Fender Jazz King Guitar Combo Amplifier (140 Watts, 1x15 in.)

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Eminence Legend speaker. XLR line output. Effects loop.

The solid-state Jazz-King delivers inspiring Fender tone and performance for the modern jazz guitarist. Based on Fender's successful Steel King, the Jazz-King has a lighter speaker and a preamp specially voiced for jazz guitar. Clean and distortion free, the Jazz-King has the power and wide frequency reproduction that make it a great choice for other guitar styles too! Jazz guitarists want a modern, clean amp tone and they respect the name tradition and reputation of the world leader in the instrument amplification: Fender!

140 watts into 8 ohms (loud and clean)

15 in. U.S.-made Eminence Legend speaker

New preamp design tailored specifically for clean, versatile tone shaping

Professional XLR line output with level control, ground lift and pre-post EQ

Effects loop and tuner output with mute

Long-spring Fender reverb by Accutronics

Limiter with on-off button

3-button footswitch (included)

Fitted cover (included)

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Phone: 800-488-1818

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Submitted April 19, 2006 by www.jaystrings.com
"I'm WOW'ed with this Fender Jazz King - well named!!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This has been a long quest. I am delighted to find this amp and consider it a keeper. I plan to cover my blues and rock with my Fuchs tube amp and my jazz, country, and some blues with this one.

I do not have the ampgeek vocabulary to say WHY I so love it, but I can say that I do. If I hadn't already promised to take the wife to dinner [something I try to do on days that a little white delivery truck is expected], I could listen to this amp into the night. : So far, I have only plugged my G&L Legacy 2HB, ASAT, and Fender Strat into it; but I gotta say that is THE BEST it has ever sounded. I can't wait to plug in the archtops. Right out of the box, all of the knobs on the amp were set on about the middle [straight up] except for the Master Volume and the Reverb - each of which were on about 2. Ohhhh, how sweet right there - outdoors on my front porch!! This thing has 2 mid controls, so I turned the one on the right almost all the way -- even schweeter! I have alternated with different EQ and reverb positions, but I'm not finding anything I like better than the one with the button out for Normal and the second Mid switch cranked. It has what I have learned is a "tight bottom" and a "very smooth high end". With the Gain cranked, it really goes up in volume but still has very little grit - which is exactly what I like. This amp can be made every bit as warm as any tube amp. And with 140W of power and a 15" Eminence speaker, read more it lets you play loud and keep the tone clean. The preamp is voiced for jazz and and still lets me shape and tailor it for clean tones. It is equipped with a switchable limiter to prevent distortion when I play hard [which I don't normally do anyway]. The surprise is how much reverb it can produce - it ranges from zilch to one that sounds like underwater. That's one knob I'll keep low, but enjoy. It really has a classic Fender warmth and sparkle that is what I was searching for. I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase, but so far, it has all the signs of being a keeper.

I would keep all the features and the only thing I would add is the capability of adding some vibrato.

Ease of Use
Very straightforward. The tone can be shaped quite a bit.

I've owned 10 different brands, but I keep coming back to Fender. The quality is sometimes matched, but not exceeded.

Based on other good jazz amps, I would have expected to pay twice this amount. In fact all my other jazz amps cost more than twice, even triple what this one did.

Manufacturer Support

The Wow Factor
I love the classic look. I won't stand out; but it will be noticed.

Musical Background:
Off and on, over 40 years. Seriously the last 3.

Musical Style:
Blues / jazz / country.
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