Practical Recording Techniques Book

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by Bruce and Jenny Bartlett. 632 pgs. Fourth edition.

This hands-on practical guide is useful for all aspects of recording, and is ideal for beginning and intermediate recording engineers, producers, musicians and audio enthusiasts. Filled with tips and short cuts, this book offers advice on equipping a home studio (both low-budget and advanced) with suggestions for set-up, acoustics, choosing monitor speakers, and preventing hum. This best-selling guide also tells how to judge recordings and improve them to produce maximum results. Two extensive glossaries clearly explain audio jargon and sound-quality descriptions.

New Material Includes:
Extensive coverage of digital recording technology and techniques, including computer DAWS and optimizing them for best performance

Extra coverage of the basics, such as speed of sound, inverse square law, sound-wave interference, reflection and diffusion

Comprehensive look at all types of microphones, including live-vocal, digital and headworn mics

Detailed instrument frequency range chart.

Also includes a CD (Mac and PC compatible) that will enable you to actually hear the effects and techniques described in the book.

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No longer available at zZounds

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