Focal Sub One Active Powered Studio Subwoofer

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Hear what's really going on in the lows. Loaded with two French-made 8" Slatefiber woofers, this 200-watt powered sub reinforces 32 to 120 Hz like a boss.

Sub One is a subwoofer composed of two 8" (20cm) Slatefiber cone woofers, manufactured in France by Focal. With a total RMS power of 200W, it covers a frequency band from 32Hz to 120Hz. Sub One offers great dynamics whilst maintaining low distortion. Designed with a focus on its width and front vents, Sub One integrates easily into a room, along a wall or under a desk.

For a powerful and precise sub-bass, Sub One is the perfect tool to work with in the studio. Its exclusive double-skinned Slatefiber speaker drivers offer even more rigidity, an essential characteristic for a subwoofer. With its 200-watt RMS power and shallow depth, this long-excursion, high-efficiency subwoofer ensures perfect coupling with the Focal Alpha Evo and Shape lines.


- Number of available settings: fully adjustable low-pass crossover + volume + phase; polarity switch; Footswitch input; Mute with linking between several subwoofers. Excellent subwoofer-monitor acoustic sealing
- Two 8" (20cm) Slatefiber cones made in France. Sound neutrality, precise bass control
- LFE, left and right inputs, left and right outputs. 2.1 low frequency management system for optimum satellite return
- Long excursion, high efficiency subwoofer. Reproduction of sonic micro-details for precise adjustment of signal compression
- Large front vents
- Stable tonal balance
- Optimum integration

-Type: Sub One
-Frequency Response (+/- 3dB): 32Hz 120Hz
-Maximum SPL: 114dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
Left, Right, LFE
Electronically balanced / 110kOhms
3-point female XLR
-Outputs (to Satellites):
Left + Right
3-point male XLR in parallel on inputs
-Amplification: 2 x 100W RMS, D-class
-Internal Signal Processing and Functions:
Left + Right mono summation
60Hz or 90Hz high-pass crossover
Adjustable low-pass crossover,
Phase adjustment
-User Controls:
Subwoofer level adjustment (sensitivity)
Low-pass crossover cut-off frequency adjustment
Phase adjustment
Polarity inverter
External mute (controlled by a pedal)
-Indicators (LED): Power Defeat
-Power Supply: Universal power Detachable IEC inlet power cord
-Subwoofer: 2 x 8" (20cm) long-excursion Focal speaker drivers with "Slatefiber" cone
-Construction: 7/8" (22mm) MDF panel with internal braces
-Finish: Dark grey vinyl
-Dimensions (HxWxD): 171/8"x147/16"x175/16" (435.5x366x440mm)
-Weight: 40.8lbs (18.5kg)
-Accessories Included: Protection grille

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