EarthQuaker Devices Palisades Overdrive Pedal

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Based on the classic TS808, the Palisades Overdrive features six clipping voices, five bandwidth settings and two gain styles to give you the perfect grit.

If you're looking for stacks of different overdrive tones, then check out the EarthQuaker Devices Palisades overdrive pedal. This versatile stompbox is based on the famous TS808 creamy overdrive -- but offers more tone than you could imagine. There are five bandwidth settings, six different clipping voices, two separate gain channels, and a boost switch to add some extra decibels to your signal for leads and solos. Along with the boost, volume, and tone control dials, you have a bright switch and an input buffer switch to shape even more dimensions of your overdrive. Shoulder your axe, fire this baby up, and hear your signal scream like never before.

Two Channels of Overdrive

By having essentially every "Screamer" mod in one pedal, you'll find yourself busy exploring the far sonic reaches of your EarthQuaker Devices Palisades pedal. Gain A will add a lower level of distortion that works great for rhythm parts. Gain B brings in more breakup for wailing solos and speedy licks. Each channel has its own distortion level control.

Dialing in Voice and Bandwidth Settings

The Palisades' bandwidth control alters the input capacitor, rolling off the low end to bring in some mid range punch. You'll definitely hear the difference the low end makes the higher you dial this rotary control up. The voice dial selects the clipping diode your signal goes through. Each setting will drastically shape the compression, voice, and overall character of your signal's breakup. The more gain you read more use, the more dynamic this control becomes.

Input Buffer and Bright Switches

If all of that weren't enough, you also have an input buffer and bright switches to further alter the contour of your output signal. The input buffer switch brightens and tightens your tone when engaged -- switch it off for a warmer color. The bright switch will bring in some more sparkle when flipped on. With all these controls and switches combined, your EarthQuaker Devices Palisades overdrive pedal delivers a total of 480 switchable tonal combinations.

Adjustable Boost Switch

An adjustable boost switch definitely comes in handy for the lead guitarist. When you need that extra push of decibels for a solo, this pedal has got your back. If you're more of a rhythm player, this setting can also be helpful if you're going for a big sounding finale at a show and really want to bring the heavy and leave your fans thirsty for more.


- Two-channel distortion pedal
- Based on that famous TS808 creamy overdrive
- One 1/4" instrument input jack
- One 1/4" output jack
- A total of 480 switchable tonal combinations
- Five bandwidth settings
- Footswitchable volume boost
- Voice controls shapes up to six different gain structures
- Boost, volume, tone, gain A, and gain B controls
- Bright switch for some high end push
- Input buffer switch tightens and brightens your tone
- Tough and road-ready outer casing
- Powered via external power supply -- sold separately
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- Boost: Sets the level of the output boost.
- Volume: Sets the output level.
- Tone: Brighter clockwise, warmer counter clockwise.
- Gain A: Sets the gain for the Channel A (lower gain)
- Gain B: Sets the gain for Channel B (higher gain)
- Activate: True bypass switch
- Gain B: Activates Gain Channel B
- Boost: Activates the output level boost
- Toggle Switches

- Normal/Bright: Normal is a warm full tone, Bright is livelier tone with more chime.
- Buffer: Turns the input buffer on or off. ON is a tighter and brighter tone while OFF is a warmer tone with more sag. The buffer is part of the drive circuit & is only available when the Palisades is activated.

Rotary Switches:
- Bandwidth: This sets the overall tone and gain structure of the Palisades. 1 is the thinnest setting with the least amount of gain and 5 is the fattest setting with the heaviest gain. Everything else is in between. This control has a major effect on all the settings of the Palisades, especially the gain and voice controls.
- Voice: This sets the nature of the Palisades distortion by changing the clipping diodes. 1- No diodes: The most open and least distorted. 2- LED clipping: light clipping with a lot of volume. 3- Mosfet clipping: light gain OD with great harmonics. 4- Asymmetrical Silicon clipping: Tighter light gain OD closest to stock 808. 5- Symmetrical silicon clipping: tighter distorted tone. 6- Schottky Diode clipping: Looser fuzzy tone.

- Measures: 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches with knobs.
- Power: A standard 9volt DC power supply intended for musical instruments with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 330-252-9220

EarthQuaker Devices Palisades Overdrive

The Palisades is something EarthQuaker said they would never overdrive based on the legendary TS808! Gasp! The horror! Another tube screamer? In 2014? Really? After loads of requests they finally buckled. EarthQuaker ran tests with every popular clone on the market as well as several vintage originals, compared, contrasted and took loads of notes. It was exhausting but informative. In the end, they threw it all away, used their ears and came up with the most versatile relative of the 808 available today.

With six different clipping voices, five bandwidth settings and two gain channels you will be hard-pressed to not find a setting that will wipe every mid-boosting overdrive off your board. The clipping voices determine how transparent and open or tight and crunchy the distortion is. They will vary drastically depending on where the gain is set, what channel is active and how much bandwidth is being used. The bandwidth sets the frequency response of the distortion and goes from thin, light and clean through fat, heavy and crunchy. It may very well be the single most important control the palisades has, and what really sets it apart.

Gain A is a lower-gain channel with a wider range of grit that is great for strumming open chords. Gain B is a higher gain channel with a tighter range that is great for palm muting and/or shredding solos. The Palisades also has a foot switchable volume boost with adjustable level to take it over the top when you want to throw your foot up on the monitor and rip your sweet leads...or maybe just push the front end of your amp a little harder. Not enough? How about a normal/bright switch to mix and match the overall tone to different amps and guitars. Still not enough? OK then, how about a buffer on/off switch to tighten up the tone and make it sparkle when set to "ON" or warm it up and make it sag when set to "OFF."

NOTE: Power supply not included.

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Submitted November 5, 2014 by Shawn D in Pendleton, IN

"Tons of tone options"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Every available tubescreamer mod on the market and then some. From thin tin sounds to full on fuzz overdrive. Amazing tones when pushed through a clean setting. Beefs up an already overdriven amp flawlessly.

Musical Background:

Semi-pro musician. Been playing music for 15 yrs and was a guitar teacher.

Musical Style:

Metal, blues
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