Hercules DJ Console MK2 USB DJ/Audio Interface

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2 phono level and line level inputs. More precise and more elevated jog wheels, designed to make scratching easy. Split mode.

The World of MP3 Meets Vinyl: Total Mixing!
Hercules is expanding its range of DJ hardware and launching the DJ Console Mk2, the first digital mixing console with integrated audio also serving as an interface with DJs' vinyl turntables and CD players. The DJ Console Mk2 allows users to not only mix on their computer without any other device, but also integrates itself into a DJ's usual analog equipment!

Following the success of the first DJ Console launched in 2003, Hercules is proud to offer an even more professional and high-performance solution.

A versatile mixing station with 2 stereo inputs to connect 2 vinyl turntables or CD players and 2 stereo outputs allowing users to play their mix over amplified speakers or redirect the sound to an effects processor or external mixer, the Hercules DJ Console Mk2 can be used on its own or function as an interface between a computer and a DJ's other analog instruments.

The DJ Console Mk2 is perfect for mobile DJs and music lovers, as it combines all DJ functions in one compact and transportable unit. It's also great for clubs and home studios, as external devices can be connected to its 2 stereo inputs to mix audio files from a Mac together with music from a vinyl record, CD or groove box. The DJ Console Mk2 is truly versatile, since it allows users to mix on its own or with other mixing devices, depending on the DJ's equipment and preferences.

DJ Console Mk2 Innovates
Via mixing of 2 analog inputs, to mix together an audio file read more and an external source (CD player, MP3 player such as an iPod, etc.)

With 2 phono level and line level inputs, for connecting all external music devices (vinyl turntables or CD players)

With new, more precise and more elevated jog wheels, designed to make scratching easy

With a split mode to listen to 2 separate pieces of music on a pair of headphones, without having to move the headphones to listen to the mix being played in the room and songs being previewed on the headphones

The DJ Console Mk2 also includes the functions that made the first DJ Console a success: a double mixing deck to control DJ mixes, a sound card dedicated to DJing, a microphone input with a talk-over function and a headphone output for previewing songs. It is still portable to accompany a DJ anywhere: compact, it connects to a PC or Mac's USB port, is powered by the USB port, and includes a shoulder strap and a detachable cover for transportation. In conjunction with its software, the DJ Console Mk2 gives DJs total control of their music, with a highly precise instant BPM counter, as well as effects to transform, filter and loop audio files, allowing DJs to give their mixes the kind of personality they desire.

All Types of Mixing Are Possible
With 2 analog stereo inputs, 2 mixing decks and 2 analog stereo outputs, the DJ Console Mk2 allows for all types of mixing:

Digital mixing of audio files on the DJ Console Mk2''s 2 jog wheels

Mixing an audio file on a PC together with an analog source from the audio inputs, allowing the DJ to play a hybrid analog and digital mix

Mixing 2 tracks directly in the DJ Console Mk2, or keeping them separate to mix them once they have been output from the console, on an external mixer

Mixing with time-coded vinyl records* played on external turntables connected to the console via dedicated software

DJ Console Mk2 Accompanies DJs Through All Stages of Their Career
The DJ Console Mk2 can accompany a DJ through each stage of their career, whether it is their first DJing instrument or the DJ is already equipped for analog mixing. The DJ loses neither their DJing markers nor the dexterity they have acquired on their current hardware. They don't have to change their style and can concentrate completely on their performance!

All-in-one DJ Controller with audio for a complete computer DJ mix. Everything is inside to animate parties or record DJing performance

Portable DJ Mixer (235x200x65mm / 9.4 x 8 x 2.6 in./ 2.54 lbs.
Ready for mobile DJing, DJ Console Mk2 can be plugged to a laptop

High precision jog wheels and buttons for DJ mixing. DJing is better with dedicated controls than with a mouse and a keyboard:
- 2 jog wheels to navigate within your music, speed up, slow down or even scratch tracks
- 1 crossfader and 2 volume sliders
- 2 pitch knobs & 2 pitch bend buttons
- Play / Cue / Next / Previous for each deck
- 2 x 3 equalizer knobs
- 2 x 4 buttons for effects
- Auto-Beat and Master tempo for each deck
- 1 mini stick with 2 buttons emulating a mouse to navigate within any menu
- 2 buttons to select the audio source on the deck

