Focusrite Clarett OctoPre Microphone Preamp with AD/DA Converter

Focusrite Clarett OctoPre Microphone Preamp with AD/DA Converter

Add 8 Focusrite Clarett mic preamps and 8 channels of 192 kHz/24-bit AD/DA to your studio! With analog and digital I/O, the Clarett OctoPre fits any setup.

Focusrite Platinum OctoPre 8-Channel Microphone Preamp

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Class A mic pre and compression.
Providing eight pristine discrete channels of Focusrite Class A mic pre and compression, OctoPre routes directly to any digital audio workstation via eight standard analogue outputs, or via a choice of two optional 24-bit, 96kHz A/D converters (see below for details). The new OctoPre offers the unique qualities associated with the Focusrite name at an affordable price.

Each channel features a revolutionary compressor/limiter circuit, providing a warm-sounding compressor, which morphs into a brick wall limiter to avoid those critical overs, ensuring total control over all eight channels.

The mic pres featured in OctoPre are the same as those featured elsewhere in the award winning Focusrite Platinum range. They are a transistor-based Class A design utilising the same full-bandwidth philosophy as the legendary Red and ISA mic pres, ensuring detail and clarity without colouration. The first two 'super channels' also feature phase reverse, as well as TRS jack inputs on the front fascia for quick and easy, DI-free instrument plug-in.

Eight line level balanced (+4 dBu) analogue inputs and outputs are provided as standard via 25-pin D-type connectors. These D-type connectors may be routed to 8 XLR/TRS by means of an (optional) 8-way 25-pin D-type to 8 XLR/TRS breakout cable, available separately (download PDF of the pinout details). In addition to the analogue outputs, the OctoPre can be fitted with one of the following two digital output options:

24-bit/96 kHz ADAT interface card
This read more card provides digital outputs for all eight OctoPre channels, which operate over the full sample frequency range (44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz) and can be dithered to 16-, 20-, or 24-bit depths depending upon the destination. External word clock synchronisation is possible using the rear panel BNC connector. The card features two ADAT-type lightpipe output connectors. For speeds up to 48KHz both connectors transmit all 8 channels simultaneously. However, ADAT-type connectors are bandwidth limited at sample rates above 48 kHz - each audio channel uses two ADATdigital channels to accommodate the increased quantity of data, hence the need for two ADATconnectors to allow 8 channels of conversion at high speed.

24-bit/96 kHz AES/SPDIF/ADAT interface card
This card contains exactly the same ADAT-type digital output facilities as described above, with the addition of AES and SPDIF format outputs via a 9-pin D-type connector on the rear panel. As with the ADAT-type outputs, the full range of sample rates and bit depths are available, and the converter may be synchronised to an external word clock source if required. To access the digital signals from the 9-pin D-type AES/SPDIF output connector the A/D card must be purchased with either an AES or SPDIF D-Type conversion cable, available separately. Either 8 AES or 8 SPDIF outputs can be used simultaneously with 8 ADAToutputs and the OctoPre's analogue outputs.

With Class A Focusrite processing and almost all the interface options known to man, the Platinum Octopre is the perfect partner for any Pro Tools system or any other digital audio workstation, making high quality, multi-channel recording easy. Equally it could be utilised as an instant location recording solution, or as an additional set of mic pres for any analogue or digital console, or hard disk recorder.

Please note: The power supply featured in OctoPre is not a switching power supply. Consequently, 120v OctoPres are not suitable for use in 220-240v territories, and vice versa.
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Electronically balanced 20kW
Nominal level +4dBu / -10dBV

Input Connectors,
1/4 in. jack (channels one and two only)
25 pin D-type 8 channel line level analogue connector
8 XLR inputs for Mic

Front Panel Controls,
Phantom Power: On/Off: +48V
Gain (mic): 0dB to 60dB
Gain (line): -10dB to +10 dB
Gain (instrument): 0dB to 60dB (Impedance > 1MOhm)
Phase Reverse: On/Off (Channel 1 & 2 only)
High Pass filter: On/Off: -12dB / octave. -6dB at 75Hz
Dynamics: Limiter threshold is fixed at 20dBu. Compressor threshold and ratio is variable
Frequency select: Switchable (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz)
Dither: 24-, 20- or 16-bit

Signal Present: -20dBFS (green LED)
Overload: +22dBu (red LED)
Compressor mode: Yellow LED intensity increases with compression
Hard Limit mode: Red LED on when limiting (threshold = +20dBu)

Analogue Output,
25-pin D-type 8 channel analogue connector

Performance specifications,
THD: 0.001% @ 20dBu input, mic and line at 0dB gain
Noise: -96dB at unity gain through the unit
Mic EIN: -128 dBu @ 6dB of gain with 150Ohm termination impedance
Frequency response: -1dB at 10Hz to 200kHz

480mm (w) x 44mm (H) x 265mm (D)

Focusrite Warranty Focusrite offers a 3-Year Warranty on this and all other Focusrite products.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 310-322-5500
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Submitted April 19, 2005 by a customer from
"Warm - Fat - and Cheap"
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As soon as I puirchased it, I put it to the test on some gospel vocals. FAT ! And that was using the analogue outs . . . . can't wait to try the digital outs. As far as the absence of a pad . . . . even with close range full-throttle vocals on an AKG 414, never had an over. The compressor/limiter worked great.
I would have liked the AES cable to be included with the digital board.
Made in China . . . . but so what. Everything else is anyway.
8 channels of Focusrite with digital and analogue out for under a grand? What's not to like?
Manufacturer Support
Haven't had to deal with support. A good thing perhaps?
The Wow Factor
For remote recording to have 8 really good mic channel digital inputs to my Alesis HD 24 . . . had to have it. Smart move on their part to include ADAT inputs.
Musical Background:
Recording engineer and music composer
Musical Style:
Jazz & classiacal
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