Jet City JCA24S Guitar Speaker Cabinet (140 Watts, 2x12")

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With switchable mono/stereo input jacks, you get great speaker volume with connection options in one package.

A pair of Jet City Custom Eminence drivers and switchable mono / stereo input jacks gives JCA24S speaker volume and connection options together in one package. JCA24S is a good mate for either JCA20H or with JCA100H. Move the feet and stand it up on one end to make a great looking rig which also brings the controls of your JCA20H within easy reach.

Inputs: 8 ohm for mono or 2 x 16 ohm for stereo operation

Power handling: 200 watts RMS mono or 100 watts RMS per channel for stereo operation

Cabinetry: Multi-ply, void-free hardwood

Drivers: 2 x 12 inch Jet City Custom Eminence Drivers

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"Sweet Soldano Tone... Awesome"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I'm sure this cab will be making great music with me for a long time to come. I chose this item because I figured it to be the best box for the price. After buying it and running for a while I think my instincts were spot on. Hard to beat this deal... it doesn't break the bank nor your back. Awesome deal and product.

The tone is awesome... the clean settings sing through this cab and the crunch is rich and full. And the two twelves handle all the volume my 100 watt head have to give. Amazingly loud for only two twelves.

If your amp has stereo outputs you will be pleased to know you can switch the 2 twelves to run as mono... or stereo. Just a flick of the switch in the back. Nice feature... I won't use it much, but a cab like this will make your chorus and echo FX come alive if your amp can deliver the signals necessary. I'm knocking it down a bit because it is a bit undersized. I'm sure the it fits the Jet City amp perfect, but the Blackheart is a full sized head and is about an inch and a half wider than the cab.

Ease of Use
It's a cab... how difficult can that be to plug in?

Very solidly built. It was lighter than I expected, but everything about looks solid. It looks like it will do fine on the road. It is pretty, so a certain amount of care should be taken to keep it looking nice.

I don't think read more you can find a better value for the price. I paid $187 for a factory blemished item... I still haven't found the blemish.

Manufacturer Support
No experience with the support.

The Wow Factor
It's a sexy box... I love the color and the sound. It's easy to carry and sounds awesome.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
Mostly rock... anything really
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