Advanced audio features for DJing
- 2 line/phono inputs, to mix also with analog audio or with timecoded vinyls (not included)
- Headphones monitoring to prepare the next music track you will play
- Microphone input to talk over the music

Solid software:
- Customized version of Virtual DJ 3 (for PC version)

Combine digital & analog audio
- 2 stereo inputs
- Mix MP3 files plus analog sources
- Plug your CD-player(s) and mix it together with your computer audio files

Compatible with external mixers
- 2 stereo outputs
- Plug to any mixer you want

2 phono inputs
- Connect your turntable(s)
- Mix with vinyl plus MP3

Multiple monitoring
- Deck A
- Deck B
- Mix
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Outputs: 2 stereo outputs (4-channel)

Inputs: 2 stereo inputs (4-channel)

Input Level:
Line level (for CD players)
Phono level (for turntables)

Microphone Input: 1

Headphones: 1 headphone output for monitoring

Power: USB bus

Audio drivers: ASIO & WDM

Windows System Requirements
Pentium 3 / Athlon 800 MHz and higher

USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port

256 MB RAM and higher

MS-Windows XP

Stereo headphones for monitoring

Macintosh System Requirements
G4/G5 1.5GHz / Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz and higher

Mac OS X 10.4 or later Mac OS X

512MB RAM + 100 MB space on HDD

CD/DVD Rom drive

Internet connection

Stereo loudspeakers & headphones

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 866-889-5036

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (68 ratings)
Submitted March 21, 2006 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Truly worth the investment once you see what it competes with!"
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I did find after a month of use, i started looking for other products simliar to this. I heard of the Mixman DM2 and the DJ Kontrol. But overall, i think with the ease of use, all the knobs and buttons bulit in to the device, the DM2 seems alittle cheap and out-dated. I'm told the jog wheels aren't as smooth as the wheels found on this product.

Some experts might say that digital scratching will never sound as real as scratching with vinyls, but i'd say, with the right amount of talent, any DJ beginner or experienced will have no trouble making a good mix from this unit. The sound coming through the main speakers is great. The headphone volume is extremely loud with my Sony MDR-V600 though at times the switch that allows you to mono-split the two decks into each ear is alittle glitchy at times. A good way to correct this is while the song you're cueing up next is playing simply turn the knob fast through all the options until you hear each deck in their respected ears again. Otherwise you're left listening to a mono-version of your mix. The techonlogy isn't perfect but when you think about it, a single usb cable can not split the sounds on your computer into discrete tracks, this device simply mutes each song until you fade into the next song.

Hercules gives you a good amount of features to get you started into the world of djing. A fairly accurate BPM counter, decent cross-fading, smooth jog read more wheels for easy scratching (although alittle on the small side), shortcut keys on the keyboard for cueing, looping, and sampling. Hercules also gives its consumers open-source opportunities to improve on its plugin FX's techology ex: flanger, panning, devil chorus, back-spins, back-looping etc... The recording feature is nice when you wanna compare your first mixes in a basement party to mixing at a club with over 1,000 people.

Ease of Use
As a progressing DJ, i find this product to be very helpful in the developing stages of my career. At first, i didn't know what half the buttons on this thing were used for, but as i became more familar with it, i find that this unit is great for many beginners and well-experienced DJ's though at some point you may want your buttons and knobs to be spread-out alittle more as i found i tend to hit the jog wheels a few times while fading into the next song.

The overall quality of this product is great. The crossfader feels smooth and solid. The jog wheels are senitive to the touch and responsive. The play and cue buttons are active to the touch but some might notice a 1ms delay once you really start making those fast-paced mixes but its easily adaptable. All the controls feels well-made so don't feel too bad after spending $250.

If you're interested in a career as a DJ, this is a good place to start. The device is design to progress with you as you become more familar with the techinques many pro DJ's use. This product will not disappoint you.

Manufacturer Support
The Hercules website is very geared towards customers who have purchased the full version of their software. Most of their plugins made by their company and from fellow DJ's are only available once you have proof you've bought the full product. This was kinda a let-down for me, but in a way, its a much more secure way of preventing hackers who have managed to overide the serial code detector and unlock all the the features only available in the Pro version to prevent free access to their site. Would of been nice if more features were available on lesser versions of the software.

Musical Background:
Recording Engineer, Producer, DJ

Musical Style:
Trance, Techno, Club, Alt. Rock
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