Fender PD150 Passport Deluxe Portable PA System

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4 input mixer. 150 watts (75 per channel) stereo, with digital reverb.
Everything you need in a portable PA system!
Looking for an easy to use, full-featured PA with lots of power? Need something compact, portable, and lightweight for easy load-in and transport? Look no further. Fender's Passport Sound System will help you be heard, anywhere you want to take it.

Modular components for transport and storage
The first thing you'll notice about the PD-150 is its unique interlocking design. The central 'power tower' contains a 150-watt power supply and mixer, while specially patented latches secure the speaker cabinets to the main chassis. Internal compartments hold the included microphone and cables for a fit, organized system. This PA's slim profile lets you store it anywhere. Leave it in the trunk of your car for tomorrow's gig, or tuck it away in a closet with plenty of room for shoes, coats, guitars, and the all-important fog machine. At a total weight of just 28 pounds, you can haul everything into the club on your first trip! With a setup time of around five minutes, you'll be able to relax, double-check your set list, and channel your inner rock star before you get on stage.

Easy-to-use interface
Ok, so maybe you aren't a full-fledged teen idol with millions of screaming fans (yet) and you're doing double-duty as musician and sound tech. You need a system that is easy to configure. After all, you're there to perform, not twiddle with a bunch of knobs. Fortunately, the PD150's mixer controls are simple to operate and will make your music read more sound great with very little effort. First off, the four-input mixer is color coded for easy access, even on dark stages. You get three XLR and 1/4 in. mic/line channels for vocals, guitars, and keyboards, plus a mono/stereo TRS and RCA channel for DJ turntables, CD players, or most any audio input device.

Tone-shaping controls
Each channel features a dedicated level control for blending your sounds to perfection. Since the PA runs in stereo, you also get pan controls to set the amount of signal sent to each speaker. To shape your tone, a one-dial 'smart EQ' quickly sweetens vocal and instrument tracks so they sit better in the mix. Each channel offers a dedicated reverb control for injecting subtle thickness or lush concert-hall ambience to your music. The large, indented control-dials make it easy to see their current positions for fast, on-target adjustment. When your bandmates hear the results, they'll want to know where you picked up those 'sound-guy' chops!

VIP feature
Channel one also features a special control, called the VIP dial. Vocal Input Priority lets you set a relative microphone volume on this channel, with a threshold to automatically lower any signals on the rest of the channels. For example, you are taking a break between sets, and you've got a CD player running some background music. The club owner needs to make an announcement that someone left their car lights on, but he has no idea how to work the PA. No problem. You've already dialed in the VIP control for channel one. The owner speaks into the mic, and the background music automatically drops down. As the offender shuffles out to the parking lot, the background music fades back in. Who's first on the call-list when the club has a cancellation? You, of course, because you're so easy to work with!

Full-range speakers
The PD150's speaker enclosures are specially designed to reproduce everything you put into them with crisp clarity and wide projection. Some loudspeakers force the audience to crowd down into the middle of the room if they want to really hear your music. Fender's proprietary Deluxe Speaker Array (DSA) setup uses a 5.5 in. woofer and dual 2.75 in. tweeters in each cabinet for a total of six speakers! They are carefully positioned to widen the sweet spot, improve stereo separation, and make your music sound just like you planned, anywhere in the room. Even better, special feedback-rejection circuitry lets you stand out in front of the main speakers with none of the high-pitched squealing you would encounter on other PA's. This way, there's no need for separate monitors, or a separate monitor mix. You hear exactly what the audience hears, and you can make all your adjustments on-the-fly, to be sure you sound your best.

When you pull up to the venue, don't let rain clouds stop you before you get started. Packed and closed, Passport PA's are weather resistant. No more rain-splattered soft spots on your speaker cones, no more dangerous conditions from wet electronics. Your PD150 system is ready to deliver your sounds to the crowd when you step up to the mic.

Power and flexibility
Musicians never know what the next gig will bring. Today, the coffee shop, tomorrow the school pep rally or church event, next week the outdoor gig. The Fender design team took care to engineer the Passport Series to deliver pristine audio wherever you choose to use it. A 150-watt stereo power amplifier can broadcast your message to groups as large as 300 with clarity and power. The modular design approach makes it easy to expand your system, custom tailored to your needs. Do you plan to play mostly outdoors? The PD150 lets you add a DC battery pack when power outlets aren't available. Do you like the freedom to roam the stage? Fender includes an integrated dock for their optional wireless microphone or instrument receivers. You'll never have to worry about turning down a gig; with the Passport's flexibility, you'll be prepared for whatever situation comes your way.
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Dimensions (H x W x D): 18 x 24 x 10 in. (460 x 600 x 250mm)

Weight: 28 lbs. (13 kg)

