Jet City Afterburner Overdrive Pedal

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Jet City Afterburner Customer Review
This is a great-sounding dual-stage overdrive that very closely mimics the sound of an overdriven tube amp. Not surprisingly, the overall sound of the pedal is reminiscent of Marshall/Soldano type amplifiers. How close is it? On my Marshall JCM800, I normally play with the preamp gain at 2:00. With the Afterburner, I can roll back the preamp gain to around 10:00 for a tight, punchy rhythm; activating the Overdrive button takes the gain back to the original level...and activating the boost takes it over the top for a searing, saturated solo sound. There's a bit of a mid-hump that colors the sound somewhat, and some people might like a bit more transparency to the sound...but it's a great pedal.
The EQ knob is good for taming the high end, but a bit more control over the EQ would be nice. And a separate EQ for the Boost section would be nice. But then again, the more buttons and knobs you add, the higher the cost is gonna be. Rather than add more bells and whistles and pushing the price point up, Jet City stripped it down to bare essentials.
Ease of Use
Very straightforward
Seems solid enough, and I haven't had a single problem from it....but I've only had it for a couple weeks, so I can't comment on the long-term reliability.
This is an absolutely fantastic pedal, period. The fact that they're able to offer a pedal like this for under $'s simply amazing.
Manufacturer Support
n/a ......haven't dealt with them.
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