharp instruments to be heard.
6. Body Switch Improves the tonal response in the mids as well as the tightness and penetration of your tone in the mix. This mode is particularly effective when used with low tuned or seven-string guitars.
7. Compression Switches Select between three types of tonal character and compression. The lowest setting (1) offers a soft and warm compression, reminiscent of vintage pedals. The highest setting (3) offers a transparent tone with an aggressive expression rich in harmonics. The compression and tone are reminiscent of an iconic modified British stack. The medium setting offers a balanced blend of modes (1) and (3). The different compression modes will change your output volume, use your Volume control to adjust.
8. Footswitch Engages your Ghoul Screamer to "on" or True bypass mode.
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- Bypass mode: True Bypass
- Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 120mm x 65mm x 40mm deep
- Input Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
- Output Connector Type: Standard 1/4" jack - mono/TS
- Power Input: Standard 9V Battery or 9V DC (center negative) power supply.