Covering: Black Luggage Style Molded Case

Power Output: 150 Watts Stereo, (2 x 75 Watts)

Input Power: N/A

Introduced: 12/2001

Optional Accessories
ST-275 Speaker Stand Kit. Includes Two Speaker Stands and Nylon Carrying Bag p/n 0699001000

12 Volt DC Battery Pack p/n 0699003000

DC-DC Converter p/n 0699002000

Microphone p/n 0699000000

P-150 Protective Padded Cover p/n 0699010000

Footswitch p/n 0994055000

Stand Mount for P-150 Power Tower p/n 0699011000

Dual Speaker Mount p/n 0699007000

Wall Mount Kit p/n 0699006000

Passport Wireless Hand Held System p/n 069120100X

Passport Wireless Executive System p/n 069120500X
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-488-1818

Fender Passport PD150 PA System

Fender is proud to introduce the next generation of portable sound systems: the Passport Deluxe 150 and 250. At the core of the Deluxe series is a highly evolved loudspeaker design - the Deluxe Speaker Array (DSA). Fender co-developed the proprietary speaker component and enclosure designs with one of the most prominent and innovative loudspeaker technology companies in the world.

The sound of the Deluxe series is remarkable. It sounds more like a home theatre than a PA system. Our proprietary design delivers high fidelity audio with wide horizontal projection, remarkable clarity and truly impressive imaging - characteristics not typically found in a traditional PA cabinet. The advancements in the sound performance of the deluxe speaker design are realized while maintaining the high gain before feedback characteristics that make Passport systems the choice of tens of thousands of users worldwide. If you are serious about the sound of your performance, you owe it to yourself to use one.

4 input mixer: 3 mic/line, 1 mono/stereo

Operates on AC or DC power

150 watts (75 per channel) stereo, with digital reverb

One P-51 microphone (with mic clip, cable and carrying pouch)

Proprietary DSA speaker design featuring three custom speaker drivers per cabinet

Docking connector for passport wireless receiver

Innovative deluxe speaker array design for superior sound in any application

Extraordinary feedback rejection allows the speakers to be placed behind the user, eliminating the need for separate monitor speakers

35mm (1-3/8 in.) stand adapters are provided

One P-51 professional cardioid low impedance dynamic microphone, one 18 ft. microphone cable, two 20 ft. speaker cables, and a detachable power cable are provided and can be stored in the mic/cable storage compartment with latching lid

V.I.P. (Vocal Input Priority) Music is automatically lowered when someone speaks into the microphone

Unique "One-Touch" controls

Sophisticated "EQ Contour" control

About the Passport Series
Fender's innovative Passport Sound System is the definition of a truly portable PA system. Designed with simplicity, flexibility, versatility, reliability, ease-of-use, and efficiency in mind, each Passport system is ideal for working musicians, acoustic groups, club and lounge performers, school and day-care teachers, coaches, auctioneers, religious organizations, aerobics and fitness instructors, corporate educational presenters - anyone or any application that requires a portable audio sound system that sets up easily and quickly (in under 5 minutes!). The truly remarkable aspect of the Passport Audio System design is that for all its high-tech technology, you don't have to be a sound engineer to get professional quality sound.

Fender has incorporated years of pro audio experience into the Passport System's unique design and powerful features. Proprietary elements like Vocal Input Priority circuitry that automatically lowers all other signals in the system when you speak into the microphone - (this is particularly useful when you want to make an announcement over music being broadcast). Other features include One Touch EQ, an extremely powerful tone control circuit that takes the guesswork out of getting great sound quickly. Plus, each custom cabinet contains specially designed, full-range speakers positioned at critical angles to maximize projection and clarity without feedback.

Each system features flexible input and output connections, tone control on each channel, system tone control, effects send and returns, digital reverb, recording outputs and inputs (for CD, tape, video, DVD, or computer connections), speaker and microphone cables, and Fender's P-51 microphones. Both systems are compatible with the new Passport Wireless systems for the ultimate in flexibility and portability. The Passport's durable power supply delivers consistent power - in stereo - whether you are using the system with an AC or DC source, and the entire system is packaged into a unique, weather-resistant, portable case utilizing a patented latching system. The Passport Audio Systems deliver professional quality sound for the "rest of us."
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Submitted January 2, 2006 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Couldn't ask for a better system."
It packs a lot of power in a small case. I can't believe how loud it can be and how good it sounds. It is easy to carry and doesn't weigh a lot. The reverb is great and allows for other instruments to plug in. I use it for vocals. It also takes in IPOD for using backing music.
I got the speaker stands which extend very high.
Product is made very sturdy and attractive.
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Haven't needed to.
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Budding singer/musician
Musical Style:
Jazz, country, soft rock
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