Hosa IBT-402 Drive Bluetooth Audio Interface

Hosa IBT-402 Drive Bluetooth Audio Interface

With RCA, 1/8", and USB connectors, this mini Bluetooth transmitter/receiver lets you stream audio to or from your analog mixer, vinyl turntable, and more.

Hosa IBT-300 Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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Add Bluetooth audio to your home or car stereo. Just pair the Hosa Drive receiver to your Bluetooth device, and plug its 1/8" audio cable into your aux in.
The Hosa Drive IBT-300 is a Bluetooth audio receiver that essentially turns any speaker system with a 1/8" input into a Bluetooth speaker -- like your home stereo, car stereo, your studio monitor speakers, or even a venue PA system. Powered by an internal battery for up to 10 hours of use, and rechargeable via USB, the IBT-300 Bluetooth receiver is easy to take anywhere. Don't settle for a small Bluetooth speaker -- stream Bluetooth audio from your mobile device to your big stereo speakers with the Hosa Drive IBT-300.

Stream Bluetooth Audio to Any Stereo

Setup is easy: First, wirelessly pair the IBT-300 with your Bluetooth audio source -- like a tablet, smartphone or computer. Next, use the included 1/8" to 1/8" audio cable to connect the IBT-300's 1/8" audio output to your home or car stereo's AUX input. And that's it. Now, you're free to move around with your Bluetooth device in your pocket, streaming audio to the IBT-300 up to 30 feet away.

Pairing Procedure

1. To turn on the IBT-300, hold the center button until the blue LED begins to flicker.
2. On the device you want to pair, open the Bluetooth settings menu and scan for new devices.
3. Select "HOSA" as the device you wish to pair, and enter 0000 if a password is requested.
4. The blue LED will slowly pulse if pairing is successful.
5. To power down your IBT-300, hold the center button again.

Control Playback from Your Device -- Or from the IBT-300

When read more your device is wirelessly streaming audio to the IBT-300, you can use your device as a "remote control" to skip songs, pause, or turn the music up or down. You can also use the IBT-300's buttons to control playback. The Center button is pause/play for the current track. The left "minus" button (-) starts the current track from the beginning. And the right "plus" button (+) skips to the next track in your playlist.


- Battery-powered Bluetooth receiver for any stereo
- Quick pairing for easy setup of source devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones
- Built-in track buttons for control at playback system
- Bluetooth Version 3.0 for data transfer rate up to 24 Mbps
- Up to 3 days stand-by battery life
- Up to 10 hours in-use battery life
- Includes 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS audio "aux" cable
- Includes USB A to Mini-B cable for charging only
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- Model: IBT-300
- Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0
- Data Transfer Rate: Up to 24 Mbps
- Stand-by Battery Life: Up to 3 days
- In-use Battery Life Up: to 10 hours
- Contents: Bluetooth Receiver, Audio Interconnect, 3.5 mm TRS to Same
- USB Cable for Charging Only, USB A to Mini-B
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 714-522-8878

Hosa IBT-300 Bluetooth Receiver

Hosa Drive is the best way to hook up your music -- anywhere. Designed with mobility in mind, each product enables today's smartphones and media players to interface with home stereos, car audio systems, or even mixing consoles. With over three decades of experience, Hosa knows how to hook you up -- with or without wires -- to get the most out of your playlist. Take control of your music with Hosa Drive.

Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The Hosa Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver operates on Bluetooth Version 3.0 technology to wirelessly stream music to a playback system with minimal lag or signal loss.


- Transfer speeds of up to 24 Mbps
- Quick pairing for easy set-up of source devices
- Built-in track buttons for control at playback system
- Bluetooth 3.0 technology for improved speed and audio quality