Ibanez JBM27 Jake Bowen Electric Guitar, 7-String

Ibanez JBM27 Jake Bowen Electric Guitar, 7-String

Prog-metal master Jake Bowen of Periphery loaded his signature JBM27 with powerful Titan-7 pickups and an Edge Zero II-7 bridge to make this 7-string scream.

Ibanez RGD3127 Prestige Electric Guitar, 7-String (with Case)

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Feature: What it does:
Basswood body Big, warm midrange tones
Birdseye maple fretboard Beautiful grain; delivers clear and bright tone
DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups Cutting high end; tight, compressed bottom end
Nitro Wizard-7 neck Fast playing and maximum comfort
Neck Dimensions
- Scale: 26.5"
- Width: 48mm at NUT
- Width: 68mm at 20F
- Thickness: 19mm at 1F
- Thickness: 21mm at 12F
- Radius: 430mm
Ibanez Non-New Product Warranty Information Ibanez Electric Guitars and Basses have a 1-year warranty on NEW instruments only for the ORIGINAL purchaser with a Sales Receipt. All used products are not under warranty.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-669-8262
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Submitted May 15, 2018 by Joe M
"Don't complain about the 1799 price tag, it's worth every penny! Monster shredder that delivers! "
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I ordered my RGD1327 in flat orange. I could barely wait to open the box! I love the flat orange, the birds eye maple pops! I love the fact the inlay dots are small and unobtrusive. The dimarzio fusions scream and are crystal clear! Some wonder on the thickness of the neck and it's not super thin nor thick. It's a cross between a strat feel and an ESP. You can shred the heck out of this guitar and mine arrived perfectly setup and even the strings were pre stretched. I just tuned up and off I went! If you are shredder and love metal and appreciate a guitar that won't get muddy being drop tuned then this is the guitar for you! Oh it came with an Ibanez multi function allen wrench set that should be in every guitarist tool box!

The dimarzio fusions are crystal clear and I would never change them. Every single note is heard clearly even being factory tuned down a whole step. For cleans I would want a ton knob only to roll off the top end but that's it.

The materials are top quality as what you would expect from a prestige guitar. The only flaw is no tone knob but this can be easily done with a push pull.

Ease of Use
The trem really is smooth as butter and it's very light weight. Not as light as my Parker Maxx7 but light compared to most 7 strings. It's a wildly comfortable guitar!

The quality is flawless as with all prestige guitars. read more

This guitar I feel is perfectly priced and quite honestly feels and play better than some of my 4K+ guitars. You cannot get a better metal monster shredder for under 1800.00! Do not complain about the price and with zZounds payments you have no reason to purchase.

Manufacturer Support
I never had a problem but reached out to them about specs and they responded extremely quick.

The Wow Factor
When I opened the case I couldn't believe how flawless it is, the birdseye maple pops, the white dimarzio fushion pickups really add to the color scheme of the guitar. The flat orange is to die for and plays well with the birdseye maple. I am most likely going to pickup a 2nd one in white. Yeah this guitar is that good!

Musical Background:
Playing for 19 years

Musical Style:
Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Blues, Jazz, Classical
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