Evolution UC33e MIDI Control Surface

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24 assignable rotary knobs. Multi-purpose LCD display. 9 assignable faders.
The Evolution UC-33 is the affordable hardware controller, designed to be used with any computer music / MIDI setup. In fact, the UC-33 allows instant and simultaneous control of up to 47 different parameters, and with 33 memory locations, changing its setup is fast and easy. With its compact and intuitive design, the UC-33 fits into any studio, regardless of size.


24 fully assignable rotary knobs

Selector buttons provide one button access to the 4 most frequently used program setups

Multi-purpose LCD display shows Controller assignments

9 full-size assignable faders with light indicators

4 assignable buttons provide fingertip control over

Transport and other sequencer functions

Drawbar mode reverses the polarity of the 9 assignable faders. Great for realistic control of those classic organ sounds

Select any of the 33 memory locations, reassign a controller to a different parameter or simply check how the existing setup is configured via the programming keypad

10 button numeric keypad which is also fully assignable

Snap Shot sends out current controller position data and sets your synths controls to the current UC-33 setting

The UC-33 puts the power of music software in your hands. Connecting the UC-33 couldn't be easier. The included USB cable not only connects the unit to your Mac or PC, it also provides the power so you don't have to worry about a power adaptor. Also, to keep cable runs to read more an absolute minimum, the built-in MIDI interface allows you to connect your MIDI keyboard straight to the UC-33. So, forget that old MIDI interface, you don't need it anymore!

Using controllers should be easy but it often isn't. Even just setting up patches that actually work can be complicated and frustrating, not to mention the headache of having to remember which knob controls which parameter. These problems experienced with many controllers can actually defeat the whole purpose of using one in the first place! In an ideal world, using a controller should require zero effort. With the UC-33, it really is that simple. The UC-33 comes with 33 pre-configured presets allowing instant control of the most popular virtual instruments and host applications, ranging from Cubase SX to Propellerhead Reason to Native Instruments B4. Overlay templates are included allowing you to quickly transform the UC-33 from a synth controller to a mixer.

All Evolution controllers are Class compliant, so there's no need to waste time installing drivers when using Windows XP or Mac OS X. Simply plug and play. It's also possible to gain real-time access to parameters beyond immediate reach on XG and GM/GS compatible soundcards due to the UC-33's pre-programmed Sys-Ex and RPN/NRPN messages. Try one of the factory patches and experience how the UC-33 breathes new life into your soundcard.

Creating your own Setups
All assignable real-time controllers are easily programmed with the numerical keypad. Select a controller, type in a MIDI CC number and the job is done. Each of the UC-33's 47 controllers can also be programmed to transmit on individual MIDI channels and even transmit pre-programmed Sys-Ex messages. Once completed, your setup can of course be stored in any of the 33 memory locations for recall whenever you need it.

1. Factory Presets Cubase - multi-channel mixing (1-8)
2. Native Instruments B4
3. Native Instruments Pro-53
4. Reason Mixer
5. Reason Malstrom
6. Reason Subtractor
7. Reason NN-19
8. Reason Dr. Rex
9. Reason ReDrum
10. Cubase - multi-channel mixing (9-16)
11. Cubase - Channel strip
12. Sound Studio Pro II 1-8 mixer
13. Sound Studio Pro II 9-16 mixer
14. Sonar preset
15. Steinberg Model-E
16. Steinberg Halion
17. Waldorf Attack
18. Waldorf PPG Wave2V
19. Native Instruments FM7
20. Rebirth - Master controls and Synths
21. Rebirth drum Modules
22. AAS Lounge Lizard
23. CM DS-404
24. CM SR-202
25. CM 101
26. TC-Works Mercury-1
27. Big Tick Audio Rainbow Synth
28. GS/XG/GM2 Synth control
29. GS/XG drum mixer
30. SoundBlaster cards synth control
31. User preset1 Channel mixer (1-8)
32. User Preset2 Channel Mixer (9-16)
33. User Preset3 Undefined controllers to global channel

The UC-33 Live
The UC-33 can of course also be used with a conventional MIDI setup, for live performances or as a remote controller for your existing studio rack. The MIDI Out not only acts as an output for data from your computer system, but used stand-alone the UC-33 sends MIDI controller data straight from the MIDI Out to your MIDI rack. Even complex live setups are easy to control from a single unit due to the UC-33's powerful programming features.

USB and MIDI Interfacing
The UC-33 can also be used as a USB MIDI interface. The MIDI input and output interfaces directly with your host application adding an extra MIDI interface to your setup. For live applications, simply connect the MIDI Out directly to the device you want to control and power the UC-33 with an optional power supply.

Multiple U-Controls
In some cases, it makes sense to use multiple UC-33's. For instance, you can have one unit controlling your mixer environment and one controlling your instruments. The UC-33 has been designed to operate perfectly alongside itself or any other Evolution controller.Audio software package on CD-ROM
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Connections USB

MIDI IN, 5-pin DIN type

MIDI OUT, 5-pin DIN type

D.C. Power socket

Control Interface 24 x Rotary Dials

9 x 60mm Faders

4 x buttons

12-key data entry key pad(number keys double as assignable buttons)

Back lit LCD display with

7-segment digital display

Power on/off switch

4 x fast-access preset buttons

Memory 33 User assignable Memory locations

Non-volatile memory for storing settings even when switched off

Accessories User Manual

USB cable

Power supply DC 9V, 250-300mA Centre positive (not included)

Dimensions 32 x 21 x 7 (cm) (approx. 12.61 x 8.3 x 2.76 in.)
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 626-633-9055
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Submitted May 24, 2008 by a customer from bellsouth.net
"You have to be smarter than the product. Spend some time to get in its head."
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My UC 33e has worked for a couple of years, I only get to use it on weekends when I have the time and the creative urge is working. If it had a Jog wheel and about three more midi ins and outs it would be a 10.

Obviously this device doesn't make any sound of its own but I don't want to give any unnecessary low numbers on it.

More knobs, me likey. I use my Uc33's for Cubase SX on a PC and if you spend enough time you can make them control nearly any component of the mix you like. I use two and run one connected through USB and I MIDI the second one into the first one so I have control of 16 channels.

Ease of Use
Plug and play is always a relative term. Expect to spend some time to assign the knobs to your purpose. The manual is kind of vague. The deal is, this thing can eventually be programmed to replace your Gram'ma and once it's set up you just use it like the end table next to your couch. (wow I think I just wrote a country song)

Compact and portable. Feels like a cast aluminum housing or at least thick abs plastic. The sliders have really good travel distince. (not short and sensitive) Every once in a while I have to double tap a button to get a response. Set your drink coaster several inches away from it and it will last a long time.

The price is fair compaired to similar devices read more like the Mackie Stuff.

Manufacturer Support
Support is kinda weak, but they try. A little slow on the hold time. No toll free number. once you've spent 5 or 6 hours with the UC 33e you are likely to know more than tech support.

The Wow Factor
It's not impressive in appearance like a big sound board you see on Cribs, but it is functional as heck compaired to doing everything with a mouse. When you hand the final mixdown CD of your latest work to a friend, they wont know the difference.

Musical Background:
Previous Active musician and Writer, Work in Progress

Musical Style:
Rock, Classical, Blues,
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