Fostex VF160EX 16-Track with Built-In CDR and Effects

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Internal CD-R/RW drive. ADAT mixer mode. Scrub zoom. Fader pairing.
The VF160EXCDR is the next generation 16-track digital recording and mixing power tool all wrapped up in an easy-to-use package. It provides new cosmetics, improved high speed CD burning, software enhancements, and increased memory allocation. The recording engine features a total of 16 tracks plus 8 virtual tracks. The simultaneous 16-track recording (eight tracks via analog input/eight via ADAT) to a large capacity 40GB internal HD gives you hours of record time on all 16 tracks.

The VF160 also provides easy-to-operate non-destructive editing with a waveform display and newly added zoom feature for precise waveform editing. The VF160's superb digital mixer provides 60mm faders for all 16 channels, 3-band EQ with parametric mid and high on all 16 channels, master EQ, channel and master compressors, eight mic inputs (two with XLR, insert and phantom power), ADAT optical I/O, two effect sends and two aux sends per channel (switchable pre/post), and Scene Memory. Plus, the VF160 comes with two multi-effect DSPs. Affordably priced, easy to use, with hours of record time, the all-in-one complete digital recording solution just got a whole lot better.


Internal CD-R/RW drive.

ADAT Mixer Mode - when using PC/Mac-based audio/midi software and an ADAT audio card, the VF160 can be used as a full function mixer with its high-quality mic amps, digital EQ and ffects processing available for inputs and simultaneous monitoring of the audio on the PC, each with their own fader.

Scrub Zoom allows read more zooming-in of the current waveform display by up to 16 times, meaning that editing points can now be more precisely selected.

Fader Pairing allows channels be paired or ganged in stereo sets i.e. Ch 1-2, 5-6, etc. and have the stereo level controlled by the odd numbered respective fader.

Channel Solo allows any number of channels to be placed into solo mode quickly and easily.

In additional to 'individual track' and '8 track' modes, Track Exchange is now enhanced to include 'stereo pair' exchange.

BPM Delay will automatically calculate the feedback time of the delay according to any change of tempo as designated in the tempo map.

Event Map Locate allows instant access to points displayed on the Event Map Screen.

Locate to Last Rec Point will instantly return to the point where the last recording began.
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Recording media: Internal E-IDE 3.5 in. hard disk

Recording format: FDMS-3 (Fostex Disk Management System-3 ver. 1)

Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz

Quantization: 16bit linear (non compressed)

ADC: 20bit 64-time oversampling Delta/Sigma

DAC: 24bit 128-time oversampling Delta/Sigma

Recording time: Depends on the HD capacity

Number of tracks: 16 tracks + 8 additional tracks maximum 16 track play and simultaneous recording

Pitch control: +/- 6%

Crossfade: 10ms

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Dynamic range: 88dB or more

T.H.D: 0.01% (typical)

Crosstalk: 60dB or more @1kHz

- 400Hz +/- 18dB (Shelving)
- 500Hz - 20.2kHz +/-18dB (Parametric)
- 500Hz - 20.2kHz +/-18dB (Parametric, Shelving)


Inputs A - H:
- Connector: 1/4 in. TRS jack (unbalanced)
- Level: -50dBV (mic) - +2dBV (line), variable
- Impedance : 50k ohm or more

Inputs G, H
- Connector: XLR3-31 type (balanced)
- +48V phantom power & 1/4 in. TRS jack (balanced)
- Level: -50dBu (mic) - +2dBu (line), variable
- Impedance: 1k ohm or more (XLR) 50k ohm or more (phone)

Insert x 2:
- Connector: 1/4 in. TRS jack (TIP: output/RING: input)
- Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more
- Input/Output Level -10dBV

Monitor Out (L, R):
- Connector: 1/4 in. jack (unbalanced)
- Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more Level -10dBV

- Connector: 1/4 in. stereo jack
- Impedance: 8 ohm or more
- Max. output 20mW or more @ 32 ohms

AUX Send (1/2):
- Connector: 1/4 in. TRS jack (TIP: send 1/RING: send 2)
- Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more
- Level: -10dBV

Stereo Out (L, R)
- Connector: RCA pin jack
- Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more
- Output Level: -10dBV

Footswitch: 1/4 in. jack (Optional Model 8051)

Digital In/Out Connector: ADAT optical/SPDIF

MIDI: In/Out 2 x DIN 5 pin/MIDI Standard
Fostex Warranty ´╗┐Fostex offers a warranty of 1 year for parts and 90 days labor.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-994-4984
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""Hats off to you Fostex""
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With everything I've done so far with this recorder, I plan on using it for years to come. As a musician, songwriter, & engineer...allot of what you get out of it depends on how well you know your craft. Again, this unit is top notch with me.

I paired this wonderful recorder up with a couple of M-Audio powered studio monitors and was thrilled with the sound quality of my mixes. Even straight on through headphones the sound quality was great. Broadcast quality recordings are easy with this unit! Even prior to mixing the sound was clear and authentic. Hats off to Fostex!!

This baby is loaded with features for the money, which is one of the main reasons I bought it (price was important too!). The on-board pre-amps are a little weak though...meaning you have to turn them up to nearly 7 to get anything out of them (when using a condenser), however, if you mate this up with, say a Yamaha mixer, which has excellent pre-amps, your on your way! Great on-board features for mixing (Eq, Reverb, etc.). I love how many "self contained" features this unit has for the money.

Ease of Use
When I first took this out of the carton and took a look at the manual I thought "Oh man...this is going to be a piece of work". But it really was easy if you follow it through as a "process". Granted you have to "ping-pong" back and forth a bit from front to back since the manual does drop off in some read more areas leaving you hanging a bit scratching you head. really didnt take long to become fluent in its use (without the manual).

Excellent quality throughout! The unit has allot of eye appeal and I love how it has individual faders for all 16 tracks! This unit is the centerpiece of my small home studio and has performed flawlessly! CD burning is a breeze with no skips (ever).

As far as I'm concerned, this is the "best" product out there on the market for the money...hands down. I would highly recommend this recorder to anyone. Big budget features for not allot of coin!

Manufacturer Support
Havent had to contact anyone for product support for any reason.

The Wow Factor
This unit has a "stand out" appeal to it when sitting on the same pages (in a catalog) next to similar units.

Musical Background:
Musician, songwriter, recording engineer

Musical Style:
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