Ibanez UV777 Steve Vai 7-String Jem Electric Guitar

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Basswood body. Five-piece maple/wenge neck. DiMarzio pickups. Edge Pro 7 bridge.

The debut of the Steve Vai's JEM in 1987 and the introduction of his Universe 7-string changed everything. It's impossible to think of any one person who has done more for the evolution of Ibanez guitars than Steve Vai. The contoured basswood body with 24-fret Prestige JEM neck provides easy access to all registers. The deep routed tremolo cavity allows pitches to be lowered or raised. Vai's choice of specific DiMarzio pickups, combined with Ibanez Split-5 wiring, provide incredible tonal versatility. Steve Vai's Universe -- the guitar that ignited the 7-string revolution -- allows almost effortless transition from 6- to 7-string techniques.

UV Prestige neck

5pc. maple/ wenge neck material

Basswood body

24 large frets

Bound rosewood finger board

Edge Pro 7 bridge

DiMarzio Blaze (H neck PU

DiMarzio Blaze (S) mid PU

DiMarzio Blaze (H) bridge PU

Disappearing Pyramid inlay

Chrome hardware

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-669-8262

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (97 ratings)
Submitted July 29, 2007 by a customer from earthlink.net
"The Universe In a Nutshell"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
I have no regrets, you won't either. BUY IT NOW.

The Blazes in this guitar are very tight, and back off the mids. Great clean sounds on position 4 with the coil splitting in the neck humbucker. This guitar sounds HUGE. It'll add more depth to all the six string stuff you already do.

Includes all the tools you'll need to change strings, adjust action, and setup. Whammy bar is included, and is very easy to just snap in, and doesn't come loose. However, recently, Ibanez has had some defective volume pots, which freeze up and refuse to turn. I've had to get mine replaced after less than a year. A minor thing which i'm sure will be cleared up sooner than later. my only complaint.

Ease of Use
Very easy to play, easy to set up with super low action, frets are nice and polished. a variety of sounds at your fingertips with a HSH pickup configuration, and 5 way toggle. If you are coming from a six to a seven, the transition is very easy with this guitar.

Tough as nails. This thing is also a work of art. The binding, disappearing pyramid inlays, and the all seeing eye below the bridge are a sight to behold, and give the guitar a mystical appearance. you can tell this guitar was built with the intention to stand the test of time.

Worth it if you want it enough. If it's for you and you like the guitar, read more go for it.

Manufacturer Support
The only experience I've had with the warranty i had done at sam ash, which the tech there only dicided to grease up the pot i mentioned earlier. So, i do not recommend the tech at the Las Vegas, NV Sam Ash, though the store is amazing. Right now, i am getting the pot REPLACED instead of just greased up from the tech at my local guitar center. I have not dealt with Ibanez though, so i can't judge them though.

The Wow Factor
This guitar is the sexiest thing ever. The cosmetics are outstanding on it, and will leave you GASsing for one the minute you see it.

Musical Background:
LVA student and In a band.

Musical Style:
Rock, Metal, anything else i feel like exploring
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