Fender CyberTwin Digital Guitar Amplifier (2x65 Watts, 2x12 in.)

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Stereo operation. Onboard tuner. Built-in effects.

Fender announces the Cyber-Twin - an amplifier so revolutionary that it will change the way guitar players think about amplification from now on.

Fender created this amp of the future by looking to the past, with the most in-depth analysis of classic, vintage amplifiers ever undertaken by a manufacturer.

What Is It
For over 50 years, the Fender name has been synonymous with quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation - and tone, tone, tone! In that time, Fender has revolutionized the way instruments are made and how music is played, and some of the most-revered and recorded amplifiers have sported the Fender nameplate - from the "Mother of all amps," the Bassman¬, and the "hardest working amp in show business," the Twin Reverb¬, to modern masters like the Vibro-King¬, Tone Master¬, and the Hot Rod Deluxe¬.

Fender's success among musicians can be attributed to the fact that they've continued to incorporate years of design innovation with current technologies. "Keeping an eye on the future without ever forgetting our past," is their maxim. And in the year 2001, appropriately, they've launched one of the most ambitious, and technologically advanced products: The Cyber-Twin.

The seed was sown in conversation. The idea of making a do-it-all guitar amp, blossomed into an engineering crusade. The "quest for tone" culminated in an all-star gathering. Players, collectors and Fender design guru's sequestered themselves in a New York basement with a private collection of current read more and classic museum-quality amplifiers and guitars. One by one, they oscilloscoped, computer analyzed, documented - and listened - to numerous hall of fame guitars and amps made by us and others.

When they emerged, they had created a blueprint for a flagship instrument in an entirely new category of amplifiers.

Not another modeling amp, the Cyber-Twin is a warehouse filled with the Holy Grail of amplifiers, housed in one cabinet - and whose electronic architecture literally reconfigures itself and becomes the amp selected. When you choose, say, a '59, narrow-panel 4x10 Fender Bassman, the Cyber-Twin doesn't just give you a snapshot of that amp at a single setting, it maintains the Bassman's sonic personality throughout its range of volumes and tones, which are all adjustable. Fender calls it Cybernetic Amp Design (or C.A.D., for short), as it embodies science and communication; man and machine.

At the helm of the Cyber-Twin is a 3-tiered selection of preset sections: Your Amp collection, Fender Custom Shop, and Player's Lounge - a total of 205 possible preset playing options.

Your Amp Collection is a permanent collection of 35 of the greatest amp designs - from vintage to contemporary including: the Fender Bassman, the blackface Super Reverb and tweed Deluxe, plus some of the celebrated British stacks, and modern classics like Fender's Vibro-King.

The Fender Custom Shop features 85 permanent custom amp designs with effects - handcrafted, professional sounds perfect for any style, live performance or recording.

Lastly, and perhaps the coolest feature, is the Player's Lounge, 85 rewritable presets that you can design from the ground up to create your own sounds. You're not just adjusting EQ, you're actually choosing from a palette of both analog and digital circuit configurations, tone stacks, and dozens of effects. Imagine that! You can be your own amp designer, without the hassle of getting an engineering degree! Share your designs with other Cyber-Twin owners by transferring to and fro' using MIDI.

The Cyber-Twin provides an arsenal of studio quality effects at your command - all the stereo delays and modulation effects that you'd expect, plus effects devices such as a virtual analog tape echo, backwards delay, and a catalog of reverb types from Fender Reverb to plate.

Let your imagination and creativity explore the possibilities!

The Cyber-Twin doesn't merely sound like a great amp, it is a great amp with tubes, capacitors, resistors (the complex tone of analog drive circuits) alongside Fender's award-winning DSP effects circuits. With a familiar control panel, it's playable right out of the box - a full range of sounds all available at the touch of a fingertip and a twist of a knob.

Play one and you'll understand our philosophy: Innovate... Don't Emulate!

How's It Work
Here's how the Cyber-Twin recreates the playing experience of 35 classic amps: Several different tone control arrays can be chosen and placed before or after the distortion. Certain Reverb types are appropriately placed pre- or post-. And the compression output timbre can be tweaked appropriately. The resulting sound and feel is exciting enough that some players simply stick to a few of the amp collection presets. The basic "dry" sounds are so good, so natural, you won't feel forced to add a lot of "icing to the cake."

Not only does the Cyber-Twin use the building blocks of great amp circuits to create Your Amp Collection, it also lets you design amp effects setups of your own. The Custom Shop contains 85 of Fender's own creations. Go as deep as you like, and if you go no farther than the 85 presets we've designed for you, there's a lot here to keep you busy. Delays, wahs, change, pitch-shifting - a whole closetful of effects at your disposal. Or, move the amplifier components around and tweak the settings to your liking. You can save up to 85 of your amp/FX setups in the Player's Lounge, where the 85 factory presets are rewritable.
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The Basics
Output: 2 x 65 Watts at 8 Ohms (130 Watts total)

Speakers: 2 x 12 in. Celestion 8 Ohm G12T-100

Tubes: 2 (two) GT 12AX7WA

Dimensions (H x W x D): 46.4 x 66.4 x 30.8 cm (18-9/32 x 26-1/8 x 12-1/8 in.)

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs.)

Onboard Guitar Tuner

205Amplifier Design Presets
Custom Shop (including FX; permanent): 85

Your Amp Collection (permanent): 35

Player's Lounge (rewritable): 85

individual effects selections to choose from (each with 4 or 5 adjustable parameters): 28

Reverb types (each with 4 adjustable parameters): 11

Tone Stacks (each with 2 Location parameters, before or after the Distortion Circuitry): 4

Noise Gate level settings (with 1 adjustable depth parameter): 3

Timbre types (for room acoustics or tone boosts): 4

Line/Speaker Polarity selections (all possible combinations): 4

Bypass Reverb/Effects selections (all possible combinations): 8

Quick Access Keys provide assignment and recall of favorite Amp Design Presets: 4

Button Footswitch: 4

Expression Pedal Jack: 1

Display and Control Panel
Character, 2-line display presents menu options, prompts, and general information: 40

Dynamic Data Wheel: 1

Motorized Knobs Drive Circuitry: 8

Continuous Controllers for auto-control by external: 23

MIDI equipment (sequencer/computer)
Assignable Continuous Controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter: 1

System Exclusive functions for transferring Amp Design Presets and system updates: 4

Output Interfaces
Stereo Digital Line Output, RCA S/PDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment: 1

Stereo XLR Line Output, impedance balanced jacks, with 2 mono/stereo settings: 2

Effects Loop jacks, mono out, mono or stereo in, with 2 switchable pre-amp levels: 3

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-488-1818

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"Great amp for varied uses - I'd buy it again today!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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One tip: DON'T ACCIDENTALLY BUMP THE PRESET DIAL DURING A SHOW! It's pretty touchy and can give you an earful of surprise.
Not "perfect" tube sound but incredibly close. Some of the models are impossible to differentiate from the real thing. Overall you should be able to get the sound you want with just a little tweaking.
Couldn't ask for more on features - from effects for XLR out.

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