Hagstrom Retroscape H8 Electric Bass, 8-String

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Favored by artists like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Lemmy Kilmister, the Hagstrom H8 was the first serially produced 8-string bass, introduced in 1967.
What's special about this item?
Feature: What it does:
Mahogany body Rich, warm, focused sound; added sustain
Maple neck Bright tone, full sustain and strength
Bolt-on neck Articulate, punchy, and easily modified.
Short-scale neck Shorter length for easy playability and big sound
Hagstrom's US distributor brought the idea of an 8-string bass to them in 1967. At that time, the only other company producing an 8-string bass was Rickenbacker, but these were custom-order instruments; thus, Hagstrom became the first manufacturer to serial produce an 8-string bass, bringing this unique instrument to a much wider audience. Before too long bassist Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix Experience discovered it, and its unique sound can be heard on the The Jimi Hendrix Experience album "Axis: Bold as Love" (check out the track "Spanish Castle Magic" where the H8 really shines). In fact, Jimi Hendrix himself was a fan of the instrument and used it in various sessions over a period of several years; he owned the sixth H8 ever produced. Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister also showed up from time-to-time playing an H8.

Hagstrom went to great lengths to ensure that their H8II is a faithful re-creation of this historic instrument in Hagstrom's legacy. A double cutaway mahogany body is bolted to a Canadian Maple neck supported with Hagstrom's H-Expander(R) truss-rod. The H8II features a short 30.75" (781mm) scale length with a dot-inlaid Resinator(R) fingerboard. Pickups are Hagstrom's DynaRail Humbuckers with an additional coil-split feature activated by a push/pull switch built into the volume control.
- Wood Type: Mahogany Body / Maple Neck
- Body Shape: Double Cutaway / Solid Body
- Inlays: Dot
- Pickups: Dual Hagstrom Dyna-Rail Humbuckers
- Controls: 1 x Volume Control with Push/Pull Coil Split
- Pickup Switch: N/A
- # of Strings: 8
- Case/Bag: N/A
- Hardware Color: Chrome
- Accesorries Included: Truss Rod Wrench
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Web: https://www.hagstromguitars.com/contact.html