Hartke GH412A Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet (320 Watts, 4x12 in.)

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320 Watts, Hartke 12 in. speakers, Stereo/Mono operation

The GH412a is a 320-Watt powerhouse capable of bringing any audience to their knees. Thanks to its solid backed, angled enclosure and the four custom designed Hartke 12 inch drivers you'll redefine what it means to rock out!

4 x 12 in. angled guitar enclosure

Stereo/Mono operation

1/4" inputs

Recessed side handles

Mono: 4 ohms or 16 ohms, 320 Watts

Stereo: 8 ohms, 160 Watts per side

Powered by Hartke custom designed speakers

29.25"(H) x29.5"(W) x14"(D)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 516-870-7200
Web: http://www.samsontech.com/contact/

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (21 ratings)
Submitted March 3, 2009 by a customer from hotmail.com

"Great Value for Home or Studio"

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I rate it overall a little lower than I rate each of the features perhaps unfairly. The value is great but it's not a MESA or Marshall cab. Disregarding price, I would rate it a 5 (Average). The plywood construction is good. The workmanship is good. The drivers are plain. The features are great. It's not road worthy. It's a good cab for great price. Therefore: Overall = 8.

The sound is fine but the drivers are not going to blow your socks off. I ran my MESA Triple Rec through it and I could tell the speakers were wondering what was going on. The bass response was a bit muddy. I replaced the drivers and now it holds its own.

The cabinet is well made for the price. It's plywood! Not MDF! That's a big help. The switchable impedance is a nice feature. Even when I swapped out the speakers, I was able to keep the mono/stereo flexibility. I would rate it a 10 for the complete value if the drivers could handle more. The cabinet is quite good for the price.

Ease of Use
As simple as it comes. Plug in with the correct impedance and roll it out!

If this was a $600 cabinet, I would not be impressed. You can definitely tell it's lighter and not as sturdy as the higher end cabs. However, for this price, you really can't complain. I would not recommend it for touring or road use but from studio to home travel it is fine. The read more workmanship is respectable. The finish is quite good. I expect this cabinet to last my lifetime as long as I treat it with appropriate care.

For home or studio, it's tough to imagine a better deal... unless the speakers were voiced a little differently.

Manufacturer Support
No need. It's a cabinet.

The Wow Factor
I think I'm getting another one. It looks good and is easily upgraded. I wouldn't say I lust for it but the value is great.

Musical Background:
Semi-Active Recording Musician/Band Member

Musical Style:
Rock, Metal, Thrash, Metalcore, Grindcore, whatever else you call it these days.
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