ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass, 6-String

Feature: What it does:
3-band EQ Control bass, midrange and treble individually
Ash body Strong, snappy responsive tone
Bolt-on neck Articulate, punchy and easy to repair
Rosewood fretboard Open, warm tone and smooth playing feel
- Construction: Bolt-On
- Scale Length: 35 inches
- Body: Ash
- Top: Spalted Maple
- Neck: 5 Piece Maple/Rosewood
- Fingerboard: Rosewood
- Nut: 54mm
- Neck Contour: Thin U
- Frets: 24 XJ
- Hardware: Black Nickel
- Tuners: ESP
- Bridge: ESP DB-6
- Pickups: ESP SB-6 bridge and neck
- EQ: ESP ABQ-3 3-Band Active
- Controls:
- Bass Boost/Cut
- Volume
- Mid Boost/Cut
- Treble Boost/Cut
- Balance
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Natural Satin
Shipping Weight: 19 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 52 x 18 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): LB206SMNS
See Thru Black
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 49 x 18 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): LB206SMSTBLKS
Blemished, See Thru Black
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 49 x 18 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): LB206SMSTBLKS
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-423-8388

ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass, 6-String

The ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass is built for beautiful performance, looks, and tone. A Spalted Maple top on an Ash body provides optimal tone and a gorgeous look normally only found on much more expensive models. The combination of the body tonewoods and 5 piece Maple/Rosewood neck with Rosewood fingerboard gives the ESP LTD B206SM six string bass outstanding resonance, clarity and warmth.

Huge tonal versatility is possible thanks to the combination of ESP SB-6 pickups and ESP ABQ-3 three band active electronics. Bass boost/cut, mid boost/cut, treble boost/cut, volume and balance controls give the ESP LTD B206SM 6 string bass the ability to tackle virtually any style.
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Submitted September 13, 2013 by Greg Williams in San Diego, CA
"Greg' Opinion!"
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I was slightly intimidated by graduating up to a 6 string. I was originally looking for another 5 string. NTL, This bass is awesome!. Easy to play. Variety of tones. This bass is very well made. Very solid. The specs on this is remarkable. It could cost much more! The price is stupid affordable. This bass could be priced in the $1000.00 plus category. This my first 6 string bass, and most likely be my last. I bought this bass to play sweet chords type melodic music. Shipping was great, received in 2 days, after purchase. ZZ, thank you! Lastly, if you want to pay more, go ahead, but why? Try this bass, It is all about the sound, and tones you are able to achieve. Not all $1000.00 plus basses sound good. You pay for the labor it took to create that bass. Try this bass again. read all the reviews from other sites. This bass, ROCKS!

I give this bass an A+, period I have been playing seriously for 8years, and playing the bass as a fun outlet, since 1983. Does not matter your style of music, this bass can hang hard and then some. I play through a Carvin MB15 250w and Carvin 15 cab. The setup on this bass was good out the box, but I am going to have it set up and tweaked a little for my personal use. As far as making it sound better, it sound real good. Sound is a personal choice. Play it and form your own opinion. Just being honest.

Made very well. Very solid like read more I said earlier. The Ash body, maple neck, hardware and PU are very good. I thought I was going to have to change them for EMGs. Not happening! The EQ works exceptionally well.

Ease of Use
Easy if you are not a beginner, and you have a descent good ear for sound and music. Achieving the sound you are looking for, is easy. The only downside, which is small to me. It is the weight. This bass is not light, nor excessively heavy either. I say get a good padded strap. This bass would be uncomfortable for a small person. This is a big boy bass instrument. Just sayin'!

Great job on making this bass, give it an A+. Like anything, you take care of it, it will last you a very long time.

Great value...Totally under price. I not complaining. I look at the product first, before I look at the price on everything I buy. Like I said, "you can pay mega more, and be disappointed".

Manufacturer Support
Have not had a need yet. I hope for the best services if I had too

The Wow Factor
Very mature sexy looking bass. For you single people out, that need bait to attract the eye candy. This bass will do it. I am married, so I can not say chicks will love You will not be disappointed. This is a true "BAD AZZ BASS" that will not break your wallet. Your band members will be very impressed. Do not play a good bass out of a crappy amp, and vice versa.

Musical Background:
Bass, I have been playing serious for 8 years, playing for fun since 1983

Musical Style:
I play Jazz, Blues, Pop and Funk, and Gospel
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