GFI Systems Orca Delay Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Four highly customizable delays in one intuitive pedal! GFI Systems' Orca features four delay algorithms, an LCD screen, and momentary action support.

The GFI Systems Orca packs four quintessential GFI System's Delay algorithms into a compact pedal that is straightforward and easy to use. Intuitive user interface coupled with an LCD screen makes it a breeze to navigate through Orca's vast sonic palette and features.

Orca supports both mono and stereo input/output. Mono connection is made using standard TS patch cables while stereo connections is made via TRS patch cables (a splitter-Y cable may be needed).

External control
A multi-purpose jack provides connection to an expression pedal or tap-tempo pedal. Expression pedal input enables expressive control over the delays' parameters, and the external tap-tempo can be used for remote tempo control.


- 4 GFI System delay algorithms in one pedal: Digital, Tape, Diffuse & Ambiental
- Multi-purpose jack allows for connection of an expression pedal or tap tempo pedal
- 2 presets
- Analog dry-through
- 4 knobs with button
- Intuitive interface with LCD screen
- Mono / Stereo input and output
- Momentary action supported

- Input impedance: 1 MOhm
- Output impedance: 1K Ohm
- DAC / ADC resolution: 24 bits
- Current consumption: ~110 mA
- Weight: 0.6 Kg (1.6 lbs)
- Dimension: 12 (L) x 7.2 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
- Power source: 9VDC (negative center)
- Controls: Time, Repeats, Level, Modes
- Foot switch: Effect Bypass/Ramp, A-B/Tap
- Stereo Jacks: " jacks